Donna D'Errico I Won't QUIT Ark Hunt ... Despite Injuries

8/14/2012 1:55 PM PDT

Donna D'Errico -- I Won't QUIT My Ark Hunt ... Despite Injuries

Despite having her face busted up this weekend in Turkey ... former "Baywatch" hottie Donna D'Errico is determined to suffer through the pain and continue her hunt for Noah's Ark, TMZ has learned.

If you recall ... Donna was badly injured this weekend near Mount Ararat in Turkey while searching for the Biblical vessel ... sporting cuts and bruises all over her face, arms and legs.   

Sources close to Donna tell us ... the actress sustained her injuries during a "major fall" while hiking.

Despite the setback, we're told the actress still wants to finish out the final two days of the journey -- before flying back to the states.

The reason she's willing to power through it ... we're told a trip like this takes extensive planning, research and permit approvals ... and Donna doesn't want all that hard work to go to waste by leaving early.

Not only that ... we're told Donna will be going back AGAIN next month to continue the search.