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Amanda Bynes


8/1/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
is doing remarkably better ... she's stabilized, not hearing voices and it's all because of a cocktail ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she's being held have given her a combination of meds -- referred to as a cocktail -- to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Our sources say Amanda responded quickly and dramatically.  We're told in the last 3 days, Amanda has stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people. To the contrary, we're told she's become downright polite, even saying "please" and "thank you."  She has shown no signs of violence.

The progress is all the more stunning because these cocktails are notoriously difficult to gauge -- getting the right combination of meds with the right doses is something of a crap shoot.  Our sources say the meds take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in, so they're not declaring victory yet, but they're optimistic.

But there's an ironic twist.  Amanda is scheduled to have a court hearing today ... where she's trying to get out of the psych hospital. The fact that she's doing better can actually help her case, but we're told doctors are confident the judge will not let her out for several reasons.  First, it's unclear if the meds will work long-term.  Also, it's highly uncertain she'll voluntarily take the drugs.

One more thing.  There are reports Amanda's parents may back off the conservatorship if she does better in the psych ward.  Our sources say that is "absolutely untrue."  Amanda's parents feel it's essential for her to get long-term care and supervision.



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BB not bb    

Bartender. Hit me again. And make it a double this time. Thank you.

417 days ago


Daily breach of confidentiality TMZ. All information related to mental health treatment is privileged.

417 days ago

David Allen    

Glad to here it can't wait for her next tv show or movie

417 days ago


How is tmz getting all of this personal patient doctor confidentiality info? Many laws against these types of leaks yet tmz has not gone a day without one or more if these type stories.

417 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Dan Frederiksen - You are wrong about Britney Spears - she was NOT psychotic. She had a substance abuse problem that created very bizarre behavior.

Dave, to answer your question, no she is not the first. Erin Moran (Joannie from Happy Days) was a schizophrenic. Kristy McNichol from Family is a schizophrenic. Margot Kidder is believed to be Schizophrenic as well.

417 days ago

Art Fugue    

My best friend's son had a problem like this develop when he went away to college. Very scary to get this diagnosis. They put him on meds and he is now doing exceptionally well. He spent the past two summers studying abroad and has been accepted into an excellent grad school. Here's hoping Amanda has similarly positive results.

417 days ago

RK Wall    

The old 'Muffle&Shuffle' ...aka:: THORAZINE. Just like hangin' out with a ZOMBIE - Only easier on yout Brains ...z00m1

417 days ago


God bless her. Whatever is happening to her is giving her back a productive life. Glad to hear that her parents are standing firm on their decision to be her conservators. I don't believe any of the comments in the article about the ****tail. Doctors don't discuss with the public how they are treating a patient. It was just a good headline for TMZ to use the word ****tail.

417 days ago

buzz kill    

The drugs will not solve the problem, only mask the symptoms. A long term healthy lifestyle and support of loved ones in a controlled environment with proper nutrition should be the first choice.

417 days ago


I have two friends diagnosed with schizophrenia. One of them shot himself in the head....twice. He is dead. The other is a paranoid freak that thinks the tea party has hired regular civilians to shoot laser beams at him. You can tell who is shooting at him because they all either wear red shirts or gray hoodies. And the ray guns look the little remote controls for your car. He wrapped a girls couch in aluminum siding to protect him from the lasers. He even chased a jogger down the street because she was wearing a gray hoodie and he thought she was shooting at him. These people are sick people. Trust me, I love making fun of junkies and I wrote my fair share of jabs on Amanda's twitter page. I deleted them a few minutes later cuz I felt stupid....but nonetheless...I love it when someone who thinks they are such hot **** deteriorates and makes an ass of themselves. Like Bieber and Lilo. But this is serious stuff. Her life will never be the same. and keeping a schizo on meds is damn near impossible. The drugs make them feel slow and in a fog. They hate them. Her poor parents are going to have to keep control of her forever.

417 days ago


I would not believe anything TMZ says. They are merely making guesses and running it as news since there are no updates on Amanda's status. The hospital is not allowed to reveal any of the information TMZ has been reporting, especially a mental health diagnosis. If she has anything, it's most likely bipolar disorder, which is very common in the general population. Medication will help her as well as regular therapy sessions. TMZ and other paparazzi groups are the ones that will push celebrities off the deep end with their harassment and violation of privacy and person space, as well as their lying and making up stories to feed their blood lustful fans. I hope Amanda Bynes sues the pants off of TMZ.

417 days ago

The Zombie    

Good for her. We've been dissing her, and it seems to really be a mental issue. I guess a lobotomy WOULD have helped. lol Seriously, I hope it works for her.

417 days ago


Curious if she's stopped smoking pot (I assume so) - I knew a few people who were BADLY affected by it - they never got over-the-edge schizo (mostly just very paranoid), but they didn't keep smoking it.

417 days ago


Best wishes to Amanda and her parents. I just lost a lifelong friend to suicide after dealing with mental illness for a very long time. It is something that will have to be monitored her entire life. I hope they are able to get the medication and therapy right for her and that she is back on her feet in no time! I also hope she allows her parents to help her....something my friend fought for so long.

417 days ago


Good, I'm glad she's getting the help she needed. Mental illness is no joke, just wish more people that needed help would seek it. I wish her the best.

417 days ago
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