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Wade Robson

Details Molestation Allegations Against MJ

6/27/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson has outlined the sexual molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming MJ molested him in various ways from February 4, 1990 and 7 years thereafter.

The documents -- obtained by TMZ -- are heavily redacted.  In one section alone, 7 lines of alleged abuse are blacked out.

Wade's lawyer claims after MJ's first accuser -- Jordan Chandler -- made allegations against MJ, Michael started calling Wade and "brainwashed him into being a good soldier."

According to the docs, Michael would role-play with Wade, saying "They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff.  We never did any of that, right?"

In another role-playing session in 2005 - during the molestation trial -- Michael allegedly told Wade, "They are making up all these lies about you and I, saying that we did all this disgusting sexual stuff.  They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers.  We can't let them do this."

The docs also describe the incident reported by a former housekeeper during MJ's 2005 criminal trial -- when she testified that she walked by Michael's shower and heard him playing with "little Wade." She said she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower -- one was MJ's, the other was a "little boy's neon green pair."



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Hasn't Paris Jackson Had enough ? Now you are entertaining this Worm/Parasite on her father's coffin .. ..

451 days ago


wow !

451 days ago


I don't believe it, sorry. And making up that you were molested......that's f..... up. He has made a career of being Michael Jacksons protege, and he should just have left this alone. He testified under oath that nothing happened. The lawyer says he was the most credible witness in the whole case!!!! This will haunt him for the rest of his life. Maybe he believes it and has false memory syndrome or something, but he should never had gone public. Big mistake, and this will ruin his career. Mark my words...

451 days ago

Chet Sanders    

I'm so confused, two articles before this one he's a wonderful loving father, now he's a pervert. How did this happen so soon?

451 days ago



451 days ago

mj fan forever    

DISGUSTING LIARS send them to rot in jail for defamation and slander!!!! They are just pathetic in their pathetic attempt to grub Michael Jackson's money. Wade Robson and his lawyers PEDOS are only DISGUSTING. AND Jordan Chandler VOLUNTARILY REFUSED to testify against Michael Jackson while this disgusting pedo liar clearly and repeatedly TESTIFIED and ALWAYS said that Michael Jackson did NOTHING. I don't care if there is AEG behind this or not, there is NO way they can grub Michael Jackson's money just like the others who tried before him and miserably FAILED.

451 days ago


What a A.hole . Paris is trying to kill herself and this assho_e is saying this crap . If it is true he had his chance is 2005 what good is there in saying all this now ........MONEY MONEY MONEY ...

451 days ago


Wade was dropped by MJ estate for the biggest gig he was ever going to have , the MJ Vegas show
The estate had said his son was sick and he didnt have a contract , so he was replaced , yet again, by Jamie King..
That has got to be a bitter pill.
This would be a good way to try and ruin their brand, but it isnt going to work..Too many people are informed about the allegations , these days.
And it sure seems like the timing was planned to coincide with the AEG trial, and the Vegas shows opening..
AEG must think people are stupid.
He has already changed his story, what? 5 times in about a month..
NOBODY believes his BS
It is almost laughable that someone would be denying this for 20 years, show up for court where he is specifically asked if he has been told what to say , adamantly and convincingly denies it, and then pull this stunt.
that was 60 PAGES of testimony,
The DEFENSE called him .., not the prosecution.He wanted to testify and tell the truth
Mac showed up , as well and as Brett Barnes saying it was BS., as well as a whole lot of other people.
The only difference now is Wade ,is pissed off , broke so he is looking for a payday , and MJ isnt here to defend himself.

He is irrelevant unless he is talking about MJ.. I am sure he is thrilled to see his name mentioned , anywhere, but the obituaries.., even in a pack of lies

451 days ago


nobody believes this lying piece of crap except tmz cause they are soulless haters who make money off of hurting people and spread disgusting lies. tmz and wade can go tto hell. wades saying he was roled played at the age of twenty three in 2005 thats why he defended michael all this years come on .how can any1 believe this crap. just shows how stupid people r who believe wade,

451 days ago


I believe this guy. But he is a little to late :(

451 days ago


The Wade Robson story is over, and dead. It lasted a news cycle of 72 hours--many weeks back, before it lost steam due to the fact that Robson has regularly contradicted himself, and other witnesses--publicly. Either he lied under-oath in court...and in depositions, as well as to the the past, or he is lying now??? Who knows, and that is the point?!!! The only people who seem to be unaware of this are the folks at TMZ, and Wade Robson, himself. Your AEG bosses just took some hard hits in court, and it appears that they don't like it much--so you're trying to push Wade Robson back into the headlines??? It is so desperately obvious to all. Jury tampering, and attempts at jury tampering, and can get you put in prison for a very long-time.

451 days ago

myra morris    

I just have one question If this is all true why for one did it take him this long to come fourth to tell his story? Two why didn't he tell his parent when all of this was going on so that his parents wouldn't allow him to go back to Neverland or hang out with Michael for all of those years. And Three why in HELL did he claim to be such a GOOD FRIEND after Michael died and wanted to pay tribute to his closes friend in the circques so le ( SorrY for the spelling and any of the other Tributes he done for Michael after he passed Does this make any sence to anyone. This boy !!!!! is such a liar he makes me want to spit on him and I just don't beleive in splitting You are a disgrace to Michael legacy and to call him his friend is also a disgrace. People like you is why Michael couldn't trust people around him. That is why He wanted to stay hidden in Neverland and to protect his children because of People like you. FOR GOD SAKES LET THIS MAN REST IN PEACE ALL READY AND LET HIS CHILDREN HAVE A PEACEFUL LIFE. LET THEM GRIEVE THEY HAVEN'T REALLY HAD THE CHANCE TO DO THAT. ALL THEY DONE IS BEEN SHOVED IN THE MEDIA TALKED ABOUT AND DONE NOTHING BUT HEAR NEAGATIVITY ABOUT THERE FATHER AND THERE LIVES. YOU YOUNG MAN NEED TO MOVE ON AND GET A LIFE AND A LET IT REST KNOW ONE BELEIVES MICAHEL WOULD EVER HARM A CHILD IN THE TIME HE WAS ON THIS EARTH NOR ANY LIFE TIME HE WAS AN ANGEL ON THIS EARTH AND ALL HE EVER WANTED TO DO WAS HELP THE ONES THAT WAS IN NEED. GOD REST YOU SOLE OUR ANGEL MAY YOU WATCH OVER YOUR LOVING CHILDREN AND MOTHER AND I HOPE ONE DAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REST IN PEACE AS YOU DESERVE MISSED LOVED BUT NEVERFORGOTTEN OUR ANGEL IN HEAVEN

451 days ago


Where are these do***ents? Why won't TMZ (tm) publish them? This smacks of censorship. Will Harvey represent me in my lawsuit against TMZ (tm) to gain access to them?

451 days ago


"Francia says that while Robson was seven or eight years old, she saw him and Jackson in the shower together in MJ's private bathroom. She say she recognized the underwear on the floor as being Jackson's and another pair she believed to be Robson's. The window in the shower was too "fogged up" for her to see exactly what was going on but she heard Jackson laughing."

What is NOT mentioned:

Under cross examination in the 2005 trial, Tom Mesereau got Blanca Francia to admit that in her 1993-4 deposition, she only saw ONE PERSON in the shower.

Q. Okay. You only saw one person in the shower, right?
A. I saw him in the shower and the little kid.
Q. But in your deposition you said you could only see one person, but you heard giggling, right?
A. Yeah, but I hear two people --
Q. You heard two people. You could only see one through the glass, right?
A. Mostly, yeah. Mostly.

Mesereau also got Francia to admit she had only HEARD ONE person in the shower.

Q. Do you remember you were asked in your deposition, “Did you hear anything else other than Michael laughing?” And you said, “No”?
A. Yeah.
Q. Was that the truth?
A. Yes.
2. Francia's Son Claims He was Molested by Jackson

"On November 4 1993 and March 24 1994, Blanca Francia's son, Jason, was interviewed by police over claims that he may have been abused by Michael Jackson. MJ was never indicted on these charges which came just after the Jordy Chandler trial had collapsed."

True: Blanca Francia did in fact, threatened to sue Michael Jackson, claiming that her son had been molested.

What is not mentioned: Blanca Francia ONLY claimed that her son had been molested AFTER a settlement was reached in the Jordan Chandler case in 1993. Francia did NOT contact the authorities, instead she contacted the EXACT SAME ATTORNEY THAT SETTLED THE JORDAN CHANDLER CASE, Larry Feldman. Eventually, Jackson settled for $2.4 million with Blanca Francia, but in the agreement, he clearly stated he did not admit he molested her son.

What else is not mentioned:

Blanca Francia appeared on Diane Dimond's show Hard Copy in December of 1993. From the GQ article written by Mary Fischer, titled Was Michael Jackson Framed?, the author had this to say about Francia:

"Next came the maid. On December 15, Hard Copy presented “The Bedroom Maid’s Painful Secret.” Blanca Francia told Dimond and other reporters that she had seen a naked Jackson taking showers and Jacuzzi baths with young boys. She also told Dimond that she had witnessed her own son in compromising positions with Jackson—an allegation that the grand juries apparently never found credible.

A copy of Francia’s sworn testimony reveals that Hard Copy paid her $20,000, and had Dimond checked out the woman’s claims, she would have found them to be false. Under deposition by a Jackson attorney, Francia admitted she had never actually see Jackson shower with anyone nor had she seen him naked with boys in his Jacuzzi. They always had their swimming trunks on, she acknowledged."

3. She Was Jackson's Personal Maid

The article moves on to state:

Francia, during her time at Neverland, was referred to as Jackson's "Personal Maid." This gave her access to areas of the ranch not afforded to the majority of MJ's staff. She was one of the few who had access to Jackson's bedroom, coming and going as she pleased, although she did have to ring a bell before entering.
She alleges that she was given "gifts" of up $1000 a time when she lied and covered-up Jackson's activities with young boys, whom Jackson referred to as "special friends."

451 days ago


This guy is full of it. Why would he go to a BBQ in 2008 and break bread with his abuser, bring his family with him, write this very heartfelt notation about his abuser after he died, extol his abuser years after. He couldn't get that new job working on his abuser's new Vegas show, he's strapped for cash and like everyone else, turned on a kind man who helped make his career. I highly doubt that MJ would've used his victim to testify on his behalf

451 days ago
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