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Lindsay Lohan

Bails On EuroTrip

... Thanks to Oprah

8/5/2013 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just spoke about her talk with Lindsay on "Good Morning America." Oprah said she warned Lindsay not to go to Europe because "it's very hard to not go to Capri and not have a Bellini."


Lindsay Lohan
will NOT be going to Europe for a 3-week vacation like she planned ... because Oprah convinced Lindsay she'd relapse if she went, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay booked a one-way ticket to Europe while she was still in treatment, planning to reward her successful rehab stint with a lengthy vacation in the Old World.

Lindsay's flight was scheduled to take off tonight in New York -- with no return date set -- but sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress just pulled the plug on the trip.

We're told Oprah -- who struck a deal with Lindsay to do a post-rehab docuseries later this month -- told Lindsay she should avoid the vacation so soon after rehab because the temptation to relapse would be too great.

We're told Oprah called Lindsay multiple times over the past 24 hours to convince her to stay put ... and Lindsay bought it, believing she needs to focus on her sobriety right now -- not jetsetting around the world. Impressive.

Also, Oprah was out signing autographs today and talked about her time with LiLo ...


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I wonder if the niece nibbler visited the Jerry Sandusky thread-if she loves Lindsay she should worship Sandusky. One nibbler to another.

442 days ago


I thought of watching Chelsea lately hosted by Lindsay Lohan but decided to scrub all the toilets in my home. Cleaning four johns was not as nasty for me as watching that show would have been. I do NOT blame anyone who did watch, I know I will weaken and watch the Oprah interview but dang I hate giving Lindsay the viewing numbers. I can hear the BS from the Chief of Bile...Oprah's interview of Lindsay brought in the largest viewing audience ever...people not understanding that 79% of that audience tuned in to see if Lindsay's lies were laughable or if her acting has deteriorated to the point, the lies were painfully obvious. (Remember, 81% of my stats are made up in the moment.) I thought the way everyone was gushing about Lindsay reading cue cards that there would be more of a response today but Oprah stole her thunder which could happen with the interview. Great comments about Oprah asking the tough questions and Lindsay coming up with ridiculous sound bite answers. Lindsay is RIGHT now, a ticking sober time bomb. That bomb goes off, and she will be guzzling vanilla extract or even rubbing alcohol like my granddad did when he would jump off the wagon my grand mom put him on. It doesn't work until you get on that wagon willing, and even then it's hard work.

442 days ago


Damn nicole, we all hate lielo but can make a better video then that..we could make her look less like a terrorist skank whore..should have come to us..the shyt pics and viki anal was more appealing then what yall made

442 days ago


Lohan is going to keep her babysitter around long enough to do the joke docu-crap, get paid whatever money, dump the babysittter and go right back. Hey Oprah thanks for the drug money. Maybe we can do this again sometime. I swear to god I will really mean it that time.

442 days ago


My cousin's father did that one time , I remember someone coming up to the coal camp we lived in and asking my dad and mom's step father to come down the road and see if they could get him out of the road cause he was holding up traffic by laying in the middle of the road and grandpa went down their and they had to drag his ass off the road cause he keep fight em cause he said the cars was running over all the ducks that was in the road....come to find out he had drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol cause his wife won't give him money to get any moonshine... he was a serious and out of jail. both in Ohio and Kentucky.....always felt sorry for his kids till I hate to beat them up cause they turn out so mean...Both served prison time....Don't know where they are now.......

442 days ago


If a euro trip was planned after rehab, that shows the girl is unteachable, and will live a short, wretched life.

She was blessed with so much natural beauty. The drugs and alcohol are going to destroy that.

I wish she would learn to apply her own makeup better, and put her foot down with directors that want to cake it on her. No one dresses or makes her up to her advantage.

442 days ago


Sorry DeeDee that last comment was suppose to have posted as a reply to your last comment but looks like TMZ like it so well they posted it on its own....LOL

442 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I feel like I should say this to everyone.........I hate her.

442 days ago


C'mon people. This is all bullshyt promotion and hype.

442 days ago


So either it was...
(A) The Slag never had a ticket to begin with, cuz she's broke!
(B) Oprah told her...."Bitch, I ain't paying extra to have my film crew follow you to Europe. No! You ain't leaving the states until my 8-part crap series in the can."
(C) The Turbanators decided to hold off on the "Welcome Back Gangbang" (They didn't want to be on camera)

442 days ago


Oh please. There was never any trip to Europe and there was never any Oprah to the rescue. This is just nothing more than promotion and hype for the joke interview and docu-joke.

The joke interview as already been taped and in the can. Now it's the 8 whatever docu-joke to be aired sometine in 2014?

Winfrey is getting Lohan fresh out of rehab with a babysitter.

442 days ago


Anyone says because lielo is in recovery and its ok for her to comit crimes before..and should be forgiven.. Give me your address, i am going to get loaded and rob you blind...and you should forgive me because i saw not what i did..

442 days ago


didn't oprah buy the entire lohan family? they gotta do what her higness say's from here on out right?

442 days ago

Suzy Q     

Catchin' up.

1. Lindsay looked like a turtle with an extreme mullet in her Chelsea seat last night. sense of style. Bad clothes, bad hair.

My favorite part was when Dylan Bruce came out for his segment, he has the audacity to have god manners and say hello to Chuy and Lohan pouts, "on, so you're ignoring me"......because she basically ignored the little guy all night long. What a narcissist. It was embarrassing.

2. I took Sam's link to the Daily Mail on the other thread and they really upgraded Lo's look to high end, but did she get a clue and keep that look? No.

The make up/stylist was going for a sophisticated update on Tippi Hendren in Marnie. I compliment the artist. Great job.

3. There's no way the Oprah production company would let HiLo leave the country. They knew she wouldn't be back for the fictiondo***entary and if she did come back, she'd be a drug addled mess.

I think the trip was real, and they had to bribe her to stay. Or threaten her with a lawsuit. But those calls went to the manager.

442 days ago


That's the biggest laugh of this whole Campaign this Oprah shyt takes at least a good year before you can say some one is cured...rehabbed or recovered ...Damn not a week !!! This is Instant Recovery the Lohan Cure....!!!! So laughable.......

442 days ago
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