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Alec Baldwin

Hates Lots of People

But REALLY Hates Gays

6/28/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:30 PM PT
-- Alec just responded to all the homophobe allegations.

Alec Baldwin
-- who puts Paula Deen to shame in the bigotry department -- again showed his true colors with a hate-filled tirade that targeted gays.

A British reporter wrote a story that Baldwin's wife was tweeting recipes and other things during James Gandolfini's funeral.  The actor went nuts on twitter, claiming the story was false.  Nothing wrong with that.

But then Baldwin played his go-to homophobic card -- he's done it before --  tweeting that the reporter was "a toxic little queen."  Baldwin continued, "If (sic)  put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

Baldwin then called the reporter a "f***ing little bitch" several times and then just plain threatened, "I'm gonna f**k you up."

So we gotta ask ...


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that he needs his testicles IRONED

481 days ago


who stole the word gay for their own agenda

481 days ago


he also hates himself

481 days ago


save the N word for Wooopi

481 days ago


Liberals hold gays an blacks in contempt, they pretend they support them, but just as their little pets to trot around to show how "progressive" they are.

481 days ago


Question; are we as a nation losing our FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHT? The so called press is sure maintaining its freedom of press. So no one can say anything w/o being politically correct, but the press or RAGLOIDS can write anything they want about anybody and get away with it. The RAGLOIDS harass, insult and abuse, even intimidate any celeb they want and expect them not to be human beings with feeling and reactions. Please people let’s stop this Social Media feeding crazy frenzy and leave people the hell alone. Celebs are also human beings and deserve consideration and empathy like the rest of us. LET’S STOP THIS MADNESS!

481 days ago


fawking homos

481 days ago


I am gayer than the sky is blue, and if some little ***got was following me around with a camera and or reporting crap about me, I would call him that to, possibly even worse!! Doesn't make me a biggot, just makes me PISSED OFF!!

481 days ago


ok look gay people you say you have well guess if ALEC BALDWIN is a bigut at least hes not a ***ot weomen well never take the place of a man and gay guy what in the hell up with some other guy bung hole wev'e got rights too fell this its adam &eve not adam steve not eve &ava look read your bible by the way it's kingjames you want too read right on elec and leave paula alone too

481 days ago


baldwin is an a-hole, paula deen is a dumbass, but stop pushing your own agenda harvey, especially with the gay thing. you've seen the paula deen backlash, so you're trying to cause the same with baldwin. most of us (people in america) don't hate anyone, you're just adding fuel to the fire for no reason

481 days ago


Harvey!! You or your guys seem to think that at any time a celebrity makes a homo statement they need to be ridiculed? Look everyone's NOT GAY!! Its alright I get it! I like the show but it seems to be going down the wrong road for me to watch!

481 days ago

Bev gray    

No, he is just a very talented guy with a bad temper. THe reporters keep bothering him because they knew what buttons to push and they get.... this and they love it. Does he say stupid things? Yeah but if the paparazzi would leave him alone, I bet he'd leave them alone. BTW, he is a genius comedic actor.

481 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

This loud-mouth douche-stain is most likely a cross-dressing bed-wetter who frequently gets all angry and violent to try to defect attention from those facts. Isn't he the one who's daughter is a little "pig," or whatever? Classy. Boycott American Express and everything else this ass hole is a shill for.

480 days ago


Tell me how this is fair. I just read that Alec Baldwin had a homophobic Twitter rant just a few days ago. Why aren't companies that he's doing business with dropping him? Why aren't they racking him over the coals like they are doing with Paula Deen? He has done and said a lot of improper stuff over the past few years but people are still standing behind him. Double standard?

480 days ago


Don't ya just think Alec should just keep his mouth shut sometimes?? I really thought, with Hilaria, he might try to get back some gentlemaly persona, like George Clooney...he's remains chill and cool when pushed into the glare of photogs.
Alec, to me, is very much a Drama Queen, and we all know he won't be offended by that remark!!! lol
He's just an Anger Management MOVIE waiting to happen.

480 days ago
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