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Michael Jackson Accuser

I Can Help Victims

Of Child Sex Abuse

7/27/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
-- the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson molested him -- is launching his own foundation to help child sex abuse victims through new age healing ... TMZ has learned.

Robson founded a non-profit organization called "Hearts in Our Hands" on July 1 -- registering a domain name and a Facebook page.  

A rep for Robson tells us all the required legal docs haven't been filed yet -- but the group will be dedicated to preventing abuse ... and will take a holistic approach to treating victims.

Translation: a whole lotta meditation and yoga. 

A source close to Wade says the choreographer's gotten deep into yoga himself lately -- and now wants to quit professional dancing forever.

As TMZ previously reported ... Wade is suing MJ's Estate, claiming he was sexually molested by Jackson from the age of 7 to 14.

The Jackson Estate and several family members have dismissed Wade's claims as little more than a money grab.


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Michael Jackson's estate consultant helps AEG Live's defense

By Alan Duke

updated 9:45 AM EDT, Wed July 31, 2013

Katherine Jackson learns a consultant for her son's estate is helping defend AEG Live
Michael Jackson's mother is suing AEG Live, contending it's liable for her son's death
Consultant Eric Briggs says the estate approved his work for AEG Live's defense
Briggs consulted for the Jackson estate in the past

Los Angeles (CNN) -- A lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate gave an entertainment industry consultant permission to help AEG Live in its defense of the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the pop singer's mother, the expert testified.

The revelation was a surprise to Katherine Jackson, who was sitting in court Tuesday listening to the expert testify that he believed her son would not have earned any money even if he had not died of a propofol overdose.

If jurors decide AEG Live is liable in Jackson's death, testimony by Eric Briggs -- whose company billed the concert promoter $700,000 to prepare his opinion -- could be used to determine how much in damages the company would have to pay to Michael Jackson's mother and three children.

Briggs, however, previously consulted for the Jackson estate in determining a value of it's biggest asset -- the Sony-ATV music catalog that includes the Beatles songs. He testified that before he signed a contract to serve as an expert in AEG Live's defense he sought and gained permission from the Jackson estate lawyer Jeryll Cohen to waive any potential conflict of interest.

"She (Cohen) was well aware of everything that was going on," Briggs testified.

Prince Jackson testifies against AEG

Paris Jackson's deposition

Celebrity substance abuse confessions

A spokesman for the Michael Jackson estate was unaware of the cir***stances or reasons why the estate would approve the waiver that could be counter to the interests of its beneficiaries -- Jackson's mother and three children.

Bad news hurt Jackson's earning potential, witness says

An entertainment industry analyst hired by Jackson lawyers testified he was "reasonably certain" Jackson would have earned $1.5 billion from touring before retiring if he had not died while preparing for his comeback concerts in 2009.

Briggs testified that it was "speculative" that Jackson would have even completed the 50 "This Is It" concerts that AEG Live had already sold out in London.

Briggs said that based on what he'd learned from testimony in the case, he believed that Jackson would have died before the first show -- even if he had not suffered the fatal overdose of a surgical anesthetic on June 25, 2009. He cited the testimony of a doctor who said that Jackson would have been dead within a week if he remained under the care of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The Jackson lawsuit contends AEG Live is liable in Jackson's death because it negligently hired, retained or supervised Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the pop icon's death.

The Erk opinion included $300 million that he estimated Jackson would have earned from endorsements and sponsorships. But Briggs testified that "significantly negative headlines, drug abuse and other issues" had ruined Jackson's ability to earn endorsement and sponsorship money.

"Q score" data for Jackson, which measures his "likability," became dramatically negative by 2006 -- a year after he was acquitted in a child molestation trial, he testified. More than seven people said they disliked Jackson for every one who said they liked him, he said. Companies would be "very anxious" about putting someone with such a negative "likability" next to their products, he said.

Jackson's drug use explored in trial

One issue hurting Jackson's endorsement deal potential was his financial debt, estimated to be $400 million at the time of his death, Briggs said.

But Jackson lawyer Brian Panish asked Briggs if he considered that Jackson's assets -- most notably the Sony-ATV catalogue -- were greater than his debts.

Briggs stuttered on the witness stand, saying he was reluctant to discuss Jackson's assets because of a client confidentiality issue. He eventually acknowledged that he had worked for the Jackson estate as a consultant analyzing the value of the music catalog. He signed a confidentiality agreement with the estate, which he said prevented him from discussing it.

His company did, however, clear his participation in the wrongful death case with a Jackson estate lawyer before he agreed to be an expert for AEG Live, he said.

Briggs also said AEG Live lawyers were aware of the potential conflict before hiring him and had no problem with it.

Wednesday is the 60th day of testimony in the trial, which began 14 weeks ago in a Los Angeles County court. The judge told jurors she expects testimony to conclude in mid-September.

358 days ago


Revealed: Concert Promoter AEG Considering Call To DA Who Landed Conviction Against Michael Jackson’s Death Doc

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 @ 4:10AM | By Jen Heger - Assistant Managing Editor

Lawyers for AEG are considering calling one of the district attorneys that successfully prosecuted Conrad Murray as possible witnesses in the wrongful death trial of Michael Jackson, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine Jackson is suing the concert promoter alleging that AEG failed to properly investigate and supervise Michael’s one-time doctor, Murray. Murray was convicted two years ago for the involuntary manslaughter death of the King of Pop.

The concert promoter “doesn’t want to put Conrad Murray on the stand for several reasons. First, Murray is a sanctimonious and arrogant, he will make the testimony all about him. He would likely be unwilling to answer the most important questions, and invoke the fifth amendment because he is appealing the conviction,” a source told Radar.

“Secondly, Murray would use the appearance to possibly promote a book/overseas tabloid interview he is planning upon his release from jail.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

The source added, “For those reasons, and more, AEG lawyer, Marvin Putnam, has been in contact with former Los Angeles County District Attorney, David Walgren, who is now a judge, and current prosecutor, Deborah Brazil, whom both handled Murray’s case.

“Both are agreeable to appearing and testifying. AEG needs to present a witness to the jury that can explain Murray’s role in Michael’s death. It’s AEG’s position that no one could have known that Murray was giving Michael a Propofol at night to sleep.”

The decision will be made “in the next several days about if one or both of them (Walgren/Brazil), will be called to testify,” the insider revealed.

“They would both be very compelling witnesses for AEG and the jury would be very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism of the criminal case.”

Testimony in the trial is expected to last until September.

357 days ago


Please help settle a dispute. Who had the most No. 1 hits from one album?

Michael Jackson’s 1987 album, “Bad,” placed five singles atop the Billboard chart, the most of any act from any one album or CD.

357 days ago


Who in history born a black man died a white woman?

Who in history made to the top of entertainment died on the top of a pee soaked bed?

Who in history denied being a pedophile and paid $25 million dollars hush money to the accusers families?

Who in history showed his spotted member to a kid who identified it beyond your wildest imagination?

Who in history bought a couple of white kids and a Mexican kid and claimed he gave birth to them?

Who in history paid some woman millions of dollars and stripped his kids the love of a mother?

Who in history admitted openly sleeping in the same bed with other people's little kids?

357 days ago



Jackson's security chief details drug concerns
Associated Press – 21 minutes ago..

Associated Press/Lionel Cironneau, file - FILE - In this May 10, 2000 file photo, pop star Michael Jackson gestures to spectators as he holds the "Millennium Award" which was awarded to him at the 2000 World …more

.View Photo.
FILE - In this May 10, 2000 file photo, pop star Michael Jackson gestures to spectators …

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former security worker for Michael Jackson says he was concerned the singer would overdose on prescription medications in the early 2000s.

Michael La Perruque (lah pehr-ROOK') told jurors Thursday that he occasionally went into the singer's hotel room to make sure he was breathing, and he saw Jackson attend a few meetings when he appeared impaired.

But La Perruque says he didn't see similar behavior when he worked for Jackson in late 2007.

He also told jurors he saw Jackson two weeks before the singer's death and he looked fine, but he was skinnier than usual.

La Perruque was called to testify by lawyers for concert promoter AEG Live LLC. The company is being sued by Jackson's mother but denies it is liable for Jackson's June 2009 death.

357 days ago


Michael Jackson's former security chief testifies he was concerned Jackson would overdose
The Canadian PressBy Anthony McCartney, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – 7 hours ago

FILE - In this May 10, 2000 file photo, pop star Michael Jackson gestures to spectators as he holds the "Millennium Award" which was awarded to him at the 2000 World Music Awards ceremony in Monaco. A Los Angeles jury in a lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother against concert promoter AEG Live heard testimony Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, from Michael La Perruque, the singer's former security chief about his concerns that the entertainer might overdose on prescription medications in the early 2000s. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau, file)View Photo
FILE - In this May 10, 2000 file photo, pop star Michael Jackson gestures to spectators …
O.J. Simpson, granted parole on some charges in 2008 convictions, now awaits judge's rulin …
Barrick records US$8.56 billion loss due to Pascua-Lama, falling gold prices
TransCanada ramps up East Coast pipeline as Keystone stalls
TransCanada going ahead with Energy East line, an 'historic opportunity'
Icahn sues Dell in latest attempt to foil buyout
More Business news »
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A former security worker for Michael Jackson told a jury Thursday that he was concerned the singer would overdose on prescription medications in the early 2000s but didn't see signs of impairment later that decade.
Michael La Perruque said he occasionally went into the singer's hotel room to make sure he was breathing and would often find doctors to treat the pop superstar when he travelled. La Perruque retired from his job as a sheriff's deputy in 2001 to work as the head of Jackson's security detail and frequently travelled with him until 2004.
La Perruque said the singer's children called emergency services during a trip to Florida in 2001 or 2002 after their father collapsed in a hallway in a hotel suite at Walt Disney World. He said he found Jackson unconscious, revived him before paramedics arrived and never saw any signs of drugs or alcohol that the singer may have taken.
Paramedics checked out the singer and determined he didn't need further medical attention, La Perruque said.
Deborah Chang, an attorney for Jackson's mother said there was no evidence that the incident was drug-related.
He told jurors that his testimony Thursday was only the second time he had told the story. The first came in a deposition with lawyers for AEG Live LLC, which is being sued by Jackson's mother claiming the company negligently hired the doctor convicted of giving her son a fatal overdose of the anesthetic propofol.
AEG denies it is responsible for the singer's death.
La Perruque stopped working for Jackson in 2004, but returned to oversee his security in late 2007. He said he didn't see any signs that Jackson was impaired during the few months he worked for him again.
He testified he last saw Jackson two weeks before the singer's death and he looked fine, but he noticed that his former boss was skinnier than usual.
La Perruque said he spoke to two of Jackson's doctors about his concerns about the singer's prescription drug use, but that he never spoke directly about it to the singer because he didn't want him to become defensive.
"It was my concern that he may overdose," he said.
He said he knew Jackson had severe back pain and difficulty sleeping. Despite seeing the entertainer impaired, La Perruque said he never saw Jackson take any drugs or saw any signs of medications lying around.
Jackson did try to get help, he said. "He fought very hard to be sober," La Perruque said. "He fought very hard not to be dependent on these prescription medications."
Jackson however kept members of his family away because he knew they were trying to stage an intervention, he said.
He told jurors that Jackson's younger brother Randy arrived at Neverland Ranch one day in a helicopter to speak with his brother about his medication usage. La Perruque said he turned him away.
He said Jackson called him in the middle of the night between 20 and 30 times in the early 2000s and was often mumbling and incoherent. Half those times La Perruque said he went to the singer's room to check on him, and they would start talking.
"I think he was just lonely," La Perruque said. "He wanted somebody to talk to."
Anthony McCartney can be reached at


I am sure he was lonely as hell when he was too broke to invite another little boy to his bed. Why didn't he sing his own little song "you are not alone" to sleep??? Maybe if he did, he wouldn't have to beg for milk and then killed himself!!!

356 days ago



Parez asked a very good reason. He seems to have more balls than Harvey. Oh, and I fully enjoyed the 101 comments posted there less the few rabids usual posts. Enjoy yourself, fellow haters, OhWell, Dose, Gayfor, Flower Girls, Cry babies, and I can't wait to read your lips!!!

356 days ago


Oh, also to many OhWell's alias and non OhWells alias, enjoy the link to Parez, really, if nothing else, the picture of MJ there would just make your day!!!

356 days ago


Michael Jackson estate denies allowing expert to help AEG Live

By Alan Duke, CNN

updated 7:17 AM EDT, Fri August 2, 2013

AEG Live's consultant testifies Michael Jackson's estate waived its conflict of interest
A Jackson estate lawyer contradicts testimony of consultant Eric Briggs
The IRS is challenging Briggs' valuation of Jackson's share of huge music catalog
Briggs calls assertions of Jackson's potential earnings "speculative"

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's estate never gave an expert it hired permission to help AEG Live defend against the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother and children, the estate's top lawyer said Thursday.

The revelation raised questioned about the testimony of entertainment industry consultant Eric Briggs, who was hired by AEG Live to challenge the Jacksons' expert opinions concerning damages the concert promoter might owe if found liable in the singer's death.

Briggs told the court this week that his company -- FTI Consultants -- had gotten a waiver from a Jackson estate lawyer before agreeing to work on the concert promoter's defense.

Briggs had signed a confidentiality agreement with the Jackson estate in 2010 when he was hired to determine the value of its biggest asset -- the Sony-ATV music catalog that includes the Beatles songs -- for the estate's tax filings in 2010.

He was hired by AEG Live lawyers in February to prepare a challenge of the opinion of an expert hired by the Jackson lawyers to calculate how much money the singer would have earned had he not died while working on his comeback concerts in 2009.

Compare Michael Jackson in 2001 to 2009
Briggs said he -- or someone else in his company -- gained permission from the Jackson estate lawyer Jeryll Cohen to waive any potential conflict of interest.

"No one from the estate or any lawyers authorized or waived any potential conflict for FTI or Mr. Briggs," Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman wrote in an e-mail read in court Thursday.

Such a waiver would be counter to the interests of the estate's beneficiaries -- Jackson's mother and three children, a Jackson lawyer said.

Despite the conflict, the judge ordered Briggs to answer questions posed by Katherine Jackson's lawyers about the music catalog. He said although his valuation placed Jackson's interest in the catalog at about the same level as Jackson's debt at the time of his death -- which he said was $400 million -- the IRS challenged it as low.

An independent analyst hired by the IRS concluded he had undervalued Jackson's interest in the catalog by up to $300 million, Briggs testified.

Jackson lawyers argue it is evidence the singer was not broke when he died, contrary to what Briggs said in his testimony.

Briggs testified this week that it was his opinion that it was speculative that Jackson would have earned a dime more in his life if he had not died of a propofol overdose on June 25, 2009. He based his opinion the testimony of a doctor who said earlier that he did not think Jackson would have lived even another week past that date.

Panish, however, pointed out that the doctor's opinion was based on the assumption that Dr. Conrad Murray would still be giving Jackson nightly infusions of propofol -- the surgical anesthetic the coroner said killed him -- as a treatment for insomnia. The Jackson's suit contends AEG Live is liable because it negligently hired, retained or supervised Murray.

356 days ago


Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Collapsed At Disney World
by WENN | 02 August 2013
Michael Jackson
Picture: Cast members - World premiere of 'Michael Jackson One' at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino - Arrivals - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Saturday...
Michael Jackson's young children had to call 911 after their father collapsed during a trip to Disney World in Florida, according to the singer's former security chief.
Michael La Perruque, who worked as the Thriller hitmaker's head of security, made the revelation when he took the stand at a court in Los Angeles on Thursday (01Aug13) as part of the Jackson family's legal battle with concert promotion company Aeg Live.
La Perruque, who worked for the star between 2001 and 2004, reveals the incident took place at a Walt Disney World hotel in Orlando, Florida during a Jackson family outing to the resort in the early 2000s, and he claims the singer's two eldest kids, Prince and Paris, called for emergency services after their father passed out.
The former Los Angeles sheriff's deputy insists the children were distraught when they couldn't rouse their father in a scene which eerily echoes Jackson's death at his home in California in 2009.
La Perruque told the court, "I immediately grabbed Mr. Jackson's key and went across and opened the door, where I found the two children, Prince and Paris, saying they couldn't wake up daddy. I found Mr. Jackson in the hallway laying prone and unconscious. I turned him over. Ultimately he was breathing so I kept shaking him and waking him up and then I was able to get him up and escort him back to his bedroom and put him in bed."
He also insisted his testimony was the first time he had spoken about the incident in public.
Jackson died in 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home. Prince and Paris both witnessed attempts to revive their father, who was subsequently found to have died of an overdose of anaesthetic.
Jackson's mother Katherine has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Aeg bosses, alleging they should assume liability for his death as they hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was jailed for giving the singer the fatal drug overdose.
La Perruque will return to the stand to continue his testimony on Monday (05Aug13) when the trial resumes.


More dirt on Monday??? Good, I am going to get two brand new buckets over the weekend. Or maybe a spare 3rd just in case!!!!

You'll never know how much dirt mj still has hiding!!!!


356 days ago


HN would really like that, Ha!

356 days ago


Is the Pedo king still dead??? How come no more mourners???

Goes to tell you, fame goes to nothing, stop fame-whoring!!! Only true love counts!!!

355 days ago


Jury hears about Jackson's likeability, drug use

Aug. 3, 2013, 11:55 PM EST

By The Associated Press

A look at key moments this past week in the wrongful death trial in Los Angeles between Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, and concert giant AEG Live LLC, and what is expected at court in the week ahead:


Jackson's mother wants a jury to determine that the promoter of Jackson's planned comeback concerts didn't properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a criminal jury for Jackson's June 2009 death. AEG's attorney says the case is about personal choice, namely Jackson's decision to have Murray serve as his doctor and give him doses of a powerful anesthetic as a sleep aid. Millions, possibly billions, of dollars are at stake.


— Consultant Eric Briggs told jurors that projections Jackson would have earned $1 billion or more if he had lived are speculative and not supported by the singer's history of earnings for his previous tours.

— Briggs underwent grueling cross-examination with an attorney for Jackson's mother pointing out that he had billed AEG Live for more than $60...0,000 worth of work and had compiled only about an inch of research and a couple pages of notes.

— Michael La Perruque, Jackson's former head of security, testified that he was concerned the singer would overdose on prescription medications and he occasionally went into the entertainer's bedroom to make sure he was still breathing. He said he didn't have similar concerns when he worked for Jackson in late 2007 and early 2008.

— La Perruque recounted an incident in a Florida hotel room in 2001 or 2002 in which Jackson's children called 911 after finding their father unconscious in a hallway of their hotel suite. He said he was able to rouse Jackson before paramedics arrived and saw no signs of drugs or alcohol the singer had taken to cause the episode.


— Briggs struggle to answer questions about his work estimating the value of Jackson's signature asset, a stake in the Sony-ATV music catalog that includes songs by The Beatles and other top-name acts. Briggs only answered the questions after being ordered to by a judge; he cited confidentiality agreements with other clients as the reason he didn't want to answer the questions.

— Survey figures that showed Jackson's popularity in the United States dropped significantly after he was accused of child molestation in the mid-2000s. Briggs said the survey stopped asking questions about Jackson's likeability after 2006 due to his low scores, making it unlikely he would have gotten an endorsement deal for his "This Is It" shows.


— "He fought very hard not to be dependent on these prescription medications," La Perruque said of Jackson.

— "We live in a world unfortunately where headlines impact perceptions," Briggs said, explaining why he believes that Jackson would not have been able to secure endorsement deals even though he was acquitted of child molestation charges.


Jurors will continue to hear from La Perruque, who will likely recount his recollections of Jackson's relationship with his children. Jurors may also see the videotaped testimony of Jackson's younger brother, Randy.

355 days ago


Wacko forgot to pick the right doctor to
bring him to life on stage with Propofol?
I'm sure Propofol was the first magic sleep drug to him alone. He was special, you know.

The anesthetist needed to inject more painkillers because Wacko went so many times to plastic surgeons & dermatologists until he tolerated huge drug overdoses. The anti-Demerol implant in his belly didn't stop him from lying that he never risked his health.
That was why he was near death with no breathing in 2003
as soon as he refused to mention important medical procedures..
He looked like he had only a few years to live after
the botched plastic surgery in 2000.
Yet, he claimed he cared about himself & the kids.
He couldn't sleep because he starved himself & played loud music all day for little kids at Neverland
& the new rental home..
He admitted to the media that he starved himself because he had panic attacks.

He became a hypochondriac before concerts even though he could sleep with good old mental hospital care.
Lame fanatics claim he had severe insomnia.
In Bahrain & Ireland, people he shared his room with said he had no illness or insomnia.
Jacko was a bratty manipulative ass.

More fanatics cornered like rats with lies.

Pedo King was revealed to be a sneaky thief. His doctor testified that Jacko the child abuser ripped up his medical bag and stole his medicine because Jacko told another doctor in his hotel to give him Demerol from his bag in1993, even though Jacko had a bunch of scars from abusing drugs.

A bodyguard just testified that the KIDS were 4 & 3 years old when called 911 as soon as Jacko the plastic surgery sedative abuser collapsed in the hotel.
The hospital doctors refused to accept that he abused drugs & neglected the kids while they were alone & he was on the floor unconscious.

We all know he used a bunch of Demerol because he was injured soon after he was pressured by greedy criminal Katherine to do the 1984 brothers concerts & dangerous Pepsi commercial with fireworks just a yard away from his oily soaked hair.
The bitch lowlife thinks he didn't get obsessed with doctors & cosmetic surgery after a decade of meeting surgeons? The sedative & Demerol were found in his hotel with him & at his home.
Loser fanatics can't handle the court transcripts.
How ironic after the criminal "trial" with ass idiot Katherine blubbering fake tears to get sympathy for Jacko & her pathetic deceitful troll family & fanatics..
It's too bad; no real woman was strong enough to be his role model.
The one who put him in drug rehab was his fake mother instead of his own mother.
Every woman & surrogate mother of his kids was a sycophantic pedo apologist & drug crime enabler. Look at disgusting Lisa Marie & her pedo father Elvis. MJ fangirls even admitted they didn't care that Elvis & MJ fell lusted after little kids.
The pedos certainly weren't trained professional doctors or daycare workers.

354 days ago
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