Sinbad My Broke Days Are Over! Now Let's Talk About Murder ...

7/29/2013 12:00 AM PDT

Sinbad -- My Broke Days Are Over!!! Now Let's Talk About Murder ...


Sinbad's financial nightmare is officially OVER -- but the comic doesn't wanna talk about money problems anymore ... he wants to talk about FACEBOOK RAAAAGEEE!!!

Sinbad -- who declared bankruptcy earlier this year -- was at LAX Friday when we asked him about having a clean slate after racking up more than $10 MILLION in debt.

But the "Necessary Roughness" star told us, "I'm past financial, I'm on to murder."

"I killed some folks on Facebook," Sinbad said ... "So I'm working with that. Anger issues."

We're guessing he was being metaphorical ... and probably means he "killed" people with insults

Then again, we could be wrong ...  and if that's the case, dude, you should probably seek some advice from Ron Burgundy ...