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Alec Baldwin Gets a Pass

'Cause We're Shameless Starf**kers

6/28/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Alec Baldwin just got a "Get Out of Homophobia Jail Free" card from the people at GLAAD ... because they don't have the balls to go after a self-proclaimed Hollywood liberal.

After Baldwin essentially called for the gay-bashing of a Daily Mail reporter ... the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- the same org. that's CRUSHED people for making far less harmful and threatening statements --  asked critics to back off Baldwin.

"Alec Baldwin is making it clear [to GLAAD]  that the intent behind his tweets does not excuse his language, especially at a time when there were 11 incidents of violence against gay men in New York City just last month. As we all work to end such senseless acts of violence, allies like Baldwin are right to use these moments to reinforce support for the community and LGBT equality."

But the statement continues ... and might reveal the REAL reason they're letting Alec off easy:

"Alec Baldwin has worked with several organizations and added his voice to a campaign by Fight Back NY to encourage the State Senate to pass marriage equality with out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He also had a guest role on Will & Grace and played a gay character in the 2006 Off-Broadway revival of 'Entertaining Mr. Sloane.'"

It's almost like the org. is afraid if they bash Baldwin, he'll STOP doing pro-gay projects. Hmmmm ...

If Bill O'Reilly said the same thing ... with the same explanation -- ya think GLAAD would still think it was no big deal?  Hmmmm ...



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Hey, get your insults right. Bill O'Reilly would NOT say the same thing as Baldwin! In fact, O'Reilly called out J. C. Penney's on air for dropping Ellen De Generes just because she is gay!

450 days ago



450 days ago


He's a liberal.
Blacks rolled over like uncle toms when he was calling a reporter a n*gg*r awhile back.

450 days ago


Liberals like Alec make crazy statements and threats of violence, the media minimizes that, like it never even happened. Anyone else, the media kills them. That's a fact.

450 days ago


Baldwin called a photographer a coon not too long ago. Nothing happened to him.

Paula Deen however is being stripped of everything she has because of a racial slur she uttered a few decades ago.

Baldwin gets a free pass because he's a well connected liberal. He knows it, and his behavior will never change.

450 days ago



Lost all credibility.
Two Faced.

Next time you scream homophobia....
I turn you off.

450 days ago


And he still has a job with capital one. After all the crazy, racist, homophobic, and threats of violence that Alec brings he still has a job with capital one. Where is all the liberal outrage? Oh, that's right it all made up for those they hate. The more you know. .
Liberals are hypocrites.

450 days ago


I think the reason why they are not freaking about Alecs rant it's because NOTHING ABOUT WHAT HE SAID IS HOMOPHOBIC. "TOXIC LITTLE QUEEN" IS NOT THE SAME AS THE N WORD. The gay community knows what words will offend them or not the only one who gets offended by Alecs rant are those who are not really gay and just making excuses to make this as big or trying to make this look much more worse than the Paula -the-racist rant. Because they really hate Alec Baldwin not for his rant but because he's smart and a Liberal.

450 days ago

Joan Smith    

Sounds a little like there's some history there beyond backing their programs. Hmmmm... guess the first guy was right when he indicated that most people that talk like him end up out of the closet.

449 days ago

b de v    

You've gotta be kidding me, right? Almost all me friends are straight and call me "queen" all the time. We laugh it off. Stop being so "sensitive" and "dramatic" gay community, you're embarrassing me. Peace.

447 days ago
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