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Justin Bieber

Lil Twist on Chopping Block After Battery Allegation

8/2/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's manager Scooter Braun is sick and tired of Lil Twist bringing Bieber down -- in fact, he wants Bieber to sever ties with the rapper entirely once and for all ... but Bieber is STILL fighting to keep him around.

As we reported, Twist has been accused of battering some girl at Bieber's Calabasas mansion Thursday morning -- but it's only the latest example of Twist's reckless behavior ... a list that includes smoking pot, driving like a lunatic, and getting a DUI.

Bieber has refused to turn his back on Twist once already -- but Scooter has had enough, telling Bieber the battery allegations are the last straw.

We're told Scooter is putting his foot down, insisting Twist is nothing but a parasite sucking Bieber dry -- and the singer needs to drop him like a hot potato stat ... before he does any more damage.

But stupidly, Bieber is still sticking by his buddy -- in fact, we're told he and Scooter had a blowout fight on Thursday when Scooter said Twist had to go.

Which means Twist's days are numbered -- because in a fight between Scooter and Twist, Bieber will almost certainly side with his trusted manager. He'd be dumb not to. Then again, dumb has kinda been Bieber's M.O. recently.



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Lil Twist is Bieber's boyfiend

447 days ago


If Lil Biebs was the least bit able to think for himself he would have gotten rid of Lil Twit a long time ago.
Now the sycophanys have him in their pockets.

447 days ago


Who the f.u.c.k. is Lil Twist?...

447 days ago


I know the type

447 days ago


another day in the life of "Leave it Beiber".. you all decide which "Lil" is Ward and which on is June.

447 days ago


When you are in love with somebody you do stupid things........ I don't Think Justin Beiber is ready to give up his boyfriend yet ..... no matter what his manager wants for him.

447 days ago


Justin wasn't getting into trouble until Twist came into the picture. Hes a bad influence, I agree with Scooter. And in my personal opinion he's using Justin for fame. He needs to wake up and realize this VERY soon.

447 days ago


I think JB and Lil Twist are lovers. Lil Twist is not good for the Biebs. He has to go. He's bad news.

447 days ago


I feel sorry for his fans. They got him to we're he is today he's forgot abt that. In the beginning he talked abt how he loved the LORD also forgot him here to we're he is he's forgot that.

447 days ago


None of you twits on here know what it must be like to be the world's richest teenager, so don't pass judgement. Sure if you're the most famous & richest teen in the world, everyone wants to be your friend. But how many of these people just want to use him for his connections, money and fame to further their own careers? I don't blame Justin Bieber for trying to hold on to one of the few friends he has from the last 5 years. No one should feel lonely because they feel they can't trust anyone.

447 days ago



446 days ago



446 days ago


Twist is a typical parasite/****roach, looking for a white person to cling onto and suck dry.

446 days ago

Haley W    

I say if Justin doesn't stop hanging out with him, Scooter should drop his ass from the label and boot him back up to Patties(Justin's mom) place in Canada..see how cool JB really is.. ****ing twerp.

444 days ago


ya'll are stupid as ****. "since Twist came around." if you really knew the truth. you'd know Justin and Twist have been friends since was Justin was like 14. they've been best friends ever since Justin first moved to Atlanta. You're all just jealous that Justin is ****ing successful and living his dream. And all you dumb ****s just look at all the bad he has 'done' when in reality he's just a teenager growing up. Yeah, he's made mistakes, but he's learning from them. Do you see why Tmz is just constantly talk about him? Maybe because they wished they had his success or looked like him. Tmz is filled with a bunch of old ugly ass fat ****s. Justin donates to charities all ****ing day. He takes his time and visits his sick beliebers in hospitals. a dollar is taken out of each ticket sold, and donated to Pencils For Promise. He cares about his fans the most. All he wants is for them to be happy. He is constantly telling us how happy he is to have us. And how grateful he is. Because, without us he wouldn't be here. He is such a caring person, and the most amazing person. No one sees that anymore, because all they focus on is the mistakes he has made. They're not even big ones until someone (Tmz) comes an switches the story and adds a bunch of bull**** into their stories. Justin Drew Bieber is an amazing person. Not an 'ass'. Don't say he's 'forgot that his fans got him here.' he tweets us everyday. **** off, and just give him a break.

444 days ago
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