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Rolling Stone

Boycotting Our Cover is a

Boycot of the Constitution

7/17/2013 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_rollingstone_bomberBostonians upset by the new Rolling Stone cover -- featuring Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -- need to grow up and learn from the tragedy that rocked their city ... according to the magazine's editors.

The editors just released a statement, saying their hearts go out to the Boston bombing victims -- but "the cover story we are publishing this week falls within the traditions of journalism and Rolling Stone's longstanding commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage."

The statement continues, "The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens."

In other words, we're exercising our 1st Amendment rights to investigate a terrorist -- so, stop burying your heads in the sand, people.

As we reported, CVS and the Boston-based Roche Bros. supermarkets have boycotted the latest issue of the magazine because of its controversial cover ... saying it's disrespectful to the victims.



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He gets a COVER ON ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, w- the headline "The Bomber"???

Probably EXACTLY what this kid wished for before he blew those people up.

What ignorant d-bag editors at R.S... Maybe they should do Casey Anthony next. Really makes sense. GROSS.

426 days ago


Isn't this guy innocent until proven guilty????

Oh yeah, that's right, he ain't WHITE. Innocent until proven guilty ONLY applies to WHITE folk.

426 days ago


First of all I think the guy is innocent until proven guilty. Secondly I am repulsed at CVS censoring what magazines they sell based on whether or not they're in agreement! Wow what is this country coming to.

426 days ago


Somehow the liberals manage to look around and find the lowest most loathsome things to glorify, and today it's the Boston Marathon Bomber. Put his most flattering picture on the cover of your magazine, so people will get the idea he's just an "innocent young boy". Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah.

426 days ago


I won't be buying that sh*t, I don't want to look at that Luigi looking m***********'s face...Rolling Stone hasn't mattered to me since 2002

426 days ago


Something no one may like - he is not the bomber at the Boston Marathon and RS was wrong in labeling him as such on its cover. Under the law, Tsarnaev is a suspect authorities believe was responsible for the bombing. He’s not guilty of anything right now – he didn’t bomb anything right now – he’s not the bomber right now. That day will come though but it’s not today and it won’t happen for months possibly years. People are angry but let’s respect the law and call him what he is: a suspect. It wouldn’t be so grand however if that word was on the cover, would it?

426 days ago


The audacity of this publication to call boycotting it's tasteless cover & content is something I cannot stomach as a Bostonian. I work on Boylston Street and this sicko terrorized our community from Monday into the wee hours of Friday. Even after he was caught, the constant thuds and bangs of construction made us all uncomfirtable for weeks. Our Mayor said it best in his simple response to these idiots. This cover truly makes me sad for society and the glamorization of this tragic and horrific event.

426 days ago


Last I knew Rolling Stone Mag was an entertainment magazine, I don't find this cover entertaining at all. I am proud our local stores are boycotting this piece of crap. BOSTON STRONG. Peace

426 days ago


As a Bostonian I am disgusted by RS's use of this tragedy to sell magazines. That being said they should have found a bad picture of him. This one makes him look like a Jonas Brother.

426 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

"Rolling Stone" assumed that the U.S. public is as thoughtful as the magazine´s coverage is meant to be. This was a miscalculation. Americans simply don't like to think.

426 days ago


How about little 8yr old Martin on the cover, this sbag put the bomb right next to the boy murdering him and maiming so many others. Why not the survivors of both bombs triumphing over their injuries? Why not a b/w shot of just the tree where this sbag destroyed lives then stick all the pages of him and his face inside your magazine. I hope the blow back from this choice of cover is huge, that the person/s that chose it come to understand what those this sbag destroyed are going through. Putting a terrorist on a pedestal, just fab.
"Gonna see my picture on the cover
Gonna buy five copies for my mother
Gonna see my smilin' face
On the cover of the Rolling Stone"

Hey TMZ be a pal and dig up the name/s of the editors approving this...

426 days ago


Aw look they even retouched it to make his skin look all nice!...........stupid ****ers.

426 days ago


No vendor in Massachusetts should sell this RS issue or any more future issues ever again not only for the disgustingly poor taste they displayed in showing this monster on the cover when much more respectable and deserving human beings were passed over, but for their arrogance in a manner generally seen in liberally democratically left-wing biased media organization that is spitting in the face of all our service members and our ancestors that sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms of our country and protect our freedom of speech for which these boneheads who hold no regard to social ethics and respect have chosen to abuse in the name of glorifying the genocidal actions of a beast who had deadly ambitions of murdering hundreds of people not only in Boston, but in the location of your headquarters that is New York City! You are finished as a credible media source and are nothing more than a s***** trendy tabloid newspaper to me as it has been for more than 15 years. You will be treated by us Bostonians the way Liverpool treats The Sun newspaper after their bogus article regarding the actions of Liverpool F.C. fans in wake of the Hillsborough disaster that was never proven: That your rag will never be displayed in any vendor or household ever again, as Liverpool has shown to The Sun for nearly 25 years and counting! You deserve to go out of business in what is a dying medium in today's digital age that no change in heart you make will ever bring your ex-subscribers back! And your employees deserve to take in the suffering of being unemployed the same way we all have to deal with now as a result of their anti-American, freedom-restricting policies they have fed in the manner they have in glorifying celebrities in the music industry that share the same values as yours! S*** it, Boring Stone!

426 days ago


Why on earth would you showcase a Terrorist on the cover of your magazine. Don't you know what he did to this country. That is far from journalism, that is just very poor taste.

I think maybe, you should examine your Editor.

I will certainly not buy it......

426 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Since corporations are now known as "people", CVS can do whatever the heck it wants. Disappointed in the littel jerks at Rolling Stone who'd rather exploit the trajedy and sell mags, rather than respect the families of those he injured and killed. Also, a 19 year old kid has the depth of an ant, muslim terrorist my butt, he was little brother following his Ayehole bigger brother around.

426 days ago
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