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Prince Jackson

Jiu Jitsu Badass

At Legendary Fight School

7/8/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_Prince_jackson_launchPrince Jackson is one step closer to becoming a cold-blooded killing machine -- TMZ has learned, Michael Jackson's first born just earned his blue belt in Jiu Jitsu last week ... from one of the most famous martial arts schools in the world.

It's no small feat ... sources at the renowned Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills -- where the 16-year-old trains -- tell us, there are only 5 belts total in the Gracie belt hierarchy, and it takes a LONG time to move up in the ranks.

FYI, the Gracie family is Jiu Jitsu royalty -- and has trained scores of MMA stars like Brendan Schaub, Nate Diaz, Antoni Hardonk, Rani Yahya ... hell, even Tim Tebow.

As for the belts, blue is the second belt after white -- and in order to advance, we're told students must learn 34 different maneuvers (such as an arm bar, elevator sweep, and a guillotine) each with roughly 4 different techniques.

After blue comes purple, then brown, then black -- and to get to purple, we're told Prince will have to learn an additional 600 moves.

Better start practicing.

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K.Ortega should have told R.Phillips that the special effects wouldn't be ready by July before Phillips made Michael announce the tour.
No wonder Michael skipped rehearsals,he probably believed that the tour would be cancelled.
Why doesn't Phillips,Ortega and whoever was at Michael's house on June 20 tell us what they discused or is there purpose for keeping it secret.

As for Ortega saying that Michael needed help,hasn't he ever been in a difficult situation wondering what to do?

Regarding all the rest who said Michael couldn't do the 360... degree spin while rehearsing Billie Jean,they should have noticed that there were some changes in the way the songs would be performed compared to the way he performed them during his previous tours.

415 days ago


Michael would be proud.

415 days ago


How dare this, how dare that??? How dare a rabid even "loves" a pedo???

How dare the rabids speculate about the Jacksons??? How dare they say they are greedy, How dare that and how dare this, well people do it, and that's how dare they are!!!!

How dare someone so stupid bearing a name means wisdom??? That must be because the parents realized they have a mentally challenged child at birth and wish she would grow up wise. But tragedy happens all the time, and a lot of times it is because of karma!!!

So, so,so, so, ssssofi

How dare you to be so stupid???

Who give you the right to be so stupid???

You are so stupid that you forget you are the one who told everybody that you don't love your husband but you do not have a job so you can't leave your husband. That's means you give free sex to your husband in exchange for food and shelter. That's no difference from Tiger Wood's mistress or even ex-wife.

If you mother was alive she would claim that you are her adopted child so she wouldn't be too ashamed of giving birth to you. Dare I say!!!

You are on a freaking internet, people dare to say whatever, you stupid whore!!!

415 days ago


Michael Jackson Employed Wade Robson’s Mother To ‘Recruit’ Australian Talent

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 @ 4:15AM | By Dylan Howard

Splash News/WENN

Michael Jackson employed the mother of dancer-choreographer Wade Robson to scour Australia to find talented young dancers, it’s claimed.

Robson, 30, detailed the alleged financial relationship between his mother Joy and the late King of Pop in court do***ents filed as part of his claim against Jackson’s estate related to alleged child sex abuse.

She worked for Jackson from 1991 to 1998 “with responsibility for recruiting Australian talent,” with the exception of two-year stint when she was employed by a studio and makeup company, Robson’s recently filed complaint reveals.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson, The FBI Files And Molestation Allegations: What’s True, What’s Not

She also managed her son’s career.

But according to Robson, a blinded Jackson was “not concerned with her efforts to recruit Australian talent and focused more” on himself — even though he paid her.

Jackson, who died in 2009 at age 50, would also often ask Joy to drop Robson off and pick him up for visits at his Century City condominium, nicknamed ‘The Hideout,’ the court do***ents say.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

Joy stopped working for Jackson in 1998 when Robson and his sister received permanent resident status to live in the United States.

Many questions have been raised about what Joy knew of her son’s alleged relationship with Jackson.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Performing

She staunchly defended Michael amid child molestation allegations and even testified in support of him in the 2005 trial, centered on charges that Jackson had molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor who often visited his Neverland ranch.

“I’ve known Michael for a long time. I’ve spent many hours talking to him about everything. I trust him. I trust him with my children,” Joy said when called as a prosecution witness.


Not surprise! To this day, many rabids would still hand over their boys to MJ, even in a little coffin!!!

415 days ago


I remember some rabids were calling for Wade's body language analysis.

Here is one that I am sure Mimijane would have been aware, but her cherry picking mind controlling agenda would not like you to watch the following link. So watch quickly before she has it deleted.

Wade 's body language analysis

415 days ago


Director: Michael Jackson's condition frightened him during rehearsal days before death

FILE - In this Jan. 27, 2012 file photo, Director Kenny Ortega arrives at the opening night of the Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour in Los Angeles. Ortega told a jury on Wednesday July 10, 2013, that Michael Jackson's state six days before the singer's death frightened him, and that he saw his friend show up to at least four rehearsals in an impaired state in the final months of his life. Ortega is testying in a negligent hiring lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother against concert promoter AEG Live LLC. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg, File)
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The director of Michael Jackson's ill-fated comeback concerts told a jury on Wednesday that he was frightened when Jackson was shivering and seemed lost at one of his final rehearsals.

The rehearsal occurred six days before Jackson died in June 2009, Kenny Ortega testified during a lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother.

"I saw a Michael that frightened me," Ortega said, calling Jackson's appearance "very, very troubling."

Jackson improved somewhat as the night went on but wasn't coherent when he arrived that day, Ortega said. The singer didn't rehearse that night.

The director-choreographer also said Jackson had missed numerous rehearsals for his planned "This Is It" concerts and appeared to be under the influence of a substance on at least four occasions when he did attend the sessions.

Jackson's state was "fairly obvious" to others involved in the production, he said.

Ortega later broke down while reading an email he sent to the CEO of concert promoter AEG Live LLC describing Jackson as a "lost boy." The singer's mother Katherine Jackson also appeared to cry during the court proceedings in which her son's final days were described.

Ortega testified in the negligent hiring lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother against AEG Live.

She claims the company missed warning signs about her son's health and failed to properly investigate the doctor later convicted of involuntary manslaughter after giving him an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

AEG denies it hired Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray. The company also says there was no way it could have known the doctor was giving Jackson propofol as a sleep aid.

Ortega previously detailed his observations about the June 19, 2009, rehearsal during Murray's criminal trial.

He told the civil jury that he sent the email describing Jackson's poor condition to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips to suggest that the singer needed professional help. He also said that based on Jackson's condition, he didn't believe the "This Is It" shows could go forward, but he hoped there would be a turnaround.

The director said he repeatedly called Murray that night, but his only concern was for Jackson's health. Ortega and Jackson worked on two previous concert tours and had been friends for years.

Jurors hearing the case have heard about Jackson's inability to rehearse from other witnesses, but Ortega was the highest-ranking tour worker to testify at the civil trial and had the most direct contact with AEG executives and Jackson.

He told the jury he had to work directly with Murray to co-ordinate Jackson's rehearsal schedule and that Phillips was also involved.

Ortega said it's the only concert he's ever worked on where he's had to co-ordinate a rehearsal schedule with a performer's doctor and concert promoter.

Anthony McCartney can be reached at http://twitter.com/mcca


Karma, glad that he suffered. Too stupid not to go to hospital and still begged for "milk"! Too stupid to live pass 50 in any sense!!!

415 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Wow it's pretty amazing what the rabid stuperfans will have deleted from here. I guess they just can't take a Dose Of Reality.

Aren't you all a little to old to still believe in fairy tales?

415 days ago



I would NEVER click on a 'link' that a TROLL and 'it's' alter 'nics' has provided.
Be very careful....'It' is a predator of innocent people.


Paranoid over and over!!!???

Remember that was a sign of overdosed like MJ !

So are you on drugs? Put down you pipe, and listen to some real music, that may bring you back to reality!!!!

414 days ago


MJ didn't think anyone deserved "crime background checks" because in reality, his life was about having little boys in his home, sick kids eating junk candy, and fanatics paying his Neverland bills with their parents' money.
No wonder Karen Faye never rushed MJ to the hospital. She was one of the drug abuse enablers who did whatever MJ told her to do.
During the 2004 trial, Katherine & she didn't even give him water or food, and he was rushed to the hospital.
Look what she did to his face...All the red lipstick & thick eyebrows she drew on him to meet his "expectations". She had the nerve to blame the media for "making him look freakish".

414 days ago


Pathetic Neverland visitors had similar needy personalities in his life laughed at his innocent careless attitude about the Neverland business.
MJ liked to play the victim because in his fantasy world, people who played with him or gave him Neverland money were too stupid to hurt him.
He believed lawyers never penetrated the Jackson super power.

Yeah, blame everyone else for the horrible pain inflicted to Paris Jackson, according to Katherine the Saint mother of the "God-like" MJ.
Jermaine needed the money from MJ concerts too, but after MJ's death, Jermaine's ex-slut & kids were kicked out of Katherine's home.

How do AEG's total worth & Kenny Ortega's pain pay for Paris Jackson's anguish?
Kenny Ortega did not work for AEG until MJ called him to work for AEG. MJ never cared about his health and the concerts were going to free him from financial

414 days ago


SUNFLOWER? Far from it! Maybe you are a whore and dumb one too.

I never said i didn't love my husband.

Yes my parents gave me a fine name and by the way,it's SOPHIA.

And they would have been proud of me because i stick to facts and if you don't like that WELL,TOUGH LUCK!

414 days ago


Oh my! The intelligent rabid haters! Forgetting the coroner's report that stated:No signs of drug addiction but they know much better,don't they?
Recycling old news just like that doctor Finklestein who stuck in 1993 only he forgot that Michael got treatment and continued with his life.

What about Dr.Schnoll's testimony?
The haters didn't bother to read it.

414 days ago


The pedophile with his 17 year old nephew T. J.

Disgusting transvestite boy lover.
Turn into a noseless white woman and scar your buttocks with drug injections..

Hello to the pedophiles watching his Bashir interview:
Heal the world with drugs & boys.

414 days ago


0 http://cdn04.cdn.socialitelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/13059_mj032307-400x470.jpg

414 days ago

Dose Of Reality    


Oh my! The intelligent rabid haters! Forgetting the coroner's report that stated:No signs of drug addiction but they know much better,don't they?


That comment was related to the typical signs of illegal street drug addiction. Illegal drugs are not pure, they are mixed or "cut" with other unknown substances, are taken with used and shared needles and in very unsanitary conditions. That's where most of the problems arise. Untreated infections, hepatitis and sexual activity with other addicts and for money.

That is not the case with MJ. He had the best pharmaceutical, doctor prescribed and administered drugs and sex with pre-pubesent boys.

The coroners report noted many injection areas and collapsed veins. Read that again.

Now, that is just physical addiction, there is also mental addiction.

Not addicted?
How about the inability to say no to surgical anesthesia every night for weeks?

Stop believing in fairy tales.

414 days ago
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