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Riley Cooper's Grandma

He Made His Racist Bed

... He's Gotta Sleep In It

8/3/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

N-word hurling Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper isn't getting any sympathy from his own grandma -- who tells TMZ, Cooper screwed up big time ... and it's his mess to clean up.

Riley's Grandma Betty didn't make excuses when we spoke to her ... saying, "[Riley] brought it upon himself and he has to deal with the consequences."

As we reported, Cooper has already taken leave from the Eagles to pursue counseling after his n-word threat at a recent Kenny Chesney concert -- when he said he would fight "every n***er" at the show.

Grandma says Riley was raised in a good household that never condoned racism of any kind -- so she's surprised by his behavior, especially because she says he's never gotten into any kind of trouble before.

That said, Grandma Betty is optimistic about Riley's future, telling us it's good he's nipping this problem in the bud now before it gets any worse.

Granny B, everybody!

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The Real JJ    

He deserves everything hes going through. I hope the eagles cut him.

444 days ago


Here Come The Racists Comments in 3...2...1.......

444 days ago


TMZ = Fix your LIKE/ HATE Buttons.
They work intermittently or rarely.

444 days ago


At one time or another, I believe, all of us have used derrogatory names when referring to other folks and that by NO means makes us racists or homophobes, etc. Its us beeing *******s. He was an *******, and should apologize for being so. Life goes on! This is just my humble opinion :))

444 days ago



444 days ago



444 days ago



444 days ago


**** TMZ

444 days ago


Go Granny! Finally someone tells it like it is.

444 days ago



444 days ago

BB not bb    

It sounded like he was being threatened and way taking a stance in a fight. How is that a hate crime. Maybe if he didn't they would have surrounded him and beat him down. Blacks go crazy at concerts. There are riots and they shoot people. If he is like a lone white person there, it could be dangerous.

He grandma should be more understanding. I think she is scared to sound like a racist and defend her grandson who was raised so well. If it were some black grandam, she would probably be yelling and screaming about some racist attack against her grandson.

People are handing this country over to whoever is the biggest bully. It is a shame. Liberty and justice for all doesn't mean only if you are black or don't use the N word.

444 days ago

BB not bb    

What kind of counseling do they give you for calling someone an N word? Do they show you pictures of little black kids holding and empty rice bowl with flies on their head? Do they make you listen to the MLK speech over and over? You will not say the N word. Repeat. You will not say the N word.

I think this is all pretty crazy. And to think all of the N word hysteria started when a black lawyer was scheming to let a black murderer of whites go free.

MLK . . . I have a dream that one day blacks will oppress the whites. I don't think so. I don't think whites can keep sending money to the starving children in Africa if they keep losing their jobs over every casual word out of their mouths.

444 days ago

BB not bb    

I estimate that 98% of whites have used the N word or something similar at least once in some cir***stance in their lives. So what is going to happen now, one be one, every white will be fired from their jobs and prevented from working because of their vicious mentality?

This is what is going on in South Africa. They have quotas to give the blacks jobs so now the whites are poor and can't find any work. It is very scary to see how they live there now.

Instead of saying that you are a Jew and excluding you from society, now they say you have used the N word and do the same thing. What is next, concentration camps for the evil N word users to keep them away from the decent society who only call each other the N word and riot when then don't like the outcome of a trial?

444 days ago

BB not bb    

Blacks have traditionally used music to conjure spirits. They go crazy when they hear music. If you even are stuck with them on a train after a gospel concert, you feel a hostile feeling in the air.

If you go to a black church, you will feel like you are at a major rock concert. They are all leaping and jumping and flipping their wigs. If you are not even at a church but just a regular concert and they go mad, I imagine it is quite terrifying.

444 days ago

BB not bb    


Woman loses wig as band plays.

444 days ago
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