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Lindsay Lohan

Out of Rehab

Headed for Sober Coach

7/31/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

90 days in rehab didn't make Lindsay Lohan modest -- 'cause she wasted no time showing off her legs moments after leaving Cliffside Tuesday afternoon.

Lindsay was sporting a huge smile, a blue print mini-dress, suede-fringe jacket and some major baggage -- a big blue one -- as she got into the SUV that picked her up from the Malibu facility.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she'll be staying with a sober coach somewhere in Los Angeles for the next few days.

As we previously reported, Lindsay's telling people in her life she feels like she needs a transition period before re-entering the real world on her own.

Lindsay checked into the Betty Ford Center back on May 2 to begin her court-ordered rehab stay -- and transferred to Cliffside in mid-June.

Gotta say, so far ... she's looking good.



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She looks better than she has in a long time...i really hope thinks keep looking up for her; otherwise it may be too late.

262 days ago


Got more apples to pare and freeze and then a ton of Tomato's to can and I got to get it all done before the weekend.....Ugh ! ...On side effect of tomatoes or tomato juice I bet you didn't know is it makes a terrific hand softener and your hands look 10 yrs younger after working with them all day...Wonder if it would work on my face ? .....I just might try it .......LOL.......
Lohan Inc will keep on Spinn the Shyt out as fast as the sites will run it and Harvey will run anything they sent him cause he sure likes the hits from the Playground Haters Club......Later !

262 days ago


So apparently I'm an evil heartless being for seeing this spawn of satan for what she truly is.

Let me remind you all that yes, true, she is an addict, but, that is just a factor to the real problem.

The REAL problem is that she is a narcissistic sociopath with borderline. She developed it over the years and it looks like at this stage, she may not over come it. So to all who are supporting her, you guys are basically saying that it is ok for her to be this way. Shame on you.

262 days ago


I dont see an actress..i see a failure fraud

262 days ago


She's def gained a little wait since she's been off the Adderall... good for her!

262 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I don't think she looks like anybody special any more. When she loses the weight she will look older. She lacks the ability to age gracefully. It's sad, really.

262 days ago


Lilo actually looks pretty in this photo. First time in a while that she looks like she is happy.

262 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Before I comment on anything else I have to shout WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE KEEP SAYING SHE IS TALENTED?? She wasn't even talented as a kid, except she was cute and Disney actors are no more than caricatures, which explains why she has less range than a run of the mill senior in a high school play. That aside, as soon as Dina shows up it's all downhill. in 3, 2, ...

262 days ago


Gotta say, cute dress.

262 days ago


It looks like she was trying to copy Sookie's look in the last episode of true blood. Anna Panquin wore it soooo much better. But on to topic, this sober coach (just like the last one) will fall to the waste side in about 3 to 4 weeks. Maybe less - remember she moved into her digs next to Ronson last time with a sober coach and a lot good that did. But this time Lohan has much more incentive to stay sober - money. And cameras supposedly following her around. What's going to be interesting is not if she stays sober or not - but if these cameras will reveal the true Lohan - the "Move that cone, I'm Lindsay Lohan!" the thief, the liar, the entitled, the tax evading, the call girl, the chronically late, the violent face-punching, the jealous and stalking, the "ever victim", the non-caring of the poor, the talentless Lindsay Lohan who is the real Lindsay Lohan.

People are willing to forgive addiction - but assholic behavior - not so much. And that will come out - she lacks so much self-awareness, she has no clue how unlikeable she is to the vast majority of America.

And with her 2million dollar reward for her bad behavior - it will be interesting to see how her generation responds to her, the occupy movement people, because here is a woman who thinks nothing to tweet a birkin, a computer and a jet are what she thinks means the most to her. Selfish, mean and entitled - do they have a rehab for that?

262 days ago


Good for her. Next should be her mother and father. It's unfortunate that Lindsay was born into a substance abusing family.

262 days ago



262 days ago



-call paps

(vacant ringing sound between ears)
-yeah deeeefinitely the sheer knee socks with the cowboy booties

(3 ciggy break)
-this huge bag will hide my big gut
(wonders blankly why her boobs touch her gut)
-vapid smile
-potato thighs (check)
-oh and another ciggy
(angry thoughts about why someone isn't packing for her)

262 days ago


Boobs sag like she's had five kids.

262 days ago


She looks great, wow!

262 days ago
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