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Kanye West


Over Leaked Music Video

7/9/2013 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kanye West
is PISSSSSSSSED that his new music video leaked before it was finalized -- and now he's gone public asking for anyone who published it to please please PLEASE take it down.

In case you didn't know, a very rough cut of the video for Kanye's new track "Black Skinhead" leaked online today and it's been spreading like wildfire -- but Yeezy insists it got out before it was ready ... and the leak is sabotaging the final product.

If you've seen the early cut ... you can understand what Kanye's talking about. It's very rough around the edges ... too dark, the CGI is glitchy, you can't see Kanye's face ... it obviously needs some final touches.

Now Kanye is on Twitter asking for help taking the rough edit off the web -- saying, "Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it's heartbreaking when something like this happens."

Kanye says the final video will be ready in a week or so -- adding, "To whoever leaked the video ... F*** YOU!"



No Avatar


Hey Kanye, **** YOU!!!!!

439 days ago


And the temper tantrums begin. Knew his calmness wasn't going to last long. I give it 1 week (or less), that he moves out. Kris ain't up for his b.s. In her house. And as far as am concern, it's the same technology gadgets that he so admires, that got his taped leaked in the first place. No one is above THAT giant! Kanye? Go argue with your corporate buddies at Apple.

439 days ago


Can you please show the video of him walking into the sign. I feel that should be shown at least once a week on tv.

439 days ago


what a waste of oxygen this boof is

439 days ago


HA HA! IF he was a decent person, even slightly, I'd say, Awww bummer, BUT....seeing how he's such an ugly obnoxious individual, I say HA HA...cry me a river!

Now watch his album sky rocket....there's a fool born every second! Personally, I don't find his music entertaining or meaningful, to me, it's just a bunch of negativity & vulgarity. The only time I've heard his music is when I was in the car, I attempted to make sense of his point....totally pointless!

439 days ago


" Distraught" good go kill yourself - Douche Bag

439 days ago


The reason his face is blacked out, is he's a little chubby and they have to photo shop his head on some buff dude's body.

439 days ago

Ozzie X    

Who ever leaked the video did him a favor, the only publicity the video and song will ever get.

439 days ago


Screw him ---- just go and pi-s on Kim if your in a bad mood. She loves that type of attention. The real problem is that your baby momma is a slut!

439 days ago

ulises fernando    

Kanye is a Kardashian now bull****ting to make a buck. I do t know why you idiots (tmz) and pblkc buy into this balony!!! Get a life!

439 days ago


something smells fishy- it must be this gay fish

439 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

he's done. he's been done for a while Every time I see him now I associate him with kardashian Oh and his music sucks, less than 300 000 copies WORLDWIDE is not good and his next CD will have lower sales.Later Ye

439 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

and that pic above is NOT his body.The REAL.KANYE HAS TITS

439 days ago


Kanye is a jackass!!

439 days ago


I don't know quite when people like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian or any other entertainer lose site of what they deliver and start imagining that what they do actually matters (like, say, a surgeon, an airport controller, a bus conductor, a trash collector) ... but they surely do. And next thing, they're ranked right up there with abstract artists ("my artwork of a totally blank page represents all mankind" style), consultants and other people with pointless jobs no-one would ever notice had gone (if they had), let alone miss.

Consider this: IF Kanye West REALLY only cares that the "good" version of this work is seen (as is clearly implied), then ... there really is no problem, he says himself that will be released in a couple of weeks, end of story.

So clearly the creative thing is NOT the problem (so he's lying) ....

No worries, anyone who hooks up with a porn star they saw in a movie and "just had to have" is unlikely to suffer a loss of depth through something like this. Or ever, to be fair. You can't lose what you haven't got, afterall.

439 days ago
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