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Simon Cowell

You Be the Judge

8/4/2013 12:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell i
s in plenty of hot water ... which is what happens when you bang your friends wife and knock her up.  Now Andrew Silverman is fighting Lauren for custody of their kid in a bitter divorce.  So we gotta ask ...


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This marriage was probably over long before she cheated. Too many people stay in a failed marriage for the kids, or appearances, or some other foolish reason. If it ain’t working and you hang around anyway, cheating will likely happen.

412 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

what people se as attractive in a woman who's had an ultra skinny nose job, implants and a personality to go along with all that - fake - is quite truly beyond most of us here. her husband facilitated her by accepting her being gone for extended amounts of hours at these functions. gain custody of that affected little boy via a divorce and move on...

412 days ago


SMH at the jack@sses who selected "All's fair in love and war." You morons do realize she was married when she whored around with her husband's friend around right? Oh, wait. You morons don't give a crap about marriage bonds. It's one thing to ho around if you're not married, it's a whole different ballgame to to do it if you're engaged/married. Simon Cowell is a piece of garbage who screwed his friends wife and she's a slut who should lose custody of her kid(s). If the kid(s) ask what happened, the father should tell the truth and say "Mommy said we weren't worth her full love and attention, so she decided to mess around with my so called friend and have a child with him instead of me."

412 days ago


Simon and Lauren Both Have NO Class...

412 days ago


Wow. Her nose job is horrendous. Simon doesn't have great taste in women but sheesh. She is not someone I would go to the trouble for. And BTW, what kind of grown woman does not use birth control to get pregnant by someone when she is still married? Simon is not the marrying or fathering kind. Sounds like she wants a paycheck to me.

412 days ago


With friends like Simon Cowell, who needs enemies? Really!?! So they may have enjoyed a hedonist and swinger lifestyle but the ultimate rule was broken when the relationship continued behind hubby's back

412 days ago

tmz addict    

Reading tmz satisfies all my needs for human contact!!!!!!

412 days ago


you can't trust either one, they will cheat,cheat,cheat. that's how celebrities live. too much money.

412 days ago


There are pics of the husband looking right at his wife and Simon kissing. SWINGERS!!

412 days ago

John T.    

When a 36 yr old woman gets knocked up by another man while married, it's because the other guy has $$$ . Her husband called it right she's a starf---er. She's after the money for 18 yrs. What a sucker he is.

412 days ago


Sorry, but these hollywood stars need to grow up. Adults,i dont know why and kids look up to these idiots as role models. Maybe simon and justin boober need to start a bro code and piss on more neighbors.

411 days ago


Where's the question on whether this is just yet another of Simons publicity stunts?

411 days ago


In the year 2013 & at the age of 36" where was the birth control? Come on women who are 36 know how to control a accidental pregnancy . Which leads all roads to money & greed versus the desire to bring a new extension into the family . This woman should be ashamed of herself instead of prancing about proudly .

411 days ago


Where's the "I do not care" option?

411 days ago


Where are your Leah Remini stories about her leaving the Scientology cult? Who at TMZ is a member that this story gets buried. Go to ROL to get the info.

411 days ago
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