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Rolling Stone

'Bomber' Cover

Banned at 7-Eleven

7/18/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rolling Stone's cover story about the Boston Marathon bomber just got the magazine yanked out of nearly 2,000 7-Eleven stores, and more could follow ... TMZ has learned.

The omnipresent convenient store is joining the national outrage over the mag's upcoming issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, and an investigation into his life leading up to the bombing.

A rep for 7-Eleven, Inc. tells TMZ it "will not sell the Aug. 1 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine in its company-operated stores."

There are 1,700 company operated stores -- and another 5,900 franchised stores. The rep says they'll also urge those franchise owners to pull the issue.

Yesterday, CVS, Walgreens, and Stop & Shop all said they will not sell the issue either.



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Good for them. I hope other corporations follow them, Walgreens, CVS, etc. so that the message could get across and making Rolling Stone realize what they've done.

274 days ago


I see both sides of the issue here. Primarily, majority of the public is going to find this revolting and with good reason. But on the other hand I guess using this photo on the cover shows that a criminal can be anyone, even people who are young and attractive. Not sure yet what my thoughts are.

274 days ago


why does everyone get upset about the sign i have on my front door that says "Blacks Not Allowed"??
Isn't it my right??

274 days ago

BB not bb    

Weren't there murder conspiracy theories about Jim Morrison also? Maybe he is the next Jim Morrison. They allegedly killed off Morrison at the magic age of 27 when many of the pop stars died mysteriously.

He had been consorting with a satanic witch when he died of an overdose in a bathtub. It looks very suspicious to me.

This kid is probably just the next sacrifice of the young and promising to the demon gods of the Illuminati.

274 days ago


This is in very bad taste for Rolling Stone. Call me crazy but I thought RS was a magazine about music and, in general, the entertainment business. WTF are they thinking? I hope more stores refuse to stock this issue.

274 days ago


People need to see what's below the surface before basing their opinions on first reactions. Ted Bundy was a monster but if you read about his childhood and his environment, you might understand why he was a monster. He didn't have a chance. This story is about more than just a picture on a magazine cover and I support it's publication.

274 days ago


why is a juror & a writer not allowed to do a book for ME to read??
sounds interesting to ME

274 days ago


The reason that kid's face is on the cover is one of two possibilities: 1) Rolling Stone is desperate for readership and recognition, or 2) The kid is that flaming queen Jan Winter's type.

274 days ago


rolling stone should b ashamed of themselfs for putting a killer on the cover...

274 days ago


who's next rolling stone...George Zimmerman the racist basturd....

274 days ago


Funny how TMZ changes it's tone. First they talked about "first ammendment" and "freedom of the press" . Now they just report it. Guess they just realized that this cover makes just about everybody sick....

274 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

I will never buy this magazine again.

274 days ago

BB not bb    

Don't a lot of 7-11s even sell dirty magazines? They are off in the corner with the brown paper over the filthy covers. Why couldn't they just put a paper sleeve over this poor victim's face if they find it so offensive?

He is probably a virgin besides. They don't want a little virgin angel face on their covers, corrupting the public good.


274 days ago

Serpent of Sandoz    

This is going to be the most popular issue of RS ever - at a time when print media are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The paper issue's collector's value alone just skyrocketed into the stratosphere with recent media coverage. Not to mention that it's just plain silly to go to the media with a boycott announcement when the intent is to limit the issue's exposure. 100s of millions of people who otherwise wouldn't have (myself included) are now going to RS's site to see the cover & article for themselves. Well played, RS. Well played. Every once in a while you remind us that featuring controversy is what put you on the news media map in the first place.

274 days ago

Bill Needle    

Good for 7 Eleven and any other corporation that doesn't like to see what happens when a once relevant magazine like Rolling Stone becomes desperate for readership to the extent they glorify a mass murderer. This is aside from the fact that this is not newsworthy, it's not Rolling Stones (RS) job to be a new outlet anyway. They just simply showed the world how irrelevant the music industry has become to the extent that a once power full or like RS should fail so miserably. This kind of desperation doesn't sell anything except bad blood and more heartache for the Boston bombing victims and their families. Shame on you Jan Wenner; I thought you were classier and frankly smarter than that.

I admit I have not picked up an RS issue in decades, I'm 51 years old and feel the relevance of RS has diminished so much that even their chief editor finds the need to using this sort of tactic to sell his mags. .Sad really.

274 days ago
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