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Lindsay Lohan

I Never Want to See

A Bottle of Booze Again

8/4/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is fiercely determined to live alcohol free -- and toward that end she's ridding herself of ALL traces of booze ... everywhere she goes.

Lindsay vows to stay clear of the hard stuff and not just in her home.  We're told she will make demands that hotel rooms, dressing rooms ... even mama Dina's home is alcohol free when she's present.  Good luck on that third one.

Fact is ... so far so good.  Lindsay checked in to the Bev Hills Hotel this week and ordered the staff to remove alcohol from her room prior to her arrival.

Lindsay says she'll travel with a sober coach for at least the next week, to make sure she doesn't succumb to temptation.  Ditto when she guest hosted "Chelsea Lately" ... she insisted her dressing room be stocked ONLY with non-alcoholic drinks.

To be clear ... we're not vouching for her in the long run.  It's strictly one day at a time.



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I have been reading everyone's comments. Bravo-once again TMZ poster have outdone themselves. Thank you for the laughs and good night.

415 days ago


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415 days ago


My best to all of the Lohan's - they seem to be heading in the right direction - oh and it's not easy.

415 days ago


Oooohhhh! Get your tickets for this year's Academy Awards show! "The Clamyons" pulled in just under one million at the box office! "just under" - by the way - means $15,000.00.

"Ha ha ha".

415 days ago


until out out of rehab

415 days ago


Yeah, right...In other news.

415 days ago

Chief Gall    

Please allow me to have e few minutes of fun and then I'm gone. The Canyons pulled around 15K in ONE(1) theater Friday and Saturday. The big hit 2 Guns pulled 27,361M Friday and Saturday in 3025 theaters earning $9,045 per theater. Assuming movies are on the screen around six times each day The Canyons had approx. 125 people in the theater during each showing and 2 Guns had 75 in each theater. This means if you walked into any theater showing the big hit 2 Guns there were FEWER humans in the room than you would have seen in one theater EACH time The Canyons was shown. More people in a theater room watching The Canyons!!!! 125 vs 75.

415 days ago


NO ONE wants to PLAY with moi on rol??

415 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

All pills, all the time. Good for you, that seems like an improvement.....

415 days ago


No bottles of alcohol.......Hhmmmmmm!
What about.....Water bottles?

415 days ago


Here's a nightcap for the H8turds, and something to kick around until the Next thread...... in a temporary fit of idleness, I went back on Radar to find Taliban NICOLE's final comment.........

Nothing. 6 stories back, and all her comments (rantings) are missing. Everything, including everyone's replies and scoffs. I'm too uninterested to do the same research here, but how curious that a gaggle of lowly "haters" could grief her out of existence. "Ha ha ha". Hope we can get her booted from Twitter - that's my Next focus. Griefgriefgrief!!!

415 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

For Some reason, Chief Gall Stones thinks that the $15,500 The Clamyons takes in is an enormous sum. He compares it to another film not bothering to think about the difference between showing a film all over the country and at a single venue. He is truly an idiot, and here are the real facts. I copied and pasted this from an answer I made to one of his comments so it will insult him a couple of extra times - I don't think anyone will mind.
Chief Douche Nozzle, you are such an idiot it is pathetic. Since you are incapable of higher thinking skills I will do some math for you: I will also round off numbers because movie revenues are rounded off to the nearest $100 which makes the exact results a little confusing, especially to someone like you with so little brain power. BTW, I went to the IFC web site to get the ticket cost.
> 6 shows per day equals 12 total shows.
> $15,500 for 12 shows equals $1,291 per show.
> The Ticket cost is $13.50 (no comp tickets or member discounts for weekend shows).
> $1,292 divided by the $13.50 ticket cost equals 96 people per show.
> 96 times 12 shows equals 1152 people who bothered to see this atrocity.
That's right Brainiac. In the Greatest city of the Western world, with a population of over 8.5 million, only 1,152 people bothered to go see Lindsay Lohans sagging breasts, jowls, and acting credibility.
You truly are a moron. A stone cold idiot who is incapable of actually thinking something through to it's logical conclusion. That is why EVERYONE here, even Nicole, thinks you are comparable to the turd sticking out Lohan's ass.

415 days ago


I find putting the bottle in the bag keeps me from seeing the bottle. Try it Linds it works if you work it.

415 days ago


Has Lindsay pooped on anything else?

415 days ago

Jack Straw    

Good for her!! I sincerely mean that. I have been there. Its a tough road but better to be on the wagon over that road, then in the ditch. Bravo Miss!

415 days ago
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