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'BB' Star Spencer Clawson


by Day Job Employer

7/6/2013 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_big_brother_articleAnother "Big Brother" houseguest is on the outs with their employer ... this time it's Spencer Clawson, whose company is already laying the groundwork to hand him his walking papers.

Clawson has been captured on "BB" cams calling one houseguest "Kermit the F**" and praising Hitler as a gifted speaker.

Clawson serves as a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, who released a statement on their website saying, "The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values."

They continued, "Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments."

They ended their statement by saying they are "acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson" ... which sounds like they are setting the stage to fire his ass first chance they get.

Both GinaMarie and Aaryn have already lost gigs due to their racist comments on the show.


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I hope this **** backfires big time on CBS and the show gets cancelled. How can Julie Chen being Asian just ignore some girl calling her own race " rice and nails " specialists? Hypocrits.

440 days ago


Someone was wondering if they will be told when they are voted off and do the interview with Julie.

These tools should not at all be kept on the show period. They should instantly be removed and given their walking papers.

No interview, no nothing.

I think that if they are allowed to stay, it will make many think that CBS is ok with this and they enjoy the controversy and attention.

Future house guests should have to sign a contract stating racism and homophbia of any kind will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the show with no recourse for the participants.

If these clowns are still there, someone is ok with it and they should be ashamed.

440 days ago

BB not bb    

I am against what this guy was saying 100%, but that still doesn't excuse that these are people in a private house being spied on and then publicly judged for it. It is Big Brother all right. This is just what happened in the book 1984 when Winston Smith was caught on camera not being the good citizen of the state that he was expected to be.

This is almost worse than what Hitler did. At least he wasn't in everyone's home. At least he wasn't pretending it was all cool to be observed in your private time and then publicly expose you for it. If he was that bad though, what is that still saying about this show?

Lots of people have his attitude but they don't express it openly in public. You just feel it in the way they treat you. I think it is good when these things get out in the open. Shutting everyone up is not the solution to anything.

What is wrong with Kermit the Frog either? I thought he was kind of the hero of the muppets. Are muppets now considered a protected minority or something?

440 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

This cr4p is still on.

440 days ago



I agrre with you 100% about this show getting canned. But don't expect Julie Chen to do a single thing about it. She really doesn't want to make waves.

This girl would have been replaced years ago if she wasn't married to the head of CBS and convinced him to keep her on the show.

@BB not BB

I have to disagree with you. These people know full well the cameras are there and that they are on 24/7. This is their 15 minutes.

Ever since house guests from season 1 became somewhat famous, all sponteneity flew out the window. Today they are all screened and selected for the show based on how they look and how they will create buzz on the show.

So what you end up getting are people who are only on the show to become celebrities. And we all know that if you're outrageous enough on TV and gossip sites, you have a shot. There are too many already.

440 days ago

BB not bb    

Pat, the point is that people act a certain way in public when they have to, but they can't keep it up 24 hrs. per day. Eventually they have to just be themselves, and that is what this show captures. I think they are in a stressful environment like rats and eventually they just start to attack each other.

I notice all of this attacking white people over their opinions business is going on at the same time as the Zimmerman trial. Maybe they want to create an atmosphere of it is alright to hate white people who you disagree with or who oppose blacks, even when the blacks are trying to break into homes.

They want the whites to just sit and take it like they did when OJ got away with murdering two whites. Maybe they are trying to create so much racial tension that someone gets assassinated.

Tolerance is about accepting people for their differences, not expecting everyone to be the same. They got some whites their who show their racist bent, as if no one ever saw this from blacks.

440 days ago


Genius. People on here want to fire everyone in sight for their ignorant thoughts despite the fact they do their jobs. Really.

You can tell the ones that don't have jobs would say something that stupid.

440 days ago


They evidently wanted him gone before the show and this only gave the reason to do it....!

440 days ago

Marc swol    

I dont see what the problem is with this one, Hitler was a gifted speaker, he talked all of Germany into ww2, its not like he said he is a fan, wtf?

440 days ago

buzz kill    

So I guess now it is OK to discriminate people for their thoughts. so much for tolerance.

440 days ago


Hate for anyone to lose their job in this economy but I do think Spencer is the worst one of the batch. He is old enough to know better and to praise Hitler and be so homophobic and so disrespectful to women is disgusting.

440 days ago


If they are being Racist why is CBS keeping these contestants in there still? **WARNING SPOILER ALERT** Why is Aaryn HOH if she is being racist? Plus she and jeremy cheated in the HOH competition i see people already boycotting Big Brother for keeping the contestants around and ignoring the cheating

440 days ago


Union Pacific is a union job and not the easiest thing to get fired from. I think they just put out the statement to cover themselves, but i seriously doubt Spencer will be fired for what he said. I am horrified though of the behaviour of these morons in this house.

440 days ago

Kenneth D. Frazier    

He opens his big mouth and inserts a bigger foot ... Such remarks deserve a FIRING as soon as possible.

440 days ago


Have you ever watched video of Hitler speaking? He was an extremely charismatic public speaker. This is fact. I don't agree with the message he was speaking, but that doesn't change the fact that he was good at it. You know who else were gifted public speakers? MLK, Benito Mussulini, John Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, Jesus Christ, etc...Saying someone is a gifted speaker is no different than saying someone is a gifted singer or a gifted actor. It's just a performance.

440 days ago
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