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Paula Deen

Target's Dropping Me Too!

6/27/2013 8:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's in the crosshairs at Target -- with the retail chain telling TMZ they will NOT continue to do business with the chef in the wake of her N-word scandal.

FYI -- Target offers a variety of Paula Deen cookware ... including pots, pans and skillets.

A rep for Target tells TMZ ... "We have made a decision to phase out the Paula Deen merchandise in our stores as well as on Once the merchandise is sold out, we will not be replenishing inventory."

Meanwhile, Puma has yet to drop Aaron Hernandez. Just sayin ...



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Can't stand Paula but dare i suggest a mob mentality here!! She is a multi millionaire and I hope she has invested wisely as her empire crumbles!!!

483 days ago


Leave that woman alone. Give her back her sponsors, give her her job back.

483 days ago

Jo Ann    

It's ironic that Kobe Bryant can rape a woman and not only get away with it, but continue to have a thriving career and Chris Brown can beat a woman and get away with it without serving any jail time, throw a chair through a window at GMA because he didn't like the way the interview went WITHOUT ANY REPERCUSSIONS whatsoever and I could go on an on. My point is Chris Brwn's career is thriving as well! Double standards?

483 days ago


Some racist celebs are shaking in their boots right now, thinking of their use of the N word and other racist behavior, for fear of losing their fortune.

483 days ago

BB not bb    

People really are ignorant. People use the N word all the time, especially in private. You can't judge a person's whole character based on that. All of these sponsors are showing how shallow and petty they are. This is the new persecution, selective moral judgementalism. What will they do after ostracizing their victims, throw them in concentration camps too?

She has probably done more to help blacks than a lot of people. She hires them and features them on her TV show as guest experts. I guess that is not enough for people. I guess it is better to hire them at minimum wage and tell them to go get foodstamps if they want to feed their familly.

Target is a no class store to begin with. Even walking past it creeps me out. This will just make me even more turned off to venturing inside. I would rather do business with a racist than a corporate slave master anyway.

Her great grandfather was a plantation owner for godsakes. What do you want from this woman? She is what she is. If you can't accept it, then go back to selling cheap garbage.

483 days ago


What the hell. Wal-Mart dropped Paula but didn't drop Kathy Lee Gifford and she had her crap made overseas in children's sweat shop. Yep way to go Wal-Mart hold something against Paula from 27 years ago and condone CHILD LABOUR. Tea Wal-Mart.

483 days ago


People, the charges in the lawsuit against Paula stem from 2005 - 2010...charges of sexual harassment, profanity, pornography, racial comment and jokes, by Paula and her brother in the the depositions, the corporate attorney's for the companies dropping Paula are and it is apparent she lied by omission in court and I would hate to be in her shoes. This comment is being made by an educated retired female teacher who was born in Georgia, age 57 who happens to also be white. Since Paula won't honestly show remorse to those she offended, then I will do so. Humble apology to all that have been offended by racist and insensitive comments. Paula, feel free to copy and paste for use in future statements.

483 days ago


This is getting sooo out of hand! Ruin someone's life over one word - 30 years ago? Anyone who knows me knows that I am the first person to call someone out on racist behaviour - I don't laugh at racist jokes and I don't use racist words - but 30 years ago as a kid, we decided who was "it" by saying eenie meenie minee moe, catch a N**** by the toe! We didn't know it was wrong and as I grew up and learned I never used it again, but if I was in a deposition tomorrow and under oath, I would have to say "yes - I've used that word" unfortunately I don't think there are many people who could say they haven't. She is from the deep south and it was 30 years ago - people were still fighting to be accepted in the same schools etc. I'm not saying its right, I'm saying - like many of us - Paula Deen learned later that it was soo wrong!

483 days ago


And I'll just give my business to someone else besides Target. Fair weather friends...

483 days ago


Double standards, every-time...

483 days ago

Tony H.    

I've never seen so much overkill in my life over something that happened YEARs ago. I don't know this woman, don't watch her show, but cmon!

483 days ago


This seems punitive. I intensely dislike Deen, she is a fat pig who encouraged fat people to be fatter and more unhealthy and set back the world view of Americans worldwide. That said, if admitting using the n-word in a court years earlier gets this much negative repercussions then there was more to the story we aren't hearing.

483 days ago


Now that she's lost just about all her endorsements and tv jobs, her punishment seems to be pretty through. When are people going to stop going to the Hilton Hotels, because I remember Paris Hilton saying the "N" word in a hateful way and she's pretty white and she gets a majority of her money from the Hilton name.

483 days ago


this is what you call a bunch of people who did the same thing yet attacking the one person the mob is after so their conscience doesnt bother them because i bet yoiu my left nut they use the word ****** as well

483 days ago


Jeez ... if she had just murdered someone none of this would be happening.

483 days ago
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