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Michael Jackson & Children

Emotional Home Videos

Tug Heart Strings in Court

6/28/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
was a loving father who cared deeply for his 3 children ... and they suffered an immeasurable loss when he passed away -- at least that's what Jackson family lawyers tried to show in court with MJ's own candid home videos.

The videos -- both shot by Michael -- were played for the jury in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

The first was shot on Christmas Day in 2006 ... when Prince was 9, Paris was 8, and Blanket was 4.

It's pretty touching -- Michael asks each of his children what they want to be when they grow up, and he really does sound like a caring father.

The other clip was shot years earlier -- when Prince and Paris were both toddlers. It's clear from the footage they both adore their dad, calling themselves "daddy's baby."



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A Black man wanted white babies to raise. weird .

485 days ago


How adorable! Prince is clearly an articulate, sharp kid. Paris is clearly feminine and girly, and Blanket looks adorable. He has Michaels eyes and cheekbones. The panning of the camera on Prince at the end, I'm sure is to show pride on Prince's confident "guy" posture at age nine. Definitely, these kids lost their world as they knew it when they lost their father. I hope Katherine and MJ3 come out victorious on this lawsuit.

485 days ago


He kinda jumped of prince to get to blanket didn't he? I will be honest. I don't like the way he panned the camera up and down on that boy.

485 days ago


How does this prove that AEG killed MJ? He hired Conrad Murray before AEG came along. All they did was approve his Doctor. Katherine and really turned into a money hog in her old age.

485 days ago

the TRUTH    

What's with princes' oddly shaped head?I t always looks like his head is too close,to a wide angle lens.,while Paris has a normal shaped melon . Anyone notice?????

485 days ago


Saying rude things about children really makes each one of you keyboard bullies look so smart! These are giod looking kids!

485 days ago


i hope he at least wore a rubber when he was porking those white kids he bought. no wonder Paris tried to kill herself.

485 days ago


How do home movies of his kids prove anything? MJ killed himself and this wje thing should be dropped.

485 days ago


He dyed Prince's hair blonde at that age?

485 days ago


Blanket looks so happy! Cute video!

485 days ago


I don't understand this. No one is contesting that the kids adored their father. That's obvious. It doesn't erase the fact that MJ asked for the medication that Dr Murray gave him. He was an addict and even his children's love couldn't keep him from his drugs. Maybe he should have thought about them instead of wanting to be injected with drugs. It's sad that they lost their father, but the fault still lies with MJ. He caused his own death, no one else.

485 days ago


The problem is: MJ was NOT their father, MJ just simulated and staged an idyllic world for them and himself, MJ consumed feelings he was not able generated himself, this whole 'family' thing was a super sick & strange farce freak show. I mean, what father would dangle his babies over a hotel balcony 30 m above the ground.

485 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

This is really pathetic. Those poor kids don´t know what their dad was really doing. So sad.

485 days ago


They bleached the kids hair when he was just a baby! Fking idiots!

485 days ago


Propofol was not a medication.
It's not a "drug" because there's no addiction for
a deadly sedative. Coma comes when brain cells die night after night. There's no survival from abusing Propofol.
Without Propofol, 2+ months of no real REM sleep kills the person.

TJ & uncles/aunts claim that MJ protected his kids from the media.
Kids needed to feel safe at home. They were unsafe when there was no TV, newsradio or internet, so that's a lie.
They couldn't learn how to help their father's physical & emotional health because he was locked inside the bedroom.
He increasingly became a friend of criminals.
A sycophant more than a man who understood children. He thought kids could do anything, so he was going to pretend he was a kid, according to his "god". Not all kids were sane & nice at Neverland.
He never understood this. Maybe the reason is he never had a true honest conversation with a real friend about kids.

He had a bunch of useless bodyguards & a greedy chef who didn't look unhappy after he died and used the kids to get her job at Katherine's home.

TJ, Katherine & Jermaine couldn't wait to show off
the kids in a tabloid show & talk shows around the world. TJ says Prince needs to make a career by going on Entertainment Tonite. Yeah, right.
Did they forget that MJ put his life in others' hands when he was secretive & no one knew about his Propofol & painkillers?
Deep down, his fanboys know that children's welfare was most important.
He chose to blame everyone except himself for his problems. This was unforgiveable because the kids are confused by his secrecy & lie that he did nothing wrong. Even if he were in prison, he'd still be released & be with his kids. He was in denial.
Prince suffers from sleeplessness because he was the helpless oldest child and Paris' suicidal depression was unnoticed by Katherine & La Toya.
The kids were 12-13 but they felt the need to defend MJ, whether he was right or wrong.
Kids are supposed to deal with the faults of their parents. They didn't prepare to face what MJ & their negligent family did & didn't do.
They're not supposed to lose respect for each other & their mothers after MJ said their mothers didn't need to talk to them.
Paris has to fight negative emotions because
Katherine thinks hiding negative thoughts & sweeping trouble under the rug create family peace & happiness.
What good did Katherine do for MJ when he
was neglected by Joe?
MJ constantly trusted everyone
and went to doctors & surgeons to fix things that didn't need fixing. He even said shocking things like
"I'd slit my wrists if children weren't in my life" & "my parents taught me to share my bed with neighbors". just
to get people to do things that his parents didn't do for him. He became deceitful like Joe was, because he never lived without abuse.
The bizarre marriage to pedophile Elvis' daughter made no sense because he didn't live with Lisa Marie & he said he hated pedophiles.
He was on edge even before the 1993 court case.
The year-long inaction when he needed to stay away from Evan Chandler & Jordan made no sense. He didn't care to keep Jordan safe by staying away from him.
MJ was close to killing himself with Demerol since 1993. Before long, he got out of control and he was found dead by Prince. Paris cut her wrist several times & slashed it just to feel different emotions after the chemicals in her body got released during the injury.
I believe Paris saw MJ bitterly stating that he'd slit his wrists in the Bashir interview.
She knew nothing about that until Katherine let her use the internet.

485 days ago
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