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Lil Wayne

American Flag Stomping

CUT OUT of Music Video

7/16/2013 5:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne has decided ... the images of the rapper trampling the American flag during a music video shoot were NOT good enough for the final cut ... 'cause they've been edited OUT of the final version.

Just last month, Wayne caught a TON of heat during the filming of the video for his new song "God Bless Amerika" when a giant American flag was dropped on the ground -- only to be walked all over by Wayne.

Wayne insisted he didn't step on the flag on purpose ... but he didn't really have an excuse for dropping the flag on the ground in the first place (a major no-no).

But when the final cut for "God Bless Amerika" was released yesterday, the unpatriotic images didn't make the cut ... and during the flag dropping scene, the shot is edited in a way that you never see Old Glory touch the ground.


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464 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

lil wanye looks like he's 60 years old. I hope he goes to hell.

464 days ago


jesus why are we still talking about this? who cares!! honestly I could give two craps about someone "trampling" the flag with all the other crime and horse sh.i.t going on in this world.

464 days ago


Cut out? You honestly thought a shot of him standing beside a ladder was supposed to be in the video? He may have stepped on the flag because he's a moron, but they weren't trying to shoot him doing it.

464 days ago


The young man should have thought of the reaction from the people BEFORE he filmed the desecration of the flag. Typical of the generation to ask forgiveness instead of thoughtfulness. I understand he is a product of a poor upbringing and is handicapped by his obvious learning disabilities, but there are certain things we all know is right and wrong. I only hope he has the mental ability to learn from this experience and in the future try to be more thoughtful.

464 days ago


Forgiveness: That's reserved for those who see the errors of their ways and restitution for how they can.

And yes, forgiveness is a two way street

Little Dick's "cut out" was based on marketing not an act of contrition
Yes, he's a lying sack of crap

464 days ago


you were never suppose to see was just an effect for the you not realized how videos are made....that whole zoomed out thing was never to be shown but everybody blew it up like he did it purposely..just a music video for a sh--ty song.

464 days ago


Lets just not forgive him

464 days ago


just A black man that think the world should pay up for him being born

464 days ago


Yes, the flag is something not supposed to touch the ground, but let's be truthful for a moment, TMZ. You're implying flag trampling was part of the video when it never was. It was supposed to drop and reveal the people behind him. Yes, he kept filming that segment with the flag under his feet instead of yelling "cut! Or the director could've yelled "cut!"
This footage was obviously someone with their cell phone from a side angle, hence that big ass ladder in the scene!

A statement was even released stating the flag being on the ground was never part of the shot. Your site posted this statement yet you act like flag trampling was part of his video.

Call it what it is, a bonehead moment. Don't try to imply Wayne wanted to stomp the flag intentionally.

464 days ago


"PERFECT [what Paula Deen is being black-balled for having said]"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won't even waste anymore time on this UNEDUCATED, IGNORANT, PlSS-WAD!!


464 days ago

🌺✨ Elle Flowers ✨🌺    

And yet, no one is protesting this? Oh I see, a black man stepping on a "white man's" flag must be an acceptable thing.

464 days ago


The Flag is the one thing as Americans we all have in common. It deserves respect. So if this little nobody has issues, then pick another country, go there, and never return. The sooner, the better.

464 days ago


He should have died when you promised us he would.

464 days ago


Wow, he makes some horrible "music"... How the hell did this guy ever make it big?

464 days ago
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