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Justin Bieber

Lil Twist on Chopping Block After Battery Allegation

8/2/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's manager Scooter Braun is sick and tired of Lil Twist bringing Bieber down -- in fact, he wants Bieber to sever ties with the rapper entirely once and for all ... but Bieber is STILL fighting to keep him around.

As we reported, Twist has been accused of battering some girl at Bieber's Calabasas mansion Thursday morning -- but it's only the latest example of Twist's reckless behavior ... a list that includes smoking pot, driving like a lunatic, and getting a DUI.

Bieber has refused to turn his back on Twist once already -- but Scooter has had enough, telling Bieber the battery allegations are the last straw.

We're told Scooter is putting his foot down, insisting Twist is nothing but a parasite sucking Bieber dry -- and the singer needs to drop him like a hot potato stat ... before he does any more damage.

But stupidly, Bieber is still sticking by his buddy -- in fact, we're told he and Scooter had a blowout fight on Thursday when Scooter said Twist had to go.

Which means Twist's days are numbered -- because in a fight between Scooter and Twist, Bieber will almost certainly side with his trusted manager. He'd be dumb not to. Then again, dumb has kinda been Bieber's M.O. recently.



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Scooter Braun is sick and tired of Lil Twink bringing Bieber down ... but Bieber is STILL fighting to keep him around...............THEY ARE INLOVE

418 days ago



418 days ago


Scooter better do something ! It's about time !

418 days ago


" Twist is nothing but a parasite sucking Bieber dry". Yeah I bet he is. Why else do you think he's insisting on keeping lil douchebag around?

418 days ago


I think that twist has some big secret about biber that will ruin his reputation for ever. Think about it NOBODY is that stupid to let theses *******s ruin his currier, it's only a matter of time before it comes out.(PS I think the secret is that biber is gay)

418 days ago


Beiber is a no talent little punk...he has to find controversy to remain relevant..

418 days ago


Can we leave pot out of this please?? Or at least put into context.. Driving under the influence is one thing, but denigrating an herb naturally found just about everywhere that can solve every problem from paper and plastics, to pain management and beyond is not appreciated.. lets all mature a little bit TMZ, but mostly to the "little" dudes, grow the f*ck up alreay, show some respect, and Bieber.. well f*ck you.. learn how to walk like a man, and get new pants you pathetic little piece of sh*t.. and Selena, if you don't see the writing on the wall, then you are as dumb as your boyfriend is.. he will take you down too.

418 days ago


Bieber is a step away from joining Amanda Bynes in the looney-bin. Something is definitely wrong with that little boy.

418 days ago

Mary P    

TMZ - you need to get your technical BS on these comments fixed.

418 days ago


that M.O. includes dumb, spitter, putz, wearer of idiotic pants and of course packing a vagina.

418 days ago


Bieber is the most pathetic celebrity that exists.

418 days ago


It's not that Biebs is young & dumb, it's that he doesn't want to lose his drug connection. Biebs' actions are that of a doped up idiot, otherwise he's wouldn't be trying to ruin his career. How long until he lands in rehab

418 days ago


This guy supposedly earns a lot of money yet he uses Beats headphones. I guess that explains why his music sucks.. He is hearing impaired.

418 days ago


I hope The Bieb sticks with Lil Twit and fires Scooter. That would be the beginning of the end for The Bieb. He isn't smart enough to figure things out on his own.

418 days ago


I wonder if this Lil Idiot has some leverage on Justin? a damning video or picture. If I could talk to Justin I tell him ...if someone is on your payroll they're not your friend...they're an employee...tell your "friends" to move out into their own place and pay their own way ...IF they dump you ...they were never really your friend. I understand that if you have mega bucks like Justin you wouldn't expect all your friends to be able to keep up with you at all times...and it's probably a nice thing to be able to treat others once and a while.....magic words... ..ONCE AND A WHILE. You seem to be paying for everything all the time and these people are living free in your house, driving your cars and eating your food/drinks......YOU'RE BEING USED...TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. These guys don't even have enough respect for you that they're reckless with your property.....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..............................and I don't even like you or your music, but truth is truth

418 days ago
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