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My Broke Days Are Over!

Now Let's Talk About Murder ...

7/29/2013 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sinbad's financial nightmare is officially OVER -- but the comic doesn't wanna talk about money problems anymore ... he wants to talk about FACEBOOK RAAAAGEEE!!!

Sinbad -- who declared bankruptcy earlier this year -- was at LAX Friday when we asked him about having a clean slate after racking up more than $10 MILLION in debt.

But the "Necessary Roughness" star told us, "I'm past financial, I'm on to murder."

"I killed some folks on Facebook," Sinbad said ... "So I'm working with that. Anger issues."

We're guessing he was being metaphorical ... and probably means he "killed" people with insults

Then again, we could be wrong ...  and if that's the case, dude, you should probably seek some advice from Ron Burgundy ...


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Let's hope he is kidding and not flying to a non extradition country

421 days ago


SINBAD???...TMZ! Who is this person? Please tell us how Moesha, Screech, Betty White, The Geico Lizard, The Fonz, VHS Players, Vanilla Ice, The Wayans Brothers, The McRib Sandwhich, Judge Joe Brown, Ricki Lake, Leg Warmers, Right Said Fred, Martin Lawrence, The Rubics Cube, Chuck Norris's Beard is doing? Thanks!! It's much more important then this unknown !

421 days ago


Are we in the 90s again?

421 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, i guess 'saving' crappy ho's lives from sure death is going to cost you an arm and a leg. a whole lot of these 'broke celebrities' who are now 'close to homeless' are giving away their cash like hotcakes to save some 'designated to the graveyard' btiches lives. and yeah, this don't come cheap. millions. i mean these lazy no job having luxury loving folks with some vicious power in their hands, have lots of expenses that need to be paid. and no one else is willing to (or can) pay the boot, so celebrities like sinbad and other 'sacrifice' huge amounts of their salaries to save lives. literally. go ahead, call me crazy. LA and hollywood is a genociders playground. they don't give the last hoot about your useless worthless lives, all the producers with their power trippin power tip. genocide and like afghanistan. death lurking in every corner. all 'non-disclosure agreement' 'protected'. "harvey" (harvard grad legal degree holder) wants a limo full of coked out prostitutes to bone all night on a coke binge, but how do you think he is going to pay for it?. and he wants a beautiful hollywood hills manor mansion as well. how do you think he is going to pay for it? he is sooo too sad to 'work' his grandparents were killed by the germans, by the nazis in aushwitz. you expect him to WORK for a living??? who the fuq do you think you are? ... sooo people like sinbad and other celebrities have to foot their bills, in ANYTHING THEY DESIRE. EVERYTHING. AND ANYTHING. LITERALLY. slaves, whores, prostitutes, puppies, kittens, you name it, they get it. no questions asked.

421 days ago


10 million in debt? bankruptcy? Guess who paid off his debt?

421 days ago

Buck Boy    

It is so sad, so very sad to see some of America's most talented performers have their wealth taken away and suffer anger issues. They bring us such laughter and happiness and yet they must suffer sadness.

That said, Sinbad does NOT fall into this category in any way whatsoever. Anger happens.

420 days ago


Sinbad.......listen to me: It's Over. It was over the first day you appeared on my TV screen on Ed McMahon's dreadful "talent" show Star Search. I remember watching your act and wondering if I had travelled to another dimension where everything not funny or amusing in any way, shape or form had become something the audience would laugh at. You then somehow had a "career" in movies that was equally atrocious. Here, in 2013, you deserve to be thrown into the scrap pile of untalented "celebrities" like Byron Allen and Dustin Diamond, never, ever to be heard of again. Good day to you sir.

420 days ago


Good for him being a p*ssy and going for bankruptcy. Someone has to pay for that $10 he stiffed his creditors for. Guess who that would be, working people?

420 days ago



420 days ago

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