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Scott Disick

My Judas Is Hot

8/11/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget comparing himself to Jesus -- Scott Disick thinks he's more important than Kris Kardashian and Kanye West ... who BTW really does think he's Jesus.

Scott posted this pic in his Instagram, and The Last Supper comparisons are delicious.  Notice Kris Humphries (3rd from left) is present.

You would think Kris H. would be in the spot of Judas, but that was reserved for 17-year-old Kendall.

Scott's the best Kardashian ever.


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Hope KRIS HUMPHRIES sues them for using his likeness without his permission!

347 days ago


Used to think scott was a total douche now not so much

347 days ago


Who the F cares? Seriously. Who F-ing cares?

347 days ago

tmz addict    

the amount of devil worship is unbelievable....GO AWAY....

347 days ago


Gross and effeminate. Cant wait for his slut in law Kris to produce "North Going South".

347 days ago


This entire family is totally disgusting. I mean the toilet full of s**t over flowed on the floor disgusting. They serve no purpose. All they do is suck up oxygen. Only ever watched one of their shows and refuse to subject myself the their stupid mentality. When you stop and think about it, the Lohans actually have talent and brains than this bunch. Granted some are addicts, but at least what brain cells they have left are somewhat firing. The Kardashians are really not that intelligent. They think acting stupid and goofy is entertainment. But then again, their not acting.

347 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe Scott feels like a martyr, raising some other man's kid and being told it was his and believing his girlfriend loved him and was loyal to him when she was yearning for someone else. I kind of think if he did get free of them, he would be able to do more in life.

I feel like Kourtney is kind of messing with his head. It seems like everything he does, she has some sort of judgement about. If he buys a piano, it is too expensive and he has to bring it back. If he wants to learn about Judaism, she says it is just for show and he shouldn't do it unless it is sincere. If he tries to run a bar, she says he is hanging out with his friends and getting drunk instead of working.

I think he feels like he is second guessed all the time and that is why he is always seeming to be annoyed and whining. I don't think Kourtney really loves him or takes him seriously, because she won't marry him and she is just kind of cold to him all the time. She won't even sleep with him yet she sleeps with this Girganti guy in two seconds, allegedly.

I don't know if she is doing it all on purpose or is just unsure of herself. I think she does it because she is just settling for him while she really likes someone else. I could be wrong, but I am getting more convinced that that kid really is the other guy's. I saw a picture of Michael at that age and he looked like Mason and had the light hair.

I do feel bad for Scott in this situation. This drama is off the charts.

347 days ago


How is him mocking the Last Supper, funny?!... Just for that, I really hope Mason isn't his.

347 days ago


Kris H. Is probably some where saying "Don't include me in with those over exposed fools....I escaped that looney bin, remember?"

347 days ago


This is so disgusting. Scott needs to remember how to pray and ask for forgiveness.

347 days ago

Norma Desomd    

What the hell is wrong with this degenerate piece of crap?This POS and this entire family sans Humphries cuz he got out in time, should and will most likely rot in hell.

347 days ago


F$ck these s***bags and this site!

347 days ago


Jewish Harvey Levin thinks it's perfectly ok to mock Christ/Christianity....but let someone write something disparaging about Jews and they raise holy hell. Seems a bit hypocritical.

347 days ago


wait, I thought Bono was Jesus.

347 days ago



347 days ago
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