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Mama June

My Daughter's a Cyberbully!

And It's Stopping NOW!

8/13/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June took a can of whoop ass on her daughter after she found out she was cyberbullying two girls in her class ... TMZ has learned.

13-year-old Pumpkin posted 2 cruel Instagram videos last week, ripping into 2 classmates ... calling them fat, ugly and annoying.

What makes it even worse ... 4,000 followers watched Pumpkin rail on the little girls.

The mother of one of the girls got wind of it and blasted Mama June on Facebook, calling her a hypocrite because June has been so active in anti-bullying campaigns.

When June realized what was happening, she went ballistic, and took swift action.  For starters, Pumpkin had her Internet privileges yanked.  June also ordered her daughter to apologize to all involved.

June tells TMZ ... "My family takes bullying very seriously. I do not tolerate it. As a mom, I jumped in, reached out to the parent and took action."

Pumpkin got the message -- she went back on Instagram, but this time to post an apology.

Lesson learned.


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Hmm, I smell next season's plotline? Couldn't be for publicity in any way, no.

407 days ago


This family is almost as annoying as the Kardasians... That being said, good job June

407 days ago


If PUMPKIN is calling somebody Fat, Ugly and Annoying then those girl must be REALLY REALLY REALLY Fat, Ugly and Annoying cause just looking at her family and herself it would be hard for anybody to be Fatter, Uglier or more Annoying.

407 days ago

People Annoy Me    

I kinda like Mama June.
I mean the pageants are one thing, but she at least took action in this.

407 days ago


She's a good mama:)

407 days ago


I'm liking Mama June more & more. I really don't think it's for their show. I don't think Mama J would be contrived like mama karstrashian's mob.

407 days ago


Really? She should cyberbully herself. I mean, hello.

407 days ago


Her daughter is a big fat moron just like she is.

407 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh kids talking smack about each other and its the end of the world. Why is the other girl's mother involved? Sounds like bullying to me, calling out Pumpkin's mom over what one girl said about another. Maybe she should find out what her own daughter was saying and doing to make Pumpkin want to make a video about her.

There are two sides to the story and we haven't heard Pumpkin's side. Mama June kicked their best friend crazy Tony off the show for not being family friendly enough. I think she is letting the stardom go to her head and thinking that she has to put on a good image for everyone.

Not everyone who is a hater has a good reason to be. This includes those who complain about being hated.

407 days ago


I love Mama June! I so badly didn't want to like that show, but I can't help it! She and Sugar Bear seem like such great parents. That's not Pumpkin in the picture, though. That's Jessica.

407 days ago


Good for Momma June. Actual punishment, kids need it. Early and often.

407 days ago

BB not bb    

If your mother makes you apologize, is that really an apology? It sounds more like mind control. I don't think that is fair. If you find people to be fat and annoying, why can't you say so? There are a lot of people who are fat and annoying around me, and I readily admit it.

Sometimes being fat and annoying go hand in hand. Some of the biggest bullies are also also overweight. I have noticed this pattern. Thin people tend to be more quiet and unassuming.

Usually the people who complain about bullying are the biggest bullies themselves. People who really get bullied usually are too shy to even do anything about it. Other people see it and just join in instead of taking a stand. That is what makes it bullying.

Sometimes you go out of your way to rescue someone being picked on, only to have that person turn on you when they people who were picking on them turn on you for defending them. It is dog eat dog.

407 days ago


Say what you want about this family, but Mama June is a good mother and is handling this reality fame with a lot more sense and logic than most reality families. She has set up trusts for everyone and does not live any differently than before her fame. She is genuine.

407 days ago


Finally a parent that doesn't deny or try to justify their kids' bad behavior . Mama June is the real deal

407 days ago

BB not bb    

Here is another thing. You can't call people ugly any more. Some people are ugly though, that is an opinion. Maybe to someone else they are beautiful, but you can only comment one way and not another? I would rather have someone sincerely tell me what they think instead of flattering me with lies.

Everyone seems to think they are beautiful any more. It seems like beauty has gone out the window. Most people are fat but they all think they are the most gorgeous looking people on earth. That is annoying.

They make fun of normal weight or heaven forbid, underweight people or naturally slender people. They call them sticks and say give them a sandwich and say they look ugly and boney. Why is that not harassment then?

This is all a part of mind control. Do you really want to sell your soul just to be popular and accepted? I guess most would. This is why the country is going downhill.

407 days ago
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