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Kardashian Family

Beefs Up Security After Pap Breach ... But Something Stinks

7/30/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have beefed up security at their Calabasas estate after a paparazzo allegedly trespassed onto their property, TMZ has learned -- but video footage of the incident makes the whole thing smell kinda fishy.

Kim posted the Blair-Witch-style video online yesterday, showing her mom running into their backyard ... in hot pursuit of the rogue photog.  They say they even called the cops.

Sources close to the K-Klan tell us, the family has since hired round-the-clock security ... pretty crazy considering they already live in a gated community.

Now the fishy part ... If someone really was creeping around their property, why would a defenseless woman like Kim's mom run out to confront him ...  especially a really rich defenseless woman?

Is this a publicity stunt or is she just plain crazy?


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TMZ, didn't you guys hear?? Kim doesn't like your kind anymore, ever since she got with Kanye.

415 days ago


Oh, where's Psycho Kanye when you need him? He's roaming around Europe having fun. He keeps Big Ugly Ass Kim locked inside the house. He doesn't want anyone to see how huge she is. Put the Spanx on Kim. I'm sure Little compass is wearing Spanx diapers.

415 days ago


Probably one of your people that is why you are asking stupid question, you see Kris but based on the video there were a number of people in the home and the person holding the phone was a guy who was running right behind her, what was the papz going to do? shoot her? I hope the next time someone does that they get their gun and shoot their a** that is rude and disrespectful to go on ANYONE's property like that, I don't care who it is, you don't have to like them but what that person did was wrong and if they shot his a** they would be in the right, of course all you idiots will stick together because that is how all of you people get the trash that you post every day, I won't even mention the level of ignorance in these idiot comments that are made on this story, it's expected, everyone already knows it's a bunch of back water, racist, envious, miserable people that make these idiot comments on this site. 130 plus comments in no time, but of course the haters claim they don't care, if you didn't care you would not have clicked, read it and played the video you would have moved on to the next article. YOU CARE!!!!

415 days ago


They never said it was a violent intrusion of their paps carry guns now? Besides all you "journalists" are outed gays or closet ***s

415 days ago


It is not Kris K until the video hits the bushes because she can't run like that. I think it was Jackie Chan her stunt double that did the running part. And I am sure it was Conman West taking a piss in the bushes and they thought he was the paps. Why else did the video stop at that point?

415 days ago


Why wouldn't she run outside? It's a guy with a camera not a gun. And like Kim or Kris or any of the Kardashian Jenner family need any more publicity.

415 days ago


We are talking the Kardashian's here. A. PMK is failing as a talk show host, B. The royal birth was more interesting to intelligent people than KK's. C. Trying to over-sell baby pics of an illegitimate child of two of the most disliked fake people on the planet vs. royal baby free and HAPPY pics non-manufactured is much more interesting. D. KK hiding away because of baby weight and trying to find a way around crybaby KW's steadfast refusal to participate in pimping out the kid. E. TRYING to make themselves interesting and relevant is backfiring big time. F. The male Kardashian's showing their butts to the paps. Yup, I would say faked.

415 days ago


GEEZ, just watched the video enlarged. For your safety do not do that, I am violently ill. Man that broad has a big ass, LMAO.

415 days ago


You never know with the Kardashians, I also wouldn't put anything past the paparazzi either!

415 days ago


Filing a false police report is against the law . . . be careful.

415 days ago


MAMA and K K THRIVE for ATTENTION, GOOD or BAD! THAT is what makes them TICK!!! Many of TMZ readers have questioned WHY K K is UNWILLING to release photos of the BLESSED EVENT! Isn't PUBLICITY what she LIVES for??? This INNOCENT BABY has already a major disadvantage just being born into this family of FREAKS! What about the NEW DADDY??? Doesn't HE know how to TALK??? Regardless of why this CHILD is being SHUNNED, not to worry, because, GOD takes care of little children, ALWAYS HAS and, always, WILL!!!

415 days ago


O.K. No one said they are professional photogs, but could this video be worse? Looks like a publicity stunt to me. What a surprise from this family? The don't have any talent to attack the cameras so they need to do something.

415 days ago

my 2 cents    

Run Pap Run !

415 days ago


I'd trespass too if I could get a pic of that baby. It's worth some serious dough...

415 days ago


The whole family is a bunch of liars. I don't believe anything that comes out of their mouth.

415 days ago
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