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Riley Cooper's Grandma

He Made His Racist Bed

... He's Gotta Sleep In It

8/3/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

N-word hurling Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper isn't getting any sympathy from his own grandma -- who tells TMZ, Cooper screwed up big time ... and it's his mess to clean up.

Riley's Grandma Betty didn't make excuses when we spoke to her ... saying, "[Riley] brought it upon himself and he has to deal with the consequences."

As we reported, Cooper has already taken leave from the Eagles to pursue counseling after his n-word threat at a recent Kenny Chesney concert -- when he said he would fight "every n***er" at the show.

Grandma says Riley was raised in a good household that never condoned racism of any kind -- so she's surprised by his behavior, especially because she says he's never gotten into any kind of trouble before.

That said, Grandma Betty is optimistic about Riley's future, telling us it's good he's nipping this problem in the bud now before it gets any worse.

Granny B, everybody!

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I despise racism, hypocrisy and discrimination but I am not sure using the so called "N" word any longer defines one. However it is a distasteful character tag that is reflective of the user but is conveniently used perhaps more by the black people than the white. The N word is a slang definition of bad behavior that at one time was directed towards the black people. I would suggest you search the true meaning of the word in the dictionary. There is a big hypocrisy occurring with it's use. It's OK if the black people call each other this name but prohibitive for anyone else? Come on, makes no sense. People say and do things in acts of anger and that includes all races. It's time to find something else...mountain out of a molehill! This is 2013...move on.

446 days ago

BB not bb    


How many years in prison should John Lennon have gotten for all of the N words he uses here?

446 days ago


I bet hes scorned by his blk lover. Looks like a fruit.

446 days ago

Bill C.    

This is an absolutely ridiculous story. It's a word, people. Get over it. Jay-Z has made millions because of that word so it's a bit hypocritical for the AA community to get their panties in a twist now.

446 days ago


stop ruining ppl's lives for a lousy word. Or ban word "cracker" too and ruin every n*ggers lives who are caught using that word, of course white's can still use that word bc for them it's just a word of "endearment". Btw, when ever blacks use word cracker they are falsely accusing white's of something they never did. Or have you seen whipcracking slavemasters lately. If you say it isn't wrong to use that word you are diminishing every n*gger in the past who got their a*ses whipped. So how's it gonna be?

As long as it is not banned i'm gonna use word n*gger in any possible way so you can't miss that i used it. N*GGER.

446 days ago


Give me a effing break. So sick of people labeling those who use the N word as racist. It's just a silly word. Get over it. Some black people throw the word around like it's candy yet suffer no consequences so neither should white people.

446 days ago


Yeah, because there are SO MANY African Americans at a Kenny Cheney concert. Probably working security.

446 days ago

BB not bb    

People don't understand the difference between name calling and hate crimes. They don't understand the difference between name calling and harassment. There are different degrees and cir***stances where things are allowable and when they aren't. It is like when cops say you touched someone so that is an assault. It is all a matter of interpretation.

People are not sophisticated enough to interpret hate crime laws. They should just be taken off the books. When you are afraid to speak openly is when freedom is lost and democracy fails.

Support your fellow N word users. They need your help. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

446 days ago


Since its all about racial equality these days how about he gets the same punishment an African American would get if he used the word.

446 days ago

BB not bb    

Since people are saying there wouldn't be blacks at a Kenny Chesney concert, who was he talking to then? Was he talking to white people? Why are they mad then?

446 days ago

BB not bb    

What if TMZ took a poll saying have you ever used the N word. I wonder what the percentage would be. Then they could ask blacks and whites separately, have you ever used the N word. I think the majority of everyone has.

446 days ago


Because of the history behind the usage of the word, it hold us a completely different meaning when whites use it. If blacks wanna use it then so be it, but when whites use considering how whites kept them as slaves, lynched them, segregated them, burning down their home ala the KKK while throwing around the word it hurts more coming from a white person because of the historical context. There's a big difference between the usage of that word between whites and blacks. If I had it my way, no one would be using the word no matter what your skin color

446 days ago


Riley Cooper was upset because a security guard, who was Black, did not allow his to go back stage during the concert (no pass), so Riley's N word use was coming from a place if hate.

446 days ago


More than likely, this guy is a moron, but, why can blacks say racist things about whites (Jamie Fox) and nothing ever gets said. Hmmmmmmm.......can you say oxymoron??? Betcha can! Or is black skin that much thinner than a white skin. food for thought.

446 days ago


The guy has apologized, what more can he do? He's sorry that he used the word so just get over it.

446 days ago
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