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Paula Deen

Gets Sugar-Coated Boot

From Diabetes Drug Co.

6/27/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's situation is so bad ... even diabetes is distancing itself from the crazy cook.

TMZ has learned ... Paula and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk have parted ways ... at least for now.  Deen -- who has Type 2 diabetes -- was a spokesperson for the company's campaign, "Diabetes in a New Light."  Paula was singing the virtue of Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug Victoza, which she takes ... she also ironically was promoting "lifestyle changes."

A Novo Nordisk spokesperson tells TMZ ... they have mutually agreed with Paula to part ways for now, "while she takes time to focus her attention where it is needed."

At least Novo Nordisk was nicer than the other sponsors who 86'd Paula.


No Avatar


She's friends with Jimmy Carter. She campaigned for Barack Obama. Do liberal Democrats eat their own or what? This has gotten ridiculous.

481 days ago


This woman never should have had a show in the first place.

481 days ago


Jesus Christ, you people are a bunch of chickenhawks. So some old broad said ****** 20 years ago, this qualifies as news? Shes going to wind up offing herself and then you'll report on that too, like it's some tragedy, when you are partly responsible. Get a live Harvey.

481 days ago

lisa c    

Paula needs to pull herself together and quit apologizing. What was that crap yesterday? " Take a rock and throw it at my head hard enough to kill me." Get some gumption Paula, your grandkids will be watching those videos one day. This won't stop until she quits entertaining all of the criticism.

481 days ago


I'm ordering every cookbook she's ever written. What is happening to her is total BS. This day and age we glamorize arseholes, drug addicts, whores, and murderers, but heaven forbid an old kooky southern chef said ****** 35 years ago and all hell breaks loose. people are funking idiots.

481 days ago


I would love to take a close look at all the heads of these companies that keep dropping her to see if any of them have EVER said ANY type of racial slur!! I can almost guarantee all of them have!! Must be nice to live in glass houses!! Leave her alone already.

481 days ago


She's getting EXACTLY what she deserves!
Court do***ents show that Jackson asked Deen what type of uniforms she wanted the servers to wear, and she says Deen answered: “Well, what I would really like is a bunch of little n~~~~~s to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties…you know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around.”
The deposition also uncovered Deen’s surprising feelings about Bubba’s alleged behavior at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, a restaurant the two co-own in Savannah. Asked if his use of the n-word or watching pornography in the workplace caused her concerns about his operating the business, incredibly she responded: “No.”

481 days ago


I have Type 2 Diabetes and use Victoza daily with great results. I have always been upset when Paula Dean speaks of her 30lb weight loss due to her new healthy cooking cookbook after having been on Victoza when it was the Victoza that caused the weight loss, as anyone who takes Victoza knows. Paula misrepresented facts and glad to see Victoza manufacturer taking another look.

481 days ago


I really hate hypocrites. If the N word is so offensive. So derogatory. Then don't use it yourself & ridicule everyone around you for using it. Let's take Native Americans. One of the proudest races. Try calling something "Redskin" and they will sue you so fast you won't know what hit you. Why???? Because they respect themselves and I'm sure they don't go around calling each other by that name. I just don't understand why African Americans can get so defensive when I can go through my collection of music & movies and find plenty use of the N word. All I'm saying is if this word has so animosity when others use it, don't feel empowered to use it yourself.

481 days ago


The only reason why she is garnering any sympathy at all is because she is a white WOMAN. If she was a man (and matched the image of a racist instilled in all of our minds), I can guarantee there'd be no "cut her some slack". People (black and white) are letting her outward appearance distract them from the true issue at hand. Some people feel bad for her but would they feel bad if she was a man? Absolutely not. By the way, isn't this the same diabetes company she decided to endorse only after spewing her diabetes causing food to her fans for years? Hm.

481 days ago


Karma has taken up permanent residence at paula's house.

481 days ago


Who cares? Stick a fork in it. #DONE

481 days ago

summer days    

This is so tiring. All the babyish morons in this country are acting like this woman is Osama Bin Laden. In the meantime a black guy broke into a house in New Jersey and beat a mom in front of her three year old but that does not seem to get nearly as much outrage from media.

481 days ago


This woman needs to stop talking now. Just stop. That Matt Lauer interview did nothing to help her.

481 days ago


First of all I think Paula is partially racist not a full blown KKK member, but that comes with terriority 1. The south 2. She's old. Her biggest mistake is admitting she used the word. Using the word and being all out prejudice is 2 different things. I'm not really taking up for her cause I used to use the n word when I was a kid it was not taught to me by my parents. It was my aunts and uncles. Today I am an adult with grown kids by different black women and I date only black women, so a person can always change their way of thinking the main question is has Paula changed? Also I am so sick of company's dropping people because of their actions. I learned a long time if you dislike someone because someone else does you won't have any friends, so big business keep on dropping Paula for a word she said keep on dropping rappers cause bill orielly and kind don't like them and pretty you can drop your business down the toilet, cause you have any buyers of your products cause everytime you drop a person because those dummies like bill don't like I quit buying your product and I tell everybody I know to do the same because if you have enough balls to stand by a spokesperson you wanted and let others influence your decision you don't deserve my money

481 days ago
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