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Amanda Bynes


8/1/2013 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes was just shut down in her bid to leave the psychiatric hospital where she has been held against her will for more than a week ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda appeared before a judge in the psych ward, as her lawyer argued there was no legal basis to hold her for the two additional weeks ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... Amanda was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold 10 days ago after starting a fire in the driveway of a home near L.A.  The hold lasted 3 days, and then doctors stepped in and got a judge to extend the hold for 2 additional weeks so they could properly diagnose her.

Our sources say Amanda's lawyer argued at today's hearing the actress was capable of caring for herself and she was not a danger to others.  As we reported, Amanda is actually doing a lot better since doctors have started giving her a cocktail of meds.  We're told there are clear signs Amanda is schizophrenic. 

In the end the judge agreed with the doctors, that Amanda needed to stay in the hospital because her mental situation is still precarious.   Amanda does not acknowledge she has a mental illness, and doctors believe there's more than a good chance she would not take the meds that have stabilized her if she's out on her own.



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She looks like a fool with a blue wig on she is the ugly duck from hell

456 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

They better let her out. She shouldn't be there.

456 days ago


Good. She needs the time to see if the drugs work or need to be adjusted.

456 days ago



456 days ago


best of luck amanda

456 days ago


I'm glad this is happening to her. Thank God the judge used common sense. She needed help or an intervention a long time ago. Amanda, you WILL get better.

456 days ago


If she's not crazy, it's her own fault for acting like she's a nut case for months now.

456 days ago


Good --she NEEDS to Stay in there , until she gets back to Normal

456 days ago


Conservatorship is the key. Serious mental illness can only be managed, not cured. Unless someone is there to ensure she takes her meds, she"ll spiral out of control. With access to money from her earlier work, and thus no need to get a job, she would be the proverbial loose cannon. Unfortunately, most with her diagnosis need many relapses before they realize that meds are the only hope for a normal life.

456 days ago


Before the ignorant comments start from all the self proclaimed Mental specialist on this site.. TMZ claims to have been told Amanda shows signs of schizophrenia, the key words being claim and signs. No medical professional is going to release this kind of information to a TMZ employee at the cost of there job and reputation. It says signs no where does it say she has been Diagnosed with it.
The judge extended her stay for 2 weeks which means she should be released next Thursday evening. I hope the Judge sticks with this and gives Amanda back her Freedom with guidelines to follow.. She does need a Conservatorship.

456 days ago


If she doesn't tale her meds, they might put her on the shot such as Haldol. which is long lasting and you get it every two weeks or month.

456 days ago


Good. I'm more worried about what will happen when the 2 weeks are up. hoping her parents are able to obtain the conservatorship.

456 days ago

BB not bb    

It is all a mind control game. She has to admit to suffering from something that does not exist. She is too honest to do that, so she is stuck in there. Most people get out by playing the game, she will fight for what she believes. This is what is holding up Paris Jackson from getting out also.

They see that they haven't molded her into a new being yet or tortured her into confused compliance. They don't know how to get their hooks in her yet, is what they are saying. They are basically looking to capture souls.

You can also try to go the other way and not cooperate at all, but they will probably try to kill you with a medication overdose. As long as she can't explain herself and can't reason her way out, she will be stuck there.

No one in their right mind willingly takes that medication once they know how bad it is.

456 days ago


IF this is true...........Poor baby. I hope to hell they get her all the help she needs. It looks like they're doing the right thing so far... as long as no numbskulls step in with a bunch of cash or something and sabotage it all.
For what it's worth, undiagnosed/unmedicated schizophrenics ~never~ know they're ill.

456 days ago


Amanda's parents WERE WORRIED about Amanda BLOWING-THROUGH her savings; just wait til Amanda's parent see what the state is going to charge Amanda for keeping her locked-up.....THEY ARE GOING TO WISH Amanda was left alone on her own; SHE'LL BE BROKE!

The state is going to TAKE EVERY PENNY, and when she has no money left...they will throw her to the streets ABSOLUTELY BROKE with the 100,000 other mentally ill ROAMING THE STREETS of LA homeless....

456 days ago
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