Stacy London On 'What Not To Wear' 'Memba Her?!

TV personality and stylist Stacy London was in her mid 30's when she first appeared as the fashion consultant on TLC's "What Not To Wear" -- a makeover reality show highlighting contestants' (who were nominated by friends, family and coworkers) style transformations -- back in 2003.

London shared the makeover duties with Clinton Kelly as the lifestyle consultant (who you may also recognize from the talk show "The Chew) and famous hairstylists Nick Arrojo and Ted Gibson who've worked with big celebs like Anne Hathaway, Zoe Saldana and Ashley Greene.

Guess what she looks like now at 54 years old!

'My 600-lb. Life' Star Larry Myers Jr. Dead at 48 Suffered Heart Attack

Larry Myers Jr. -- who appeared on Season 10 of "My 600-Lb. Life" -- has died in Texas.

Family spokesperson Sonya Hines-Hall tells TMZ ... Larry -- nicknamed "Mr. Buttermilk Biscuits" on the TLC show -- died from a heart attack at his Houston home last week while mourning the death of a friend.

Larry's relatives announced his passing on social media ... and set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his funeral costs. They also remembered Larry as a talented gospel singer who didn't let his struggle with weight dim "his drive to show love and kindness to all he met."

When Larry appeared on the TLC show in an episode that aired in January 2022, he was bedbound and tipped the scale at a whopping 940 pounds.

Larry underwent weight-loss surgery back in the day, but he gained 400 pounds after the procedure ... leading to his appearance on 'My 600-lb Life."

He was 48.


Matthew Lawrence Chilli's Best Person I've Ever Met!!!


Matthew Lawrence is praising his new girlfriend ... telling us TLC's Chilli is "one of the most spectacular people" he's ever known.

We got the "Boy Meets World" star Thursday at Nesmon Cafe and Boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA, and our photog asked him if going Instagram official with the singer has changed their relationship dynamic.

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Matthew says he and Chilli have agreed to keep their romance private, but that doesn't mean he can't talk about how great a partner she is ... saying he's never met anyone quite like her.

TMZ broke the story ... Matthew and Chilli started officially dating right before Thanksgiving, spending the holidays together in Atlanta, where ML met her family.

Chilli's since met Matthew's relatives, including his famous brothers, and they had nothing but praise for her as well ... telling us she makes Matthew really happy, and that's all that matters.

Remember, Chilli is Matthew's first serious relationship in the wake of his divorce from "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Cheryl Burke. They started hanging out in the summer, going on vacation together in Hawaii and hit it off.

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Matthew and his bros, Joey and Andrew, are doing a new podcast together called "Brotherly Love Podcast" ... and it's debuting today, and they say Chilli will be one of many topics.

TLC's Chilli I'm Off The Market! Dating Matthew Lawrence

Sounds like TLC's Chilli will have a partner when she goes chasin' waterfalls  ... because we're told she's officially dating "Boy Meets World" star Matthew Lawrence!

A rep for Chilli tells TMZ ... she and Matthew are in an exclusive relationship, moving past the friend phase just before Thanksgiving.

We're told the 2 spent turkey day and Christmas together in ATL, where Matthew met Chilli's fam.

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ICYMI, the couple went Instagram official a couple of days ago ... dancin' to "Take On Me" while wearing matching pajamas -- total relationship goals!

As we reported, the 2 were spotted on a Waikiki beach in August ... getting in the water together and sharing some intense convos, according to beachgoers.


Despite signs pointing to a love connection, we were told at the time they weren't dating -- TLC had a show on the island, and Matthew and his pals simply came to watch ... linking up later.

Chilli clearly don't want no scrubs -- because she's got Matthew!!!

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Barbara 'Babs' Thore Dead At 76

Barbara "Babs" Thore, known to many as Whitney's mom on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life," has died.

Whitney broke the news to fans Thursday ... saying her mom died Wednesday "just as the credits rolled on her favorite movie." She says the time she passed -- 10:32 PM -- was also the exact time Whitney was born back in 1984.

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Whitney says her mom suffered from cerebral amyloid angiopathy ... an unfortunately untreatable condition that can cause brain bleeding, strokes and dementia. She says Babs had been having strokes since 2017.

She goes on to share her love for her mom, and her pain about the tragic loss -- she ends the post directed at the fans, "We are unbelievably thankful that we've been able to share her with you and it is our hope that her memory will continue to be a source of comfort and happiness for the rest of your lives ... I love you, mommy."

Fans of the show remember Babs in all 10 seasons of the TLC show ... as the series progressed, a portion of the show began focusing on her health struggles with her condition.

The 10th season saw Babs' road to recovery, and release from the hospital after suffering one of her strokes. TLC has yet to announce whether the hit series will return for the 11th season.

Babs is survived by Whitney, as well as her son, Hunter, and her husband, Glenn.

She was 76.


'90 DAY FIANCE' ANDREW KENTON Unloads Ex's Engagement Ring ... But I Only Got $2,000!!!

"90 Day Fiancé" star Andrew Kenton finally closed the chapter with his ex-fiancée and sold her engagement ring ... but it seems like he may have fumbled the bag in the process.

Andrew tells TMZ he had the ring on the market for 10 days before he found a buyer on eBay ... who forked over $2,250 for the diamond ring set in gold. He wishes the new owner nothing but happy moments with the bling, and he's happy to finally close that chapter of his life.

However, it seems like Andrew took a huge loss, because he apparently got the ring appraised for $7,300 back in 2019.

He ended up getting 24 bids for the ring, but it's unclear if any of them are fans of the hit show that led to him getting the piece in the first place.

As we've reported, Andrew listed the engagement ring he gave his (now) ex-fiancée Amira Lollysa, on the TLC show, telling us it was a sad reminder of their past.

As for the ring... the Neil Lane design is a princess-cut emerald, sitting atop a crown of diamonds and set in 14k white gold.

Andrew appeared on season 8 of the series after meeting Amira, who's from France, online. They wound up getting engaged in 2018 but called the whole thing off on the season finale.

When they broke up, he claims he asked for the ring back, and Amira demanded nearly $300 in Kim Kardashian makeup to give it up.

Now it's off both their hands.

'Cheer' Star Cassadee Dunlap Father Shot in Arkansas


7:50 AM PT -- A spokesperson for Little Rock PD tells TMZ Dunlap had been out at a bar or club with his nephew prior to coming home, and it's believed he was intoxicated. When Dunlap got back to his apartment complex, he entered the wrong building and then forced his way into the wrong apartment. The homeowner shot him multiple times, as much as 5 or 6.

Cassadee Dunlap's father was shot this week ... this after there was reportedly a mix-up on whose home he was in.

The Netflix star -- who appeared on the second season of "Cheer" -- hasn't publicly addressed the incident, but we've learned the man identified by authorities after Saturday's shooting, Ronald Dunlap, is in fact Cassadee's dad.

According to reports, cops say he's in critical condition after he somehow made his way into someone's apartment in Little Rock, seemingly by mistake, in the middle of the night ... and was shot by the homeowner.

It's unclear how or why this unfolded the way it did, but the person who shot Dunlap told authorities they heard someone banging at their door around 3 AM and then -- thinking there was a stranger in their kitchen -- fired several rounds, striking Dunlap.

Dunlap's brother, David, says he's still in the hospital and fighting for his life.

A neighbor's door was apparently also hit by bullets, but no other injuries have been reported. It does not appear any charges have been filed thus far either.

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BTW, Dunlap is the ex-husband of TLC’s "Cheer Perfection"s' Alisha Miller Dunlap Hinson -- Cassadee and Alisha were also both featured in TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras."

'90 Day Fiance' Andrew Kenton Selling Ex-Fiancée's Engagement Ring ... 'It's a Sad Reminder'

It's a classic case of out with the old, and in with ... some cold hard cash for "90 Day Fiancé" star Andrew Kenton, who's selling off the ring he gave his ex on the show.

Andrew tells TMZ ... he moved to California earlier this year, and left the ring and wedding band with his family before deciding to put them up for sale.

He says the ring holds a lot of old memories and is a sad reminder of his past with Amira Lollysa, his ex-fianceé. While he has no need for it, he figures selling it is a golden opportunity for any superfans of the TLC hit show.

Andrew has listed the ring on eBay with an opening bid of $1k, but says it's worth $7,300 ... at least, according to the appraisal he got back in 2019.


Whoever snags the bling will get a shiny white 14k gold ring made by Neil Lane. It's princess cut and has an emerald that sits on top of the crown of diamonds.

You might remember Andrew from season 8 of the series where he and Amira, who's from France, met online and eventually got engaged in Las Vegas in 2018.

The couple faced major hurdles with getting a visa due to the pandemic and split on the finale before getting married. When they broke up Andrew asked for the ring back, and claimed he had to send Amira nearly $300 in Kim Kardashian makeup to get her to return it.

The estranged couple's moved on, and the ring is really the only unfinished business remaining from the relationship -- but Andrew's hoping to change that soon.

'90 Day Fiancé' Jesse Meester I Didn't Forget About You Joe Exotic!!! ... But Don't Count on a Pardon

Joe Exotic hopes his friendship with "90-Day Fiancé" alum Jesse Meester will get him sprung from prison with a pardon ... but Jesse's not so sure Joe Biden will grant the Tiger King's wish.

Joe shocked the Internet Monday when he posted a shirtless pic of his "amazing dear friend" Jesse, saying Jesse was going to help get the favor from Biden. Jesse commented on the post, "It’s sad that the backstabbing and lying has become the norm [in] this society. Time to unite and fight back to get you out."

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Jesse, who dated Darcy and Jennifer on the TLC series, says he struck up a friendship with the Tiger King through a fan online, who saw his social media posts supporting Joe and connected them. He then made some friends in The White House a few years back after then-President Trump re-tweeted him and had hope for a pardon for Joe. With Joe Biden now in office, despite what Joe might believe, the pardon seems unlikely.


Jesse now thinks Joe's best shot of getting free is through the legal system ... based on all the new evidence he claims they've received. Jesse's now using his social media to help raise awareness and fundraise for Joe's legal expenses.

Joe's attorney, Autumn Blackledge, tells TMZ ... “Joe is always thankful to have the support of someone who desires to help him and as his attorney, welcome the public support from someone who only has Joe’s best interest in mind.”

'90 Day Fiance' Barber Featured on Show ... On Most Wanted List for Murder

A barber featured on "90 Day Fiancé" is on the run from an alleged murder case … and he’s now one of the country’s most wanted men.

Michael Anthony Baltimore landed on the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted list last month for what authorities say was a killing he commissioned in Carlisle, PA — where he allegedly shot and killed his barbershop boss, Kendell Cook, and injured another man in the process.

The agency says Baltimore is wanted for assault, homicide and parole violation charges — noting he has an extensive criminal history and should be considered armed and dangerous.

There are 3 different rewards being offered by just as many agencies … $25k, $10k and $2,000, respectively.

As for what exactly might’ve led up to the alleged shooting, local reports suggest Baltimore had been beefing with Cook for years … which is interesting, because they were depicted as chummy on the show.

Each of them was featured in a handful of episodes during 2019’s "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" fourth season -- as side characters -- where their friendly banter was filmed in the shop.

The couples on for that season were Jay and Ashley, Nicole and Azan, Chantel and Pedro, Colt and Larissa and others. Talk about a plot twist.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Stephanie Matto Guess Who Bid $2,700 For Date With Me??? Another '90 Day' Stephanie

A couple of Stephanies from "90 Day Fiance" are going on a date together ... after Stephanie Davison won the auction to wine and dine Stephanie Matto.

Matto, the '90 Day' star famous for selling farts in a jar, tells TMZ ... she auctioned off a 1-hour private virtual candlelight date with her, resulting in a bidding war between one of her super fans and someone going under the username 'stephiejosinbox,' who scored a win with a $2,700 bid.

SM says she was completely blindsided when she was messaged by fellow '90 Day' star by the same first name, Stephanie, on Instagram ... informing her she was the winning bidder.

Matto and Davison have never met, and SM says Davison told her she wants an hour of her time to talk about marketing ideas. Matto also sells her boob sweat -- and is especially interested in a potential fart jar collab.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're also told 10% of Davison's $2,700 winning bid is being donated to the Be The Match Foundation, which helps people find donors for lifesaving bone marrow.

'90 Day Fiance' Pedro Jimeno Files For Divorce From Chantel Everett You Siphoned $257K from Our Bank Account!!!

"90 Day Fiancé" star Pedro Jimeno has filed for divorce from Chantel Everett ... claiming she took a ton of money from their joint account just to spite him.

The court documents, obtained by TMZ, show Pedro first filed back in May, claiming the two separated the month before. He said their marriage was "irretrievably broken" ... the case is still ongoing.

He also filed an emergency motion on the same day, claiming Chantel withdrew $257K from their joint business account just 5 days before they were separated -- allegedly transferring the money to an account in her and her sister's name.

Pedro claims he tried to resolve the issue but to no avail, so he asked the judge to make her transfer the money over to a joint account until it could be divvied up in the divorce.

The judge denied the request for an emergency hearing, but said the court would set a hearing for a later date to resolve the issue.

As for the divorce, Pedro is seeking an equitable division of all marital property.

Chantel's attorney Jarett R. Sliz declined to comment.

'90 DAY FIANCE'S' PAUL STAEHLE Returned Home After Missing Person's Report ... Son Taken By Child Services

Paul Staehle and his 3-year-old son Pierre have safely returned home to Kentucky after a police bulletin reported them missing last week, TMZ has learned.

'The 90 Day Fiancé' star tells TMZ ... he drove back to the Louisville area on Saturday with Pierre, and the two met with Paul's parents at a park.

Paul said he turned Pierre over to his parents because he didn't want to deal with all the drama involving Child Protective Services.

He says he needs more time to process the legal situation engulfing him, his ex-wife Karine Martins and their 2 young kids, Ethan and Pierre.

After they were reported missing, Paul denied kidnapping Pierre and going on the lam with him, insisting they had been on a long work trip together since early June.

Paul's parents contacted CPS officials, who picked up Pierre and reunited him with 1-year-old Ethan at a foster home.

As we’ve reported, Paul and Karine lost custody of their children to CPS after videos surfaced of the couple's abusive relationship dating back to 2010, when they were featured on the show.

Paul's parents are now seeking full custody of the kids and plan to duke it out with the authorities in family court.

A rep for Louisville Police Department confirmed to TMZ ... Pierre was located and is safe, and the Missing Person’s report had been closed on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

'90 Day Fiance's' Paul Staehle Denies He & Son Pierre are 'Missing' ... Heading Back from Trip

Paul Staehle and his young son, Pierre, were reported missing this week -- alarming fans who've followed his story ... but the guy says it's a big misunderstanding.

The "90 Day Fiance" star tells TMZ ... he's aware he and his 3-year-old have officially been reported as MIA in Louisville, KY -- made public in a since-deleted bulletin posted by Missing People in America -- but denies he's kidnapped and fled with his own kid ... saying they were simply on a long work trip together dating back to early June, and that Pierre is safe.

Paul -- who says he's had, in recent months, sole custody of his 2 children, Pierre and Ethan, whom he shares with ex-wife, Karine Martins -- explains that he's been bouncing around these past few weeks between Pennsylvania and FL with Pierre, as PS seeks work.

The reason he brought Pierre with him for this journey, he says, is because the kid suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Since they left, though, local CPS officials have taken custody of his other son (who was staying with Paul's mom, we're told) ... and then filed a missing person's report with cops. Louisville Metro PD confirms to TMZ they took the report.

As for what's going to happen now ... Paul tells us he and Pierre are heading back to Louisville STAT to deal with this mess, and he hopes to regain custody of his children on his own or through his folks by going to court, which he says he'll do in the coming weeks.

As for why he's even dealing with custody issues in the first place ... well, '90 Day' fans are probably well aware of his and Karine's tumultuous relationship dating back to the 2010s -- when they were on the show -- which has only gotten more volatile after tying the knot.

The most recent hiccup between them went down last year, when video purportedly showed Karine being abusive to Paul ... on the heels of a reported divorce filing. Unclear where things stand now, but it appears the powers that be have stepped in over their kids -- who are alleged to have been present during some of the dust-ups between the parents.

As for Karine, she issued a statement on the matter ... in Portuguese.

'90 Day Fiance' Deavan Clegg 3-year-old Son Diagnosed w/ Leukemia

The son of "90 Day Fiance" stars Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee has been diagnosed with leukemia.

3-year-old Taeyang was diagnosed with b-cell quite lymphoblastic leukemia last week -- a type of blood cancer that's more common in young children ... Deavan's publicist, Lindsay Feldman of BrandBomb PR, tells TMZ.

He's been in the hospital ever since and is expected to stay there a while ... he's already started chemo treatments and is awaiting further procedures. Deavan was told this will be a long two-year process, with a high success rate of full recovery in five years.

According to the GoFundMe page started by Deavan's mother, Taeyang took countless trips to the ER before a specialist told them he had cancer cells. The family is looking to raise $50K to cover expenses.

We're told Deavan attempted to contact Jihoon about their son's diagnosis but has been unsuccessful ... he has her and her family's numbers, emails and social media blocked. She even tried contacting Jihoon's father but was unsuccessful.

Fans of the show know Taeyang's been caught in the middle of his parent's messy divorce ... according to Deavan, Jihoon has no more rights to his son and hasn't had any contact with him since late 2020.

Josh Duggar Sister Jill Reacts to Child Porn Sentence ... It's God's Vengeance

Josh Duggar was just slammed by his sister and brother-in-law ... calling his prison sentence for child porn God's vengeance.

Jill and Derick Dillard posted, "The Bible clearly states that God effects justice and vengeance through the governing authorities. Though some believe Josh should have received a greater sentence and still fewer believe he should have received a lighter sentence, God has carried out his vengeance today for his unspeakable criminal activity."

Jill and Derick says 12 years, 7 months behind bars and 20-years probation thereafter is the only way Josh can rehabilitate himself, "to the point he can safely live in society again."

They went on ... "Hopefully, Josh can actually begin to get treatment and begin to work toward a lifestyle where he is less likely to reoffend. If for nothing else, the notoriety of this case has hopefully contributed to the deterrence of potential offenders and will help protect children by decreasing the demand for' child pornography."

Josh's lawyer, Travis Story, tells TMZ they will fight the conviction on appeal.

As we reported, the "19 Kids and Counting" star was found guilty on one count each of receiving and possessing child pornography. According to prosecutors, some of those images were minors under the age of 12.

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