TLC's Chilli Nothing to Do with Matthew's Divorce From 'DWTS' Cheryl Burke

Fans accusing TLC's Chilli of coming between Matthew Lawrence and his ex -- 'DWTS' star Cheryl Burke -- are barking up the wrong tree ... even though Cheryl seems to be throwing shade about the new relationship.

A source familiar with the situation tells TMZ ... Matthew's divorce was filed before he started talking to Chilli in any romantic way -- they knew each other, but simply weren't pursuing one another.

Chilli and Matthew did reconnect in March, a month after Cheryl filed for divorce, at a '90s convention ... but sources say they waited a while before jumping into anything serious due to Matthew being fresh out of his marriage.

Chilli was even dating other people up until they made things official over the holidays -- and we're told Matthew and Cheryl weren't living together when the romance began.

In fact, Cheryl herself says she and Matthew were officially single as of September.

As we reported, Chilli and the "Boy Meets World" star spent the holidays -- Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year -- together in Atlanta with her family.

Cheryl took to Instagram soon after our story, posting a short and seemingly sour message -- "That was fast ..."


Based on those 3 words, people online suspected some relationship overlap, but our sources say there was no funny biz ... as Chilli wanted to make sure there was no gray area before going exclusive with Matthew.

Maitland Ward Danielle Might Hate Me ... I Think I Was Too Hot on 'BMW'!!!


Maitland Ward has a theory about why things aren't great between Danielle Fishel and her -- and it's all about the former costars having an unspoken war of hotness.

We got the actress -- who's doing adult films lately -- in L.A. on the heels of her releasing a memoir, "Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood." She's dishing juicy stories she's experienced in the biz ... including while shooting "Boy Meets World."

One of the nuggets that seeped out into her writing was an apparent feud that developed between Topanga (Fishel) and her. The puzzling part of that revelation is Maitland tells us the beef evolved out of nowhere ... at least on the surface of things.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We asked why she thinks Danielle might've given her the cold shoulder in recent years ... and what sparked the apparent animosity?

In Maitland's eyes, she thinks it all goes back to the Disney set they used to share, and the spotlight she thinks Danielle wanted all for herself.

Not just that, Maitland also suggests that her pivot into porn might have something to do with this -- she says Danielle's a bit more straight-laced than she is, and her career shift probably doesn't sit too well with her ... especially since Maitland's character was already getting the extra-sexy treatment during their original run way back when.

Speaking of that, there's another sort of bombshell Maitland revealed in her book -- namely that producers for the show allegedly used to ask her to model lingerie as they were tinkering with storylines.


Slimy stuff, no doubt and painfully reminiscent of allegations other child stars have recently made about their on-set experiences.

We're betting Maitland has more where that came from in 'X Rated' ... which is out now.

'Girl Meets World' Dragged for Being 'Problematic' ... On God, Autism, Etc.

Twitter is at it again -- calling the "Boy Meets World" spinoff, "Girl Meets World," "problematic" years after it went off the air ... all because of how it dealt with delicate topics.

For whatever reason, several different clips from the show -- which ran on Disney Channel between 2014 and 2017 -- were resurfaced over the weekend ... with many of them drawing the ire of random Twitter users who are criticizing the show with a 2021 lens.

One example ... a clip where the character Farkle expresses he doesn't necessarily believe in God because he can't "see" him, basically suggesting he might be agnostic. Cory Matthews (now playing a Mr. Feeny-esque character) chimes in and explains that just because Farkle can't see God, doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't exist, using ROYGBIV as an example.

Heavy-handed? Eh, maybe. Is it "problematic" and worthy of ridicule ... not at all. Still, Twitter truthers are crushing the show for "pushing" Christian beliefs -- when in reality, all that's happening is an adult is, at worst, trying to influence a kid. Which is ... fine. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Here's another "problematic" theme people are now finding vile and offensive. That same character, Farkle, once said he might be autistic with Asperger's -- which his friends try to deny and convince him otherwise ... which Tweeters *think* means Disney was suggesting being autistic is a bad thing and something to be looked down on -- that's a huge reach.

His friends were just showing concern ... which again, is fine. Just because they weren't throwing him a party for the news doesn't mean they were saying Asperger's is awful.

One last episode that's getting gutted some 4 years later ... 'GMW' touched on communism, of all things. Some of the kids in Cory's history class go full commie -- and they play up the stereotype that communists all think the same and want everyone to be the same.

Cory gives a corny speech praising the fact that differences are important ... kinda punching a hole through the so-called communism doctrine. People are now claiming that Disney intended to shove capitalism down kids' throats ... which yet again, is twisting things.

Did 'GMW' tackle some issues in cringe fashion? Sure. But, saying this show is problematic and/or is terrible in hindsight is unfair, and just one more example of resurrecting years-old media to give it a woke 2021 postmortem autopsy ... which always looks bad.

Maitland Ward Sued You Screwed Us Out of More than $270k After Filming Porn w/ You!!!


5:01 PM PT -- Maitland tells TMZ ... "The fact that these long time friends have gotten together after so many months to sue me is complete slander and immoral. There are zero contracts and agreements that have any info pertaining to this completely made up story."


She says the lawsuit is "a joke and warning to all porn stars to be careful who you shoot with on the outside."

Maitland Ward's encounter with an actress is coming back to bite her in the butt ... because she's being sued over the filming of those steamy scenes.

A reality TV and adult entertainment actress, along with a videographer/editor, are suing the former "Boy Meets World" actress turned porn star claiming she screwed them out of more than $270,000 they claim they rightfully earned.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the actress and videographer claim they started working together in July 2017, and all went fine and dandy. So good, in fact, Maitland allegedly started hooking up with the actress off-screen. But, according to the lawsuit, that relationship went south ... and so did a deal they say they cut with Maitland around September 2018 that was supposed to land them a hefty payday.

In docs, the actress and videographer claim Ward and her lawyer got a hold of the money they were all supposed to split, but instead of getting paid they got strung along with bad checks and broken promises. The actress and videographer are now suing for the money they claim they're owed -- $180K for the actress and $90K for the videographer -- plus other damages.

We've reached out to Maitland, so far no word back.

Originally Published -- 4:42 PM PT

'Boy Meets World' Maitland Ward Xmas Porno's All the Rage Hallmark/Peloton Spoof, Let's Do It!!!


Maitland Ward says there's a lot of porn potential in two controversial ads for this holiday season -- and it sounds like she wants to do 'em ... make them into spoofs, we mean.

We talked to the former "Boy Meets World" actress -- who played Rachel for a few seasons,  but has since turned to adult films -- and asked her about the recent Hallmark commercial that was temporarily yanked from the network because it featured a lesbian couple kissing. Maitland says the move was ridiculous, and yes ... she was offended.


Our photog went a little deeper though and asked a natural follow-up ... any potential there for a porno spin on it??? Check it out -- seems like Maitland thinks there might be a sex-filled future, which she says would absolutely piss off Hallmark. Hmmm ... you think?!?

More than that though, she says the highly-mocked Peloton ad is porn gold. She doesn't exactly explain why, but we'll just let your dirty imagination run wild with the possibilities.


Our camera guy also probed about how Maitland's paycheck now compares to her Disney days, and you might find her answer pretty surprising. Porn >>> 'BMW'

Mr. Feeny Thwarts Burglary

William Daniels, the actor who played Mr. Feeny in "Boy Meets World," stopped an attempted burglary at his home ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... William and his wife, actress Bonnie Bartlett, were at their San Fernando Valley home Saturday night at 9:20 PM when someone tried to kick in the back door. William sprang into action, turned on the lights, and the intruder high-tailed it off the property.

Sounds like Mr. Feeny is still pretty sharp at age 91 ... we're guessing he's still got eyes in the back of his head after his longstanding role as teacher-turned-principal on the ABC sitcom. It was always tough to sneak anything past him, just ask Ben Savage.

Despite a recent rash of burglaries in the area targeting celebs, cops believe the attempted burglary was a random act and William was not targeted.

1:10 PM PT -- William and Bonnie are beefing up their home security 3 days after the attempted burglary ... getting a new security system installed.

Shawn from 'Boy Meets World' I Am NOT Part of Spin-Off ... Yet

Rider Strong -- the guy who played Shawn Hunter on "Boy Meets World" back in the day -- says he hasn't signed on to reprise his role on the new spin-off show ... but that could change.

Strong just released a statement about Disney's new show "Girl Meets World" -- which will star Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel from the original 90s show -- and Strong says, "At this point, I have no official involvement."

But Strong adds, "There might be a chance to see some of the BMW cast in a guest spot, and I think it would be nice to find out where our characters have been all these years. But Girl Meets World will be, and I think it should be, it’s own show."

"It will be about Cory and Topanga, their daughter, and a new set of characters ... And I, for one, can’t wait to see it evolve."

Ben Savage New 'Boy Meets World' is SUPER SECRET!!!!

Ben Savage has been SWORN TO SECRECY about the new "Boy Meets World" project ... or so it seems, 'cause when we asked about the rumored reboot last night -- he clammed up like it was a matter of national security.

Savage -- aka Cory Matthews -- was out in L.A. amidst rumors that Disney is all set to relaunch the famous '90s sitcom -- but this time around, the story will focus on the daughter his character had with Topanga.

According to reports, both Savage and Danielle Fishel have been approached to return for the reboot -- but neither actor has officially signed on.

Last night, Savage made it clear ... he knows something, but refused to drop details.


'Boy Meets World' Star You Hired Me Once ... DO IT AGAIN!

The resurrection of "Boy Meets World" might be the greatest news ever for TGIF fans -- AND former cast members who are looking to book a sweet new acting gig.

TMZ spoke with Lily Nicksay -- who played Cory's little sister Morgan from 1993-1995, before being replaced by an older chick.

The now 24-year-old tells TMZ ... She's very excited Disney is revamping the show -- adding, "I'd love to talk [to Disney] about being a part of it."

The news broke this weekend ... the mouse's reboot will be "Girl Meets World" -- and will focus on Cory and Topanga's daughter ... with both Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reportedly being courted to star.

We're told Lily has NOT been approached yet ... but we're sure there's room for a hot aunt in the script somewhere.

Shawn from 'Boy Meets World' 'Memba Him?

Rider Strong is best known for playing Shawn on the '90s sitcom "Boy Meets World." Guess what he looks like now!

Rider Strong: It's Hard for a Guy with a Porn Name

With porn stars out there rockin' names like Dave Pounder, Jack Hammer, and Seymore Butts -- it's easy to see why a guy named Rider Strong ("Boy Meets World") could get mixed in with the Triple-X crowd.

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A Savage Screw Up ...

Fred Savage doesn't care what the hell Topanga is up to these days -- because he's not Ben.

Cue Daniel Stern Voice Over: "It was at that moment I realized ... my brother and I ... look exactly the same."

Topanga from 'Boy Meets World' 'Memba Her?!

For seven seasons (!), Danielle Fishel played Topanga on "Boy Meets World." Guess what she looks like now!

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