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Televangelist Benny Hinn

Heckled at Airport

'World's Greatest Scammer'

7/1/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!


Televangelist Benny Hinn is a legendary scam artist who steals sick people's social security checks in the name of bogus faith healing -- at least according to one loudmouthed heckler at LAX, who's damn lucky Hinn's security didn't kick his ass.

60-year-old Hinn was making his way through LAX Friday with 5 bodyguards when the heckler sounded off ... big time ... calling Hinn the "world's greatest scammer" among other things. The man then continues his tirade after Hinn gives him the cold shoulder. Watch the clip.

But despite some death stares from Hinn's security, the man was left unscathed , which is surprising ... because Hinn's previous heckler wasn't so lucky.

One of Hinn's close advisers tells TMZ, Hinn's security had pounced on another heckler just days before in Brazil when the man threatened the master pastor during a sermon.

Hinn's rep says the heckler was "peacefully removed" from Hinn's audience ... but when the man became violent, he had to be "subdued." And you know what that means.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Beatdown.


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Jericho Morton    

Have you noticed how when he slays them in the spirit he clasps the throat of the women, and mincingly flaps the boys on their backs, making jovial changing room fun with the holy boys? His special favourites.

393 days ago

She's baaaack    

If you're stupid enough to give that guy money so he can live in the luxury he things God wants him to shame on you. If you're that concerned with humanity and goodness why not contribute to local food bank?

393 days ago


That dude that confronted him was a trip... just the way he talked and his body language was, let's just say, interesting! Too funny. What isn't funny are creeps like Hinn. Boy there must be some really stupid or desperate people out there if they are going to/through a guy like Hinn to [try &] solve their problems. Yikes.

393 days ago


Benny Hinn----the Justin Bieber of televangelists ?

393 days ago


When did Benny Hinn start channeling Karl Lagerfeld?

393 days ago



393 days ago


he is not the worlds greatest scammer, i think obama has that title wrapped up!

393 days ago


He's a douchebag... put him in the cell with Aaron Hernandez... Benny can counsel him on the evil of his ways, then get ********d...

393 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Some of Satan's best work is done at the pulpit.

393 days ago


Benny Hill might be a scammer, but he was so funny when he would chase that old man around and than hit him on the head.

393 days ago


It is really easy for scam artists to pilfer money from Christians, considering that 76% of Americans blindly follow that religious cult, even in the face of laughable evidence. But, what is more vulgar than his thievery, is the arrogant and blatant manner that he lives his own life in flamboyant wealth. He stays in the Presidential Suites of Hotels at a cost of $10,000.00 per night. He owns a private jet. He has at least two cars worth $80,000.00 each. His home is worth about 5 million dollars. There is paragraph after paragraph citing outrageous flamboyance for himself, his wife, his daughter and her fiance.
Hinn is a regular at Beverley Hills Clothing Store like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Bijam where Hinn’s name is on the window along with Princes and heads of State.
He brings in 500 million dollars per year, yet he is begging believers to help him get out of debt. Many people can't afford things for themselves, but they are giving their money to him because they are weak sheep who are afraid of a God that is not even proven or sensible.
You can read about his outrageous wealth at the following link:

393 days ago


Yeah. That's the ticket.

393 days ago


Not all people, some people are so desparate to have their pain taken away that they want to believe that this man can help them! But that is a problem, because god wants you to come to him for help not benny hinn! He is just supposed to be a teacher for god! And that clown is taking advantage of the weak desperate people, that are truly hurting!

392 days ago


I worked at a venue many times when Binny Hinn scammes people. I saw backstage people who were in walkers and wheelchairs on stage and behind stage they were walking.If he was a true healer he would do it out of the goodness of his heart

392 days ago


This guy Benny Hinn came into the dealership I worked at FJ Newport Beach and bought numerous Mercedes Benz . I think stupid people deserve to lose there money to this con artist.

392 days ago
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