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Paula Deen

White Woman Suing Me

Is Also Smearing Me!

6/28/2013 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Paula Deen has filed legal docs in the lawsuit that sent her career into a free fall -- claiming the woman who's suing her is trumping up racial allegations and now Paula is out for blood.

Lisa Jackson -- who claims she was forced to quit her job as manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House -- is asking for damages based on racial harassment, claiming she's African-American adjacent.   As for Jackson's proof she's got African-American ties, she points to her partner's biracial niece, whom Jackson claims is half Black.

According to Paula's new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Jackson's niece is NOT Black at all ... not even a little.  Paula says Jackson's partner has now admitted the niece is Hispanic -- NOT Black.

And Paula's especially pissed that Jackson alleged in her lawsuit that Paula used the N-word in connection with Bubba's wedding, yet has never offered a shred of proof that the word was used.

So now Paula wants the judge to throw the book at Jackson, fining her with sanctions for creating a bogus racial harassment case.


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Paula Deen is trying to put a band-aid on a major gash. Too late. She's dropped like a hot potato.

She needs to keep her mouth shut. Damage is done. She can't undo this, she can't fix this.

481 days ago


Maybe an apology to Paula from the rest of the world would be in order. What a witch hunt.

480 days ago


Paula Deen had just shown America that being white is not what it used to be. Now we are the slaves to anyone black that has a beef with someone or is looking to make a fast buck. America has truly gone to H E L L. If she loses all her endorsements then she can use it all she wants to. Go Paula Deen, we need more Americans like you!

480 days ago


go get her Paula, it would have been cheaper to pay her off, but since she went for blood, well you just stick show the world what sort of person Lisa Jackson really is

480 days ago


If true, Paula should Definitely sue this bitch!

480 days ago


some folks seem to think that freedom of speech only applies to some people and that tolerance is a one way street

Team Paula 100%

480 days ago


UlPaula needs to realize it's the things coming out of her own mouth that have caused her the most damage. Once again she is attempting to deflect from herself and place it on someone else.

480 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

So let me get this straight. While everyone is accusing black people of being big babies for complaining for her use of the n-word (no one mentions the ill treatment of her black employees of course) it's a white woman that is suing her for how she treats black people? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME??? Black people are still nothing in the eyes of many white Americans. It's really sad. That's why Zimmerman will get off. It's ok to stalk black men at night and scare them to death. You even think about protecting yourself and it is legal in this country for them to gun you down like the no value slave that you are.

480 days ago


I just have to say i think this whole thing has been blown way out of line.... come on folks.. who hasnt said the "N" word once in our lives does that makes us Racist...NO!!! and all of you people that have DROPPED her...YOUR LOSS.... Just let the woman go back to doing what she does best...COOK!!! COOKING SHOWS!!!

480 days ago


Oh, SHUT UP Paula...that's always been your never know when to just shut up. This is about so much more than the "N" word and the people still supporting youi would know that if they took time to read the legal do***ents.

480 days ago


Glad to see Paula is finally fighting back. This little bitc* has ruined this woman's life by spreading lies and she must be punished. People just can't get away with stuff like this. Go get her, Paula.

480 days ago


Team Lisa. Where do send her money.

480 days ago


Like I said before, Paula Deen’s mouth is getting and keeping Paula Deen into trouble. Nobody else. She is really racist, uppity, arrogant and kinda stupid. So, that’s what’s getting her into trouble. She is so arrogant, like “How dare these people who are beneath me try and sue me.” That she can’t hide her disgust when she talks. That is why her apologies had to be so greatly edited. She is her own worst enemy, mostly because she is insulted she is losing endorsements because of something she said about people who she feels are beneath her. Cant you tell???? THIS IS WHY SHE IS LOSING ENDORSEMENTS, BECAUSE EVERYTIME SHE SPEAKS YOU CAN TELL JUST HOW RACIST SHE REALLY IS, and if companies keep her, people are going to stop shopping there, because they feel the company is endorsing/advocating racism. If she don’t like Blacks, she don’t like Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Gays, all of that. She is a bigot, and I will never support anything her or her family does.

480 days ago

Renee Fussello    

Why do people always say that everyone makes these types of racist statements. I never have because that's not me. If it you, then claim how you are. Paula told her truth so why is she surprised that company's want to drop her? They are businesses and want money, not problems. It should have been expected. Paula should have settled and let it go away.

480 days ago

Debbie Phillips    

All this chaos is "mob mentality".... This just proves that if you are down, everyone will kick you cause everybody else is. Way too much. All she is guilty of is not hiring a good Attorney and a PR company. Just think, she could have avoided this by either giving in to the Extortion or by sure gives me pause. Pitiful!

480 days ago
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