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Masturbation Profits

Reveal Possible Welfare Fraud

8/5/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evidence Octomom scammed tax payers is growing faster than Lauren Silverman's belly ... after authorities turned up more proof of possible welfare fraud ... thanks to pay stubs from her masturbation porn.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County of Welfare and Fraud Dept opened an investigation against Octo -- seizing her financial records -- and determined she'd been overpaid $15,683 in welfare funds from Jan to May of 2013.

Now the evidence has grown ... authorities seized payment records from Wicked -- the company that hawked Octo's masturbation porn -- and uncovered Octo's hefty XXX residuals:

January -- $1,839.74
February -- $2,537.27
March -- $1,807.97
April -- $7,381.99 (Easter gifts?)
May -- $3,026.67
June --  $1,295.37

6-month total: $17,889.01 (Again, these are residuals).

The discovery adds fuel to the fire ... that Octo is a welfare cheat.

Octo could be charged with welfare fraud -- a felony -- and if convicted faces prison time.


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BB not bb    

If you make any extra money above a certain amount per month, you have to call in and let them know so that they can adjust your benefits amount. If she did not notify them as expected, she can be overpaid. It was probably ditzy ignorance on her part. I don't think she is purposely trying to scam the system with all of the help she needs. They will probably withhold benefits a certain amount each month until the money is paid back.

447 days ago


Great, put her in jail and spend more of the taxpayer's money. And while she's in jail let the taxpayer's pick up the tab for taking care of her brood.

447 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

She won't go to jail. She'll play the stupid card. She didn't 'understand' and that she relied heavily on other people's help and opinions and they led her astray.

447 days ago


I don't think octomom is living the high life no need to punish her severely. I would rather the irs go after the giudice crew they lived the high life and really abused the system and that will get a lot more attention.

447 days ago


She's going to jail. They're going to use her as a public example.

447 days ago


She has not had a normal life since the moment her story was first aired on Tv.

447 days ago

Fred Farkel    

And you folks were picking on Farrah Abraham???

Oh please.

447 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

I can´t even imagine how screwed up those kids are going to be when they grow up and realize that their mother was a porn star, welfare fraud, and in general the butt of everyone's jokes.

447 days ago


Considering 14 kids that need to be fed and clothed. That's not that much in residuals. Must have been a horrible guy wrenching porno.

447 days ago


She looks like a living blow-up doll with that mouth.

447 days ago


What hell of lips are those?

447 days ago


Many people like to assume that it is in the best interest that these children are separated and sent to foster care, but I am certain that the California children and family services agency has been closely monitoring her, speaking to neighbors and teachers since this story came to light. If there was any chance that they children were being denied medical care, neglected or abused in any way, they would have taken them by now. Nadya should be offered some type of training to support her family by working at home, maybe doing some sort of medical billing, telephone work, even being a bill collector. I mean I do not condone her putting herself in this situation but she did the porn because she is trying to support her family. The state should offer her some sort of training so she can eventually leave public assistance.

447 days ago


Couple of things I agree on...1) Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay because she CHOSE to have 15 kids, all by AI (it wasn't, "Ooops...I'm pregnant after a 1-night-stand!"), and 2) if she did not report this income, even if it wasn't enough to support the family, that is still fraud. That said...if you figure out her income based on those residuals, that household is some $30,000 BELOW the poverty level for a household of 15 people (which according to current standards is about $67,770/yr). There is no way that the kids are getting proper care and treatment on around $36,000 - $37,000 per year! Not saying as a taxpayer I want to support this brood, but just pointing out that in this day and age, especially in California, a normal family would barely be getting buy on that kind of income!

447 days ago


She has been a fraud since day one. She had children that she already could not care for. So she gets 8 more planted into her (with her own cash) then is back on welfare.....for more money. She should have never been given more money once she had the 8. they all need to be taken from her.

447 days ago


DO you understand how many people just in California are on WELFARE??? You really need to go out on the first of the month to the discount stores in the Riverside County and OBSERVE!! I lived in a Gated Community which is really nice but outside the gates, WELFARE!!! And they shop like they have MONEY, which they do provided by Tax Payers. So, I really think there is a BIGGER problem with Fraud in California than this woman and her kids!!

447 days ago
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