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Paula Deen

I Did NOT Dress Up Black Chef Like Aunt Jemima

7/25/2013 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0725_PAULA_DEEN_TMZ2Paula Deen is calling BS on a former chef who claims Deen made an African-American employee dress up like Aunt Jemima ... claiming the chef is crying racism in a pathetic money grab.

The woman behind the allegations is Dora Charles -- who ran Deen's kitchens for 22 years and helped open Paula's famous Lady & Sons restaurant in Georgia.

Charles spoke with the New York Times -- and claimed Deen wouldn't just use racial slurs in the kitchens, but wanted to dress up her employees as humiliating stereotypes.

Among the allegations, Charles says Deen tried to make her ring a dinner bell for restaurant customers ... something Charles felt was racially charged.

"That's a symbol to me of what we used to do back in the day," Charles said.

Charles also claims Deen tried to make another black female employee, Ineata Jones, dress up in an "old style Aunt Jemima outfit" while flipping hoecakes at a dining station.

But Deen says ... she's not only confident Charles is making the whole thing up -- but claims on July 6, Jones signed a legal document saying she had never felt discriminated against and never heard Deen spout racial slurs during her employment.

Charles has not filed a lawsuit, but claims she wants to get her story out so everyone will know the real Paula Deen.

Deen's camp fired back in a statement saying, "Dora's complaint is not about race but about money. It is about an employee that despite over 20 years of generosity feels that she still deserves yet even more financial support from Paula Deen."

Of course, Deen has previously admitted that she used the N-word ... but insists she never directed the slur at any of her employees.



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I thought the dinner bell was a country thing, or western for sure

365 days ago

Actually...I've been looking for a new dinner bell to ring. Screaming for my kids to come and it is effecting my vocal chords.

I think the employee is lying....Give it up people...lets just give Paula a little break and stop talking about her....

365 days ago


Oh, for crying out loud. Ringing a dinner bell? Give me a break. Cattle herders on roundups used to have the dinner bell rung so they'd know when the food wagon was ready! Teachers in old school houses rang bells to let kids know school was starting or for the noon time play time to end after meals. Farm families still ring dinner bells to bring the family in--if they don't use phones now. Some rural areas still have spotty cell reception. Whoever this employee is, she doesn't know her history very well...besides that, a cowbell inside a restaurant would be too loud. I don't believe it. This employee is on the money trail...

365 days ago


White people have been ringing dinner bells for centuries, I don't get it.

365 days ago


who cares about what she did her cooking is killing america

365 days ago

Rosie Posie    

Just leave her alone it's like okay we get you want her to commit suicide or something seriously

365 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

.....leave her alone..........she is willing to employ.......she did not sell them out for illegals like the Gov. did .............SLAVE Movies are made all year around.....RAPE... KILL...Nword used 100 times in each movie

365 days ago


I believe "Charles" is greedy thats what people do when they think they can get something for nothing. Just because you worked for her doesn't mean you should have what she has. You sure have more than what you would have if it wasn't for Paula. Be grateful not greedy.

365 days ago


Paula deen needs to fire all her black workers and hire all white people --these black trash lazy money hungry peices of garbage are still using slavery as their way out of working for their money so they can sit home all day long --then they wonder why they cant get a job --I'm so sick of all this black **** again--it'd like the 70"s again--instead of moving forward we have gone back in this racism problem and you can thank Obama for that -he is the trouble maker

365 days ago


There used to be a restaurant in downtown Atlanta (I forget the name of it) that was very famous. It was located on a site where slaves used to be sold. They didn't pass out menus but had young black boys wearing sandwich boards and they would read the menu. All of the black servers were black men and women in period dress. The atmosphere was awesome and it was fun. The walls were covered with autographed pics of famous people and I mean 100's of them that had been there. I guess all of them would be considered racist because they ate there?

365 days ago

ginger kornegay    

people please do u think someone would work for Paula for 22 years if Dora was being called the n-word. A black woman would have beat her ass quick dont u think so an wouldnt have waited 22 years later to say something about it !!!!

365 days ago


Enough already.......Paula...take a vacation, seriously you need one. And as for the money mongers out their trying to take this woman's money. YOU know you are doing wrong. So keep this in mind before you drift off to sleep at night... GOD IS WATCHING YOU and someday you like all of us will stand before Him and answer for what we did in this life..............Wouldn't wanna be standing in you shoes!!

365 days ago


Wow, this lady is crazy. My grandma and me use to ring a dinner bell for dinner when I was younger, Hint I am "white". If u think back in the old days as she said everyone black,white, and every other race I can think rang bells signifying not only dinner, but breakfast and lunch as well when all the men were out in fields working. And still to this day I'm sure many white and African American still use this for their families to let them know food is ready. When will people meaning everyone get over themselves and STOP throwing out The Race Card. Gimme a break lady.

365 days ago


"Paula hired Dora as a cook at a Best Western hotel for $10 / hour more than 20 years ago. She also has a pension, health insurance, dental, vacation pay, sick leave. Her pay was more than tripled to $71,000/year to make some show appearances, and Paula even bought her a mobile home years ago. Now Dora feels she's owed more than that. This is about greed."

365 days ago


Another black b***h trying to get rich, because they think the white people owe them something, Guess what! we don't.

365 days ago
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