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Kristen Stewart


'You Don't Deserve to Breathe the Same Air I Do'

7/30/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart tore a paparazzo a new a-hole yesterday... dropping f-bombs and screaming, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do."

The video's intense ... Kristen is seen hiding behind a gate, waiting for a ride outside some building in Los Angeles, when the photog -- not TMZ -- asks, "Why are you saying f**k off?"

Obviously, Kristen was pissed even before the camera rolled ... but it's unclear what took place BEFORE the paparazzo started recording.

But Kristen, who appears like she's been pushed to a breaking point, unloads, saying, "Because you're a piece of s**t and you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do." That's just the beginning. It's crazy. Check it out.


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Not a fan of Stewart but she is right. The paparazzi are just s*** of the earth people.

359 days ago


I agree **** off papps

359 days ago


She's forever emotionless, poor Rob never had someone who cared about him... She's probably like those underly attached girlfriend meme's that has her face on it!! "You want to see other people? Cool, I thought we already were." Says "I love you" but really means "I'll settle for you."

359 days ago


What a stupid ****. Is she so stupid that she don't realize that paparazzis come with Fame? Plus she isn't any better than anybody else. She.may breath the air I do after I fart.Bitch

359 days ago


Well, if the movie career ever tanks, at least she'll always have a job writing cards for Hallmark.

359 days ago


Wealth and fame doesn't buy happiness does it?

359 days ago


Always record after saying some pretty degrading and personal things so that only Kristen looks bad. Paps are bullies, stalkers, instigators, trash talkers, cry babies, dish it and can't take it people out there...maybe they don't deserve the same air we breath.

359 days ago


Well she doesn't deserve to be called an actress

359 days ago


She doesnt deserve to live in the same country that I do, that no talent bitch

359 days ago


Continued proof Stewart isn't the brightest bulb in the box. She lacks talent, tact and intelligence. Clearly, she's no good at cheating on her man cause she managed to get caught! Now she just gave Paps something to play with that only puts them in her face even more. Do us all a favor, shut your trap and get acting lessons.

359 days ago


The least talented are usually the rudest and loudest.

359 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Simmuh down, KStew!!!
Yer 15 mins.o'fame are (blessedly!) almost UP.

359 days ago


Actually Kristen does not deserve to breathe the same air as anyone who has not had an affair with someone who is married with kids or cheated on his or her partner and that might include that photog! That is how sleazy I think Kristen is! To top it off she is conceited obviously. She can not even act so she is very lucky!

359 days ago


Celebs know that paps will only pap them more and the footage will be seen more if they mouth off. They do it on purpose for attention. Any celeb worth a grain of salt ignores the paps or smiles & keeps on walking. No one is interested in seeing that and they know this.

359 days ago


TMZ is in denial about how shady they are. Anytime a celebrity is pissed, and they have the footage, it's never their photog capturing the footage... but TMZ always posts it first!!! Maybe the photogs aren't employees of TMZ, but it seems TMZ is paying for the footage.... there are plenty of photogs who act as independent contractors. The public isn't as stupid as you think TMZ.... we're on to you... and yes, your photogs are pieces of ****.

359 days ago
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