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'Naked and Afraid' Star

Watch Me Behead this

Cannibalistic Snake

8/3/2013 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Naked and Afraid" star Billy Berger went all King Henry VIII on a snake ... chopping off its head without hesitation ... but it's what he discovered afterwards that's so interesting.

In the never-before-seen-clip of the show -- airing tonight -- Billy and partner Ky Furneaux try to survive in the Louisiana swamplands for 21 days, naked. Needing food, Billy goes snake hunting. Harder than it sounds.

It's pretty ridiculous ... not only does he catch the snake (which is consistently biting him) ... he chops off the serpent's head like he's cutting some breakfast sausage.

Even more interesting ... the snake has an EVIL  past, revealed when Billy guts him.  It's creepy.


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Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

What kind of reality show is this? It's a disaster in the making.

414 days ago


Hi Gang. Have you heard about the new restaurant on the Moon?

Yea, it has great food but there's no atmosphere......

Okay, take it sleazy,
*Louie Anderson*

414 days ago

miss b    

The show is cool,but i wounder if the "Naked" survivalist might at some point wind up doing
the nasty...Maybe just to help past the time, 21
days naked in the wild,you'd get pretty horny.

414 days ago


'Naked and Afraid' Star
Watch Me Behead this
Cannibalistic Snake.................i rather eat Pizza

414 days ago


This guy was one of the most watchable ones they've had yet. And the girl was good too - they were a decent pairing. There was maybe one other pair who were also really watchable. But I think the swamp is probably the worst location yet. Survivorman could handle this show no problem.

414 days ago


What an idiot! bad the innocent snake didn't bite him!..what do you expect a snake to do?..dumba$$!..crawl up your a$$ and go to sleep!..duhh..gezzz people will do anything for fame nowdays!..

414 days ago


I am from South Louisiana and he is very lucky that he found some non-venomous snakes. We have Water Moccasins and Copper Heads they are very aggressive and usually very large. They swim,slither across land as well as climb trees. And if he was bitten by one of them several times he would be in terrible trouble and fighting for his life if not tended to quickly and have anti-venom administered. Very seldom have I ever come upon a King Snake versus a Water Moccasin. For every six snakes only one out of them was a non-venomous King Snake. We have even had Water Moccasins fall into our boat,we always bring a snake hook and grabber to get them out because if you can't get it out of the boat the alternative is way worse,climbing in the water with them is not an attractive thought in my opinion. Luckily it has never come to that and I have never been bitten but I don't try pushing my luck.

413 days ago


Good stuff! Billy is the man!

412 days ago

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