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Lindsay Lohan

Out of Rehab

Headed for Sober Coach

7/31/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

90 days in rehab didn't make Lindsay Lohan modest -- 'cause she wasted no time showing off her legs moments after leaving Cliffside Tuesday afternoon.

Lindsay was sporting a huge smile, a blue print mini-dress, suede-fringe jacket and some major baggage -- a big blue one -- as she got into the SUV that picked her up from the Malibu facility.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she'll be staying with a sober coach somewhere in Los Angeles for the next few days.

As we previously reported, Lindsay's telling people in her life she feels like she needs a transition period before re-entering the real world on her own.

Lindsay checked into the Betty Ford Center back on May 2 to begin her court-ordered rehab stay -- and transferred to Cliffside in mid-June.

Gotta say, so far ... she's looking good.



No Avatar


Hey her lips shrunk.

359 days ago


My mom used to wear these knee highs. Are they suddenly fashionable or something ?

359 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

After she fails so miserly on Chelsea Lately it's all down hill for her.

She's never going to be able to fill Chelsea's shoes

For those saying the Cnutdsahians where host, hahhahaahhha that was FOUR of them trying to fill Chelsea's shoe

359 days ago


Fold those damn stockings down if you must wear them.

359 days ago


1st stop- bar

359 days ago


C'mon guys, Lohan will do what's she's always done. She just barely complies with court orders by the skin of her teeth, boasts and braggs how she's really changed this time, makes whatever drug money she can, goes right back to drinking, drugging and partying and burns the people who have tried to help her along with stealing from them, and get's back into trouble.

How again is this time going to be any different?
Like the famous words of Judge Sautner....See a pattern here.

359 days ago


Looks like she has old man socks on?????

359 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I would love to see her cut off DUIna financially AND emotionally. That would be something,wouldn't it?

359 days ago



359 days ago


The stockings look ugly, the fake hair too long.
The outfit she's wearing with boots looks all wrong.
Her lips look all thinner, her teeth look like new,
And what's in the bag? Did cliffside go through?
The jewelry, whose is it, did she take those too?
I want to trust Lilo but that's hard to do.

359 days ago


Ha, ha Nikki....tree trunk legs indeed!
The chins are still there, and when Blo blows up her lips again, that'll add another half pound...and then the partying (behind the scenes at first) will begin.

This link has a bunch of pics of her smoking while she walked out.....Good Times ahead for H8 turds!!

359 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

But doesn't she look totally fab?

359 days ago


LOL........Reminds me of that Stars First Movie....Luke going in for the kill on the Death Star and the Voice in the Back ground keeps saying ..."STAY ON COURSE...STAY ON COURSE !" .....never change never they .....Put out all kinds of diverting shyt about she going do this...disappear into hide.....extra three days...etc etc and then have hired paps waiting for her to walk out the secret they allow her too !!!!
Love that pose....Call it the modeling pose ...Hell I do it myself...chin up so that the double chin disappears and face looks less round.....1/3 body turn to look thinner...lose jacket to hide the fuller boobs and the hide the belly and assh with a big purse....or something... ..Wonder how many "spontaneous shots" they had to take to get one this good......LOL....
First stop this morning to get her lips reinflated then to the wig store to get new hair and get that Bob Marley DredLock thing off her head....
Oh by the way the reason her teeth look so big is because her lips have lost their puff out to here look....Just wait they will be the size of the Goodyear Bimp by tonight.......
Row on Lohan Inc......Keep shoveling that Shyt......and please hire better trolls this lot are dead giveway's from the first words they type.....

359 days ago


Lindsay better thank Oprah bigtime for paying her $2 freakin million to interview her. I bet Lindsay has already blown the million that Playboy gave her a year or two ago.

I'm sure Lindsay doesn't have a lot of money left so she better not blow this Oprah money. She better get a small house far away from the party scene and focus on being sober and mentally healthy.

359 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


If it walks like a crackhead, talks like a crackhead and pushes an all-too-familiar “this time I’m clean, for real!” crack narrative, you can be sure that we’re still talking about a crackhead. I’m honestly not trying to wish Lindsay any harm or anything, it’s just been YEARS of this crack drama and at this point, she’s the crackhead who cried sobriety. I’ll believe that she’s really changed if she can go one full month out of rehab without A) falling out of a club, drunk off her ass, B) getting arrested or C) hitting a baby in her car.

359 days ago
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