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Paula Deen

Wins Racial Lawsuit

That Destroyed Her

8/12/2013 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0628_paula_deen_article_tmz_1In one of the most supremely ironic court decisions in a long time, a judge just threw out the racial discrimination claim filed against Paula Deen -- the very lawsuit that destroyed the famous chef.

A judge just ruled ... Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination, BECAUSE SHE'S WHITE!  Any comments that Deen or her cohorts may have made had no legal consequence to her, because she's simply not the right color.

Jackson made a tenuous argument that someone in her family was bi-racial -- something that may not be true at all.  But the judge said even if it were true, she was at best an "accidental victim."

Short story -- Jackson ruined Paula with a bogus claim. 

The case goes on, because Jackson also claims sexual discrimination, and so far there's not basis to doubt that she's a woman.



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Paula should get some scientoligists to kick her arse!

440 days ago


If we all came from monkeys than we all have a beef with Paula.

440 days ago


PERFECT!! It is a friggen WORD people. GET OVER IT. She is an older southern woman OF COURSE she said it.

This country needs to wake up and stop coddling black people. At the same time, black people need to stop demanding to be coddled!!

People owe you NOTHING.

You are driving racism more than anyone else.

STFU and act like you are an equal rather than whining and expecting something owed to you because your mom's uncle's cousin's babysitter on his mom's side was a slave.

The day I can say I'm proud to be a white woman two seconds after a black woman says she is proud to be a black woman and NOT be called a racist is the day racism is over.

Equality people.

440 days ago


Lisa Jackson has an 'in-law" who is actually Latin American, not Black.

440 days ago


It's one Judge , not a JURY ..I don't understand the excitement ...Funny , how we all act like we have a Perfect Court system ..Maybe , the judge likes her ..It happens

440 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

That makes since considering the plaintiff was a white woman who was claiming to be offended by the racism Paula and her brother heaped on their black employees. She should have at least gotten a few of her black coworkers to join the suit even though that still probably wouldn't have helped her. It's nice of her to be offended for others though. I guess.

440 days ago

Loretta Love    

Paula Deen is dead...good~

440 days ago

She's baaaack    

I find Paula Deen annoying and don't watch her shows or buy her stuff but I don't understand why she was brought to her knees doing what so many other people do and keep their success. I still don't like her but I hope her brand recovers because this whole thing is bullshlt.

440 days ago

Mrs Libnish    

So, does she get her moneyz back?

440 days ago


No one is protected from vindictive people who can ruin your life and career.
Much the same thing has happened to innocent men sued for sexual harassment.

440 days ago


The foodnetwork can kiss her ass.

440 days ago


Haha Enwards.. good for Paula Deen..

440 days ago


Im happy for Paula, that stupid bitch that lied, ruined Paula! I hope those companies apologize to her, and she tells to to off!

440 days ago


Paula ruined herself when she admitted to saying the "n" word. The dismissal of this case should not be a surprise to anyone.

440 days ago


Goawayglo go AWAY!!! You sound just as bad as the crybaby blacks who cry that everything is racism we are all human. And if this is about race it was Paula's own kind that bought her her demise so EVERYONE SHUT UP AMERICA WILL FOREVER BE RACIST GET OVER IT AND CRY ME A PAULA DEEN CHICKEN DINNER!!!

440 days ago
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