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Save Ferris Singer

Rips Ex-Members

It's My Band Now, Bitches

8/2/2013 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Save Ferris singer Monique Powell isn't backing down from a nasty lawsuit filed by her ex-bandmates -- in which they accuse her of hijacking the Save Ferris name for her own personal use -- in fact, she's going full offensive ... insisting the band belongs to her now.

As we reported, the former members of Save Ferris sued Powell over a "Save Ferris" reunion show she had been promoting this summer -- claiming they had approved no such show, and she had no right to use the Save Ferris name after the group disbanded in 2002.

But Powell just filed a response, insisting the group never disbanded ... the other members just chose to leave ... meaning she's the last member standing. As a result, Powell argues she's the sole owner of the band's name, and can do with it whatever she likes.

Powell also thinks it's BS for the ex-members to claim they own the name when they haven't used it once since 2003.

Bottom line: Powell wants the court to throw out their lawsuit and officially award her full use of the Save Ferris name. Toora loora toora loo rye aye.


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just read this:
bet fox new won't report on it....!!!!

413 days ago


Save Ferris Singer Rips Ex-Members It's My Band Now, Bitches.................LOL

413 days ago


Maybe two people out there actually care.

413 days ago


I spent 60 seconds searching the US trademark website. Her trademark on the name, "Save Ferris", was abandoned years ago. She'd better get on the stick (or one of the members fighting her should) and trademark the name if they're all that hot on keeping it. Whoever they are.

413 days ago


whats wrong with her eyes????

413 days ago



413 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Gotta go with Team MO' on this one.

413 days ago

Pablo Escabar    


413 days ago


As someone that ran a Save Ferris fan site back in the day, they band actually broke up after their last show on Sep 20, 2002. The band members never walked away from the band. In fact, it was Monique Powell who walked away. See the official announcement of the band breakup that was sent to numerous fan sites & posted on yahoo group by Eric Zamora (named in the suit against Monique) that was used & endorsed by all the band members. (Remember it was 2002 people) as well as one of the biggest SF fan sites, It's widely known by all those who attended that last show on Sep 20, 2002 that Monique Powell actually just walked off the stage near the end of their set (they weren't even done playing) and drove away! So if anyone walked away, it was her. read this fan's review here about Mo just ditching the fans.
She's also been attacking fans left & right on her new fake ferris fb page as well as sending very threatening emails to some fans, as well as making up ludacris stories about former band members & other well known bands in the OC (Reel Big Fish) come check out all the crazy she posts here:

413 days ago


Fighting over a band nobody gives a fkuc about. Great waste of time and energy.

413 days ago


I saw the show at the pacific amphitheater and Monique was amazing, even without the band! Even if the band takes the Save Ferris name, what are they going to do with out Monique Powell! She will forever be known as the "face" of the Save Ferris. Her voice is amazing and she still put on an awesome show! The band should just drop it and move on.

411 days ago


For all the jealous people out there, Monique was the star of the band and she will always be! I saw her at the OC Fair and she was amazing! Her voice is stronger than ever! All these people throwing the suit in the faces of the fans are pathetic. Let them deal with the suit! Stay out of it! The "Fake Ferris" people fighting about this are bullies and so disrespectful! Grow up! Team Monique!!!!

410 days ago


Wow, looks like they have about 3 fans. LOL! Go away Save Ferris. I think 3rd wave ska died in 1996...

410 days ago


410 days ago

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