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Paula Deen

Wins Racial Lawsuit

That Destroyed Her

8/12/2013 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0628_paula_deen_article_tmz_1In one of the most supremely ironic court decisions in a long time, a judge just threw out the racial discrimination claim filed against Paula Deen -- the very lawsuit that destroyed the famous chef.

A judge just ruled ... Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination, BECAUSE SHE'S WHITE!  Any comments that Deen or her cohorts may have made had no legal consequence to her, because she's simply not the right color.

Jackson made a tenuous argument that someone in her family was bi-racial -- something that may not be true at all.  But the judge said even if it were true, she was at best an "accidental victim."

Short story -- Jackson ruined Paula with a bogus claim. 

The case goes on, because Jackson also claims sexual discrimination, and so far there's not basis to doubt that she's a woman.



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Good -- three cheers for Paula.

415 days ago


I think Paula should file a suit against the IDIOT AND SUE FOR damages from this stupid CLAIM...

415 days ago


That's the stupidest excuse I have ever heard. But then when you can buy the best lawyers, money talks. I guess you can buy biogtry too.

415 days ago


NOw Paula turn around an sue the one that said what you said,make trouble for her/ him

415 days ago

Patricia Fraley    

I will no longer shop at the stores that dropped Paula Dean and my friends are doing the same , They need to ask their selfs if they ever did any thing or said anything wrong. I am sure they have.

415 days ago

Cathy Howard    

NOW ITS TIME FOR ALL THE PAIN TO GO AWAY..Paula get your show on air now..cause we love and miss seeing you on tv

415 days ago


This is pure bull****, it really proves we do live with a bunch of hypocrites, judgmental people, and stereotypes.

Who the hell cares if she said the "N" word, why when Drake or Lil Wayne, Rhianna, Chris Brown use it in every god damn interview or when Drake uses it against Chris Brown as a feud that no one cares, brings it up or anything? Why is that, because they're black so it's okay for them to say it? Why when Paula Deen says it a bunch of **** happens and people hate her? This is complete bull****, we have 2 scrub bags make false claims against her to get media attention and money!

She lost everything, she's being followed, hated and more stories of complete bull**** are coming up against her, this woman is living in a hole of hell made by the media, I support Paula Deen no one, I say no one deserves this. Kevin Hart was trying so hard not to laugh in one interview when he was asked about her, he was claiming that it 'hurt' when really he didn't give one damn ****.

Leave her the **** alone, she doesn't deserve this, she is innocent and she is a victim. If your walking down a street and someone says the "N" word 8x your not going to do anything nor are you going to care, why, because no one gives one ****! But because Paula is rich and famous than it blows into this hell hole? Honestly?

The real victim is Paula, the murderer is the media and the people who support the media rather than Paula.

Your jokes about Paula is delusional and unnecessary, morons, grow up, this is pathetic, go back to following Justin Bieber.

415 days ago


I'm glad for Paula. If I was sued for everything I ever said someone found somehow offensive I said in my lifetime I would spend the rest of my life in court.

415 days ago


Sorry, her complaint wasn't bogus. PD is still a racist. The judge was saying, Lisa is white so the bigot remarks didn't apply to Lisa. That does not mean the suit wasn't without merit. Like PD said, "She is what she is and she's not changing." A racist is as a racist does. I'm just saying!

415 days ago

Mary Harris    

After all that BS! Now let that poor woman recover from everything she lost. Maybe she will be able to get her career back on track. She should sue that B. And everyone who dropped her goods. Good Luck Paula, I'm rooting for you.

415 days ago


Whoever wrote this is a closest racist. The undertone in this article is down right obvious. I do not care about the skin tone of the author but the perception of African Americans are there. The case may have been bogus but the mere fact that this lady felt comfortable with making such a derogatory with any race is enough to ruin the bigots career! She felt comfortable making such remarks because of the lady skin tone(which a lot of you do) this time however someone said Oh hell no, you wrong and I'm going to expose you.

415 days ago


I'm with you all the way Paula - congrats on your win!

415 days ago


Most Americans don't give 2 cents what color you are. Those that do are not worth 2 cents. I don't think Let's finally burn the "race-card" like we did the draft-card in the 60's. Black or white, put this issue to rest. Change the world.

415 days ago

Paul Usfan    

I hope that she and her lawyers clean up like never before. I would represent her because I feel this would be the easiest $20,000,000 to collect.( reminder: this is just the attorney fees.) a real slam dunk is just up the road for Paula & Co.

415 days ago

Cathy O'    

The accuser wasn't even African American. She was white. You go Paula.

415 days ago
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