NFL star Jeremy Shockey Winner In Epic Prenup Battle

Jeremy Shockey
's ex-wife is feeling the cold, hard sting of DEFEAT ... after her attempt to destroy the couple's prenup has officially been quashed by a judge.

TMZ broke the story ... Shockey and Daniela Cortazar have been battling each other in court over their divorce. Daniela wanted to get a piece of the ex-NFL star's multi-million-dollar fortune, but he said HELL NO -- claiming to have an iron clad prenup.

After months of back and forth ... a judge ruled in Jeremy's favor, ordering the prenup to be fair and reasonable. All Jeremy had to do was cough up $21,000 for Daniela's moving expenses and let Daniela keep the $19,000 he wired her during the divorce ... calling it temporary support.

As for assets ... Daniela gets to keep the primo swag she collected during their 8 months of wedded bliss ... but she's gotta fork over half the value to Jeremy in cash.

Specifically, she's keeping a $7,000 Rolex, $1,200 Bulgari ring, $800 Cartier bracelet and $800 purse. Leaving her with a bill of $4,900 to pay her ex.

As of last month, both parties are officially single. So really, everyone wins.