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Justin Bieber

Nightclub Spitting Accuser

Files Police Report

7/18/2013 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The DJ who claims Justin Bieber spat in his face inside of a nightclub in Ohio last week has lawyered up -- and filed a police report against the singer ... TMZ has learned.

The man behind the allegation is Addison Ulhaq -- a DJ at the Social Room in Columbus -- who told police the trouble began on July 13 when Bieber's security team thought he was taking pictures of the singer inside the VIP room of the club.

Addison -- who's a junior at Ohio State University and a neuroscience major -- says he didn't snap ANY photos ... but Bieber didn't buy his denial and cussed him out and spat in his face.

The police report, obtained by TMZ, reads -- "The victim stated that the suspect told him that 'His mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch.'"

Addison's lawyers say Bieber's spit assault left saliva and mucus in Addison's eye, nose, and mouth ... disgusting.

Following the alleged altercation, Addison said he got tested for Hepatitis, but the test came back negative.

In the police report, cops note -- "The victim stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident."

It's unclear if Addison plans to file a lawsuit ... but it definitely looks like he will.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.



No Avatar


re: DJ

Sumpin' tells me.

Sumpin' strong.

This DJ won't be returning - and to Ohio State.

Gets lousy grades, etc.

"Produce your transcript, punk..."

432 days ago


I feel Justin should follow suit of his fellow Canadian from Glee....just sayin

432 days ago


if he spit on his any fan rather than Addison. the situation and report will be different and very interesting...(maybe his fan post that picture on fb, to show his/her friend that this is jb's spit on my face)
girls can spit, it mean he can spit...simple

432 days ago


Give me 60 seconds with that punk ass bitch and I promise you he will never act up again!

432 days ago


Same Ole **** Different Day

432 days ago


I'm so sick of his disrespect towards people. He keeps pissing off so many people. I got news for you Justin, you're not invincible.

432 days ago


We'll later learn:

About the DJ's own b.g./police/court history.

This is like his 14th lawsuit -

Who needs a University?

Just move to Los Angeles.

Provoke encounters with celebrated, accomplished peeps -


"Oh, there's Harvey Levin finishing dinner."

"Think I'll go over and say he tripped me..."

"I'll go to the gym - say Harvey dropped 45 pound dumb-bells on me."

"9-1-1, send an ambulance..."

432 days ago



432 days ago


Enough with this plonker! Send him to some desolate crap southern town filled with rednecks and watch what happens when he spits in their face with the weapons they have. And he can take that Lohan with him. Let's up the interesting factor of TMZ. These two and the same old story with zero consequence is now beyond boring. And no I didn't have to comment but I think I speak for many people on these two jit bags.

432 days ago



"Meanwhile today in Beverly Hills..."

"Justin Bieber was arrested for being young..."

"Buff and rich."

"Prosecutors plan to throw the max at Bieber."

i.e. "A reverse face-lift."

432 days ago


Justin Bieber = the new male Lindsay Lohan?

I'm sure TMZ is hoping to see Justin get hauled into court every year or so for some stupid shyte he might have done. Maybe a judge will have him working at the morgue doing community service like Lindsay did.

I bet that would a big punishment for Justin ... you know, having to do like "real work" ... chores and physical labor. He might even cry about going to jail like Paris Hilton used to.

432 days ago


as a matter of fact, he is just a kid, dont take him seriously, if he do something bad, then God will do something bad with him... just chill

432 days ago


It's funny how much I don't care about JB any more. Now it's like reading graffiti on the bathroom wall~ same chit, different day with JB.

432 days ago

river rat    

I truly cannot stand the sight of this little pissant. One can only hope that his career expiration date is in the near future!

432 days ago


About time this punk gets to our lesson .he's pulling his crap too long . Anyone else would be in jail

432 days ago
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