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Alec Baldwin

Hates Lots of People

But REALLY Hates Gays

6/28/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:30 PM PT
-- Alec just responded to all the homophobe allegations.

Alec Baldwin
-- who puts Paula Deen to shame in the bigotry department -- again showed his true colors with a hate-filled tirade that targeted gays.

A British reporter wrote a story that Baldwin's wife was tweeting recipes and other things during James Gandolfini's funeral.  The actor went nuts on twitter, claiming the story was false.  Nothing wrong with that.

But then Baldwin played his go-to homophobic card -- he's done it before --  tweeting that the reporter was "a toxic little queen."  Baldwin continued, "If (sic)  put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

Baldwin then called the reporter a "f***ing little bitch" several times and then just plain threatened, "I'm gonna f**k you up."

So we gotta ask ...


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Some people really are toxic little queens. That part isn't homophobic. And if you're going to bait someone, be prepared for lash back.

480 days ago


How is Alec's behaviour and temperament worse than Paula Dean's? Why aren't Target, K-Mart, Walmart, JC Penney, Sears pulling his works off the shelves as well as Jeffrey Jones", Mel Gibson's, R. Kelly's? Why just Paula Dean's?

480 days ago


Good. You should be ashamed if your gay. Bury your self alive you ****s

480 days ago


I think this is a switch and bait tactic . he took the attention off his wife and the incident that she was tweeting during the funeral ..

480 days ago


Alec has an anger management problem and will say anything at the time he blows up at anyone basically.

480 days ago


Alec Baldwin rocks.. he has humongous cajones... he does broadway and is in an industry practically run by homos but doesnt bite his tongue for no one

480 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Alec Baldwin hates gays? Wow, now I respect him for speaking up for the majority of Americans. America is a democracy. Majority rules. Gays have their civil rights, but the vast majority oppose their morality.

480 days ago


Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.

480 days ago

Buck Boy    

I really had never heard that Baldwin was a mega-phobe. I always thought he was cool, but this is so far from it , it sends him into Fred Phelps land.

And you can tell from the intense hateful verbiage, that he he is sincere within this thought process. Bummer. His skin should be alot thicker ......I don't like suggesting make a big deal out of things like this as some seem like an honest mistake...this guy is off...

now it explains some other things i have heard about him

480 days ago


what an *******.

480 days ago

Rob Patterson    

Alec seems mentally unstable & acts like a spoiled child. He's more of a joke now, than ever. I developed my dislike when he freaked out on his child! What a dick!

480 days ago


We will see the double standard at play. Paula Deen uses the N word twenty years ago and loses everything. Alec uses slurs this week and loses NOTHING. Why the difference? He is a left winger and she is a Southern Conservative thats the difference

480 days ago


It's not that we think that comments against gays is "ok". It is the fact that we've all complained against Alec Baldwin and his nasty mouth and pompous attitude, and no one will do anything. He actually gets more commercial endorsements when he does act like a big, fat, jerk. Who is going to stop him?? Hollywood seems to think Alec Baldwin can do no wrong.

480 days ago

james wade    

My comment is about paula deen. it is corporations that have dropped her and who runs this corporation but the old white boy network who see that paula deen is a liability. so please let's not get this twisted, racist is real and alive each and everyday but pressure from the government and them seeing a big loss at the stock market paula deen would still be their biggest asset. it is not about her saying the n word but her ignorance of the subject. as a business woman of today she has to know that family has to be disclipline as well as the workers who are suing them, it is call civil rights and harvey, i am surprise you do not see this as well. maybe this is a wake up a call for you because you have come very close to doing a paula deen yourself. practic e what you preach.....this sis business, ethics, management with worker rights. I APPAULLED THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO TOOK THE LAWSUIT OUT ON HER. TARGET, WALGREENS AND OTHER COMPANIES HAVE BEEN SUED FOR RACIAL DISCRIMINATION HAVRVEY LEVIN

480 days ago


I have more respect for him than I did prior to reading this article

480 days ago
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