Lil Wayne American Flag Stomping CUT OUT of Music Video

7/16/2013 5:59 AM PDT

Lil Wayne -- American Flag Stomping CUT OUT of New Music Video

Lil Wayne has decided ... the images of the rapper trampling the American flag during a music video shoot were NOT good enough for the final cut ... 'cause they've been edited OUT of the final version.

Just last month, Wayne caught a TON of heat during the filming of the video for his new song "God Bless Amerika" when a giant American flag was dropped on the ground -- only to be walked all over by Wayne.

Wayne insisted he didn't step on the flag on purpose ... but he didn't really have an excuse for dropping the flag on the ground in the first place (a major no-no).

But when the final cut for "God Bless Amerika" was released yesterday, the unpatriotic images didn't make the cut ... and during the flag dropping scene, the shot is edited in a way that you never see Old Glory touch the ground.