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Day Above Ground

'Asian Girlz' Going Down

Due to Threats

8/2/2013 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band behind the controversial song "Asian Girlz"  ... is getting bullied into censorship -- telling us they're yanking the video because the backlash has gone from playful to threatening.

Day Above Ground Skyped into TMZ Live to respond to the outrage ... saying, "It’s a real thing and we didn’t expect it to be such a backlash."

Drew Drumm, Joe Anselm, and Mike Tourage told us they're pulling the video from the Internet on Saturday ... "for the safety of ourselves and for everybody we know. We don’t want anybody to get hurt."

They hinted some of the models in the video were receiving threats ... along with the band members.

If you haven't seen it ... the lyrics to "Asian Girlz" are laced with stereotypes, like ... "I love your creamy yellow thighs" -- and, "Ooh your slanted eyes."

The guys insist the song was intended to be "satire" -- but check out their faces during "TMZ Live" ... they're taking the whole matter very seriously now. And now here's the music video:

***WARNING: Explicit Lyrics ***


No Avatar

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If this video didn't track the viewer's privacy I'd be watching it right about now via manage add-ons in Internet Explorer10... lol

450 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

More paid advertising on TMZ disguised as a true story. Q: If it is such a bad video then why did TMZ post the YouTube video on their website. A: Because TMZ is actually getting paid to promote this band that no one has ever heard of outside their hometown.

Harvey did the same thing selling his soul to do advertise on TMZ for a porn company & the Kraptrashian family.

450 days ago


Why don't I ever see my comment uurrrrrggghh

450 days ago


Look at all these white people telling another group of people they don't have the right to be offended. I bet you ****ers wouldn't be saying the same thing if they made a video titled "Black Girlz" with lyrics saying how her ***** tastes like fried chicken. ****ing idiot racists trying to defend their own racism.

450 days ago

Jay W.     

Satire indeed... anyhow, that inked up Asian girl was hot.

450 days ago


Listen to the song with headphones or earbuds.
The band is miked/engineered beautifully, and the melody is solid, but the whole premise is not apropos.
Take it seriously and write new lyrics, and this could work.

450 days ago

We So Solly    

Threats from whom? The Viet Kong? Backlash from Nagasaki?

449 days ago


They should take it down because it's STUPID, not for the ignorant liberals!

449 days ago


Ithis is the new gangnam style!!!

449 days ago


They're probably just getting death threats because that song sucks so bad. While it didn't offend me, it just wasn't funny (it was mind-numbingly stupid) and those guys are terrible singers. Really, really terrible singers.

449 days ago


Really what guy doesn't have 'yellow fever" White guys dig asian chicks and the girls they know it!! Nothing wrong with that.... I mean **** I know ladies that only date firemen... that doesn't make them racists, that means they just know where to get a big fat hose.

449 days ago

Duke Steele    

Any episode of Family Guy is more insulting than this song. The song sucks and not because of content. Thats pretty mild compared to any episode of Family Guy. But the real point here is not the song or the two douches singing. Its that chick is HOT. Lets see more of her.

449 days ago


Steel Panthers - Asian Hooker is so much better then this cheesy video

449 days ago


Stop the Political Correctness, it's up to us all.
Weenie Liberals.... not so liberal, yet intolerant hacks when it suits them.

449 days ago

Kevin L     

All I have to say is if this was a Weird Al song this wouldn't even be a story and everyone would be laughing. A shame no one can see anything for its comic value now-a-days. Comics of all races get on stage and use "racist" material all day long and people eat up their material, but for whatever reason everyone is up in arms about these guys. Lighten the "f" up people.

449 days ago
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