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Paula Deen

N-Word Will Stay

Under Wraps

7/15/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0628_paula_deen_article_tmzVideo of Paula Deen openly admitting to using the n-word will never see the light of day ... so ruled the judge in the $1.2 million lawsuit filed by one of Paula's ex-employees, who accused Paula of promoting a racist and sexist work environment.

You'll recall, the video deposition -- in which Paula says "yes of course" she used the n-word in the past -- precipitated her epic self-destruction, with scores of business partners ducking for cover and costing her millions.

We're told the video is "colorful," but you'll probably never see it ... at least if the judge has his way.

Deen was obviously terrified the employee would leak the deposition video to the media ... so last week, she filed docs asking the judge to block its release.



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Leave Her Alone Already!

467 days ago


How many decades ago did she say the N word? Gossip magazines make it sound as if it was recently.

467 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

learned the kings english from Paula D.

467 days ago


I want to personally thank her for bringing the "dreaded" n word back to the front lines. It has showed the double standards they live by using it themselves all over their coveted crap rap. I have never lived under the so called white shame and never will. I do however have a word that I will freely use as I will teach my kids to use. A word they glamorize. Good for you..good for me.

467 days ago

tmz addict    

watch out someones still super offended by the word ******. All people should be respected, because all people work hard to be where they are!

467 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

People, as long as we think wrong and right is race based, it will continue. Think like this, are you poor and white? Are you poor and black? Are you poor and Latino? My point, there are two types of people in the world we live in that is America, the haves and have nots. The trick is to have US at each others throats regarding race, welfare, violence etc., when the truth is whites kill whites,blacks kill blacks and Latinos kill Latinos! As we have violence and welfare use by ALL races. As we have success in ALL races as well as ghetto actions by ALL races and crimes etc., by ALL races. While the well off whites/blacks/lations/other races keep on prospering, whats the sense in wasting time when the struggle is equal in terms of economics. Yes, economics. This America isnt about race, its a trick to make it about that so we fight one another not paying attention to the truth. Truth is, were all who have nothing but slaves, regardless of color. While we struggle and kill one another about race, they laugh and get richer and thats a far worse problem to me as a black man than if Paula Deen used the n-word. Put the attention on Paula,not the economy and other bull. The have nots better wake up because the haves arent on TMZ entertaining this at all, there getting rich and laughing, aka the owners of TMZ prosper of racist bull and issues that make no sense when the working man is a slave! WAKE UP! Paula Deen and others who use the word were taught it by those before them. We all have said things we regret, I as a black man forgive her, the issues that matter arent if she used the n-word, its poverty and how us as the have nots an have better lives economically and spiritually! You are forgiven Paula, from a black man!

467 days ago


People who think everyone has used the n-word are saying a lot about themselves and with whom they associate.
The one instance she admits to using it was very self serving and implied she was justified in using it. She painted a picture of having a black man pointing a gun to her head and then later using the word--an image that would get her sympathy and anger her racists fans. Her selective memory was very manipulative. I doubt that was the last time she used the word. The fact she wants her video deposition blocked from the public says volumes.

467 days ago


I love the fact that Paula gets lambasted for saying the N word 30 years ago - but regrding the Zimmerman verdict - Victor Cruz of the New York Giants says "Zimmerman will be lucky to last a year before the hood catches up to him". Horrible thing to say, promoting violence and insulting African Americans at the same time. And I am betting he will suffer no consequences for saying that!

467 days ago


Paula the fraud needs to retire and let the world live without her phony southern accent.

467 days ago

Buns n Roses    

Karla's a bitch. I rest my case.

467 days ago


Please Paula Dean go away...

467 days ago


I take issue to "epic self-destruction" description in your story. This was an old fashioned vigilante tar and feathering and run out of town on a rail without due process affair.

466 days ago


Give it up already ! Leave this lady alone . There other worries in this world.

466 days ago


Boy, makeup works WONDERS! What a HAG!

466 days ago


....and hopefully that hillbilly slang she speaks too!!

466 days ago
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