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'E.R.' Actress


In Divorce Settlement

7/29/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "E.R." star Parminder Nagra just scored a huge victory over her ex-husband ... TMZ has learned she won't have to give up a dime of her "E.R." loot.

We broke the story ... Parminder's ex James Stenson sued her last year, claiming she was hiding her acting money from gigs like "E.R.", "Alcatraz", and "Psych" ... to prevent him getting any of it.

Now they've hammered out a settlement, and it's clear from the docs ... the real winner's name rhymes with Tinder.

Here's what Parminder gets:
ALL her income, residuals and royalties from her acting gigs including "E.R" -- which, of course, brings in beaucoup syndication dollars.

But there's more ... she also gets their Cali home (worth over $700k), their UK home ($1.5 million), and profits from the sale of a rental property. PLUS she gets 3 of the couple's 4 cars.

Here's what James gets: $450k from the rental home sale, $1,226/month in child support for their 4-year-old kid, and his photography biz.

Oh, and a Mazda CX9.

Zoom zoom.



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She pays him child support because she earns much more than he does. Halle berry pays the model child support because she also earns much more than him.

418 days ago


let's make this easy so more get it.

the homes, she owned them before they married, so she gets to keep them: even though he tried to claim them as part of shared equity in the divorce.
ER ended before they married, so he doesn't have rights to that money, that is law in cali. Alcatraz was after they already started to divorce, so he doesn't get that either.
they were only married 4 years, so there go alimony out the door as well.
they have JOINT CUSTDITY , but since she earns more, she pays him some child support to equal out the monies to raise their son when he is with his father.

418 days ago


Did this divorce happen in England? He should have filed here in California where things are more evenly split between partners and her income while they were married would have been part of the settlement. No court in California would have only given him 1200 a month for Child Support.

418 days ago


Sorry this is bull**** - they may have been only married 4 years but without a prenup his and hers become one...This is crap..Women in divorces get to clean out a man to point of suicide but men can;t do ****...Its only another showing of how unbalanced the judicial system is weighed against men.....She got away with everything - had this been reversed - she would have taken him to the cleaners. FACT.

418 days ago


first off her lawyer didn't include it and ER ended before they where married.. They married in Jan 09 and taping was done before they got hitched.

heck only 8 ep's left of the series aired after they got hitched..

So 99.9% of that was before and hence no money.

From the time they were married till split she really had not done much. 2 **** movies and 20 tv ep's... thats nothing.. those shows are too new for her to make anything real.

If she made a mill during their marriage not counting from work she did before or after I would be shocked.

418 days ago


Just because she is paying support does it mean he has full custody.... they could have 50/50 or 60/40 etc..

People assume way to much on here

418 days ago


1. He had a super schitty lawyer.
2. I'll bet it was HER that said "this just isn't working out."
3. She is a POS for leaving her child to be raised by a single dad.
4. Where was Gloria Allred on this one?
5. Did I mention he had doufus lawyer?

417 days ago


She couldn't do any better than that? Must have some strong game to pull her.

417 days ago

pam proctor    

She has custody of her son and he sees the child also. Don't listen to lies. she fought for custody and wanted full custody but knew her son should see the the dad also.

416 days ago

Alvin Law    

Lucky her!

290 days ago
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