OG YouTuber Fred Fred Figglehorn 'Memba Him?!

American YouTuber and actor Lucas Cruikshank aka Fred Figglehorn was just 13 years old when he started his YouTube channel, wrangling in millions of subscribers with his auto-tuned voice and close-up camera angles back in 2006.

With the success of Lucas's channel, he earned sponsorships and even landed on Disney's "Hannah Montana" with Miley Cyrus in 2009. During this time, he also filmed his first Nickelodeon movie "Fred: The Movie" starring John Cena ... "Fred: The Show" and "Fred 3: Camp Fred" would soon follow.

Cruikshank holds the title for first YouTuber to hit 1 million subscribers.

Guess what he looks like now!

Alexa Nikolas 'Zoey 101' Reboot Damages Survivors ... I Wish Cast Would Speak Out!!!


Former "Zoey 101" star Alexa Nikolas says moving forward with a reboot of the show is a slap in the face, given the alleged abuse she and others endured at Nickelodeon.

We got Alexa as she was protesting outside Tri Star in West Hollywood -- where she says she was traumatized while making the hit show -- and she got candid about her misgivings toward old costars participating in the new version.

Alexa tells us the fact the reboot's even being produced disregards those who have come forward to speak about alleged abuse, and it sends a poor message to survivors everywhere ... not just at Nickelodeon.

She didn't hide her contempt for those involved in the show, telling us they're supporting a network she views as complicit in childhood trauma.

She says she wishes her former castmates were protesting with her ... or at the very least, supporting her for speaking out. Now, she just hopes they'll eventually come around to advocate for survivors and safe working conditions.

As we've told you, Alexa has been religiously protesting alleged abuse from higher-ups at the company. She's alleged she was pressured to drink at 18, got unwanted massages from an exec and was offered hush money.

ICYMI, there's been talk about bringing the show back. And, Nickelodeon reportedly announced production for a follow-up "Zoey 101" movie that has started this month with Jamie Lynn Spears as the exec producer.

While Alexa and her former costar, Jamie, have had a strained relationship for many years ... other original cast members are slated to reprise their roles.

Kel Mitchell Coolio Was Joy To Be Around ... Like a Favorite Uncle!!!


"Kenan & Kel" star Kel Mitchell is remembering all the good times he had with Coolio ... telling us the late rapper was super fun to hang out with because he was always full of good vibes and good stories.

The former Nickelodeon star joined "TMZ Live" Thursday where we asked him about his experiences with Coolio, who famously teamed up with Kel and Kenan Thompson back in the day for their show's theme song.

Kel says folks still ask him about the song, and he says Coolio brought the "magic" to the catchy track.

TMZ broke the story ... Coolio died Wednesday at a friend's house in Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources tell us first responders performed CPR for 45 minutes in a frantic effort to revive him.

Kel says Coolio was like everyone's favorite uncle ... because when he showed up at the function, it was a sure sign of a good time.

It's clear Coolio made a big impression on Kel's life ... and he tells us about the last conversation he had with Coolio, a couple months before his death.

'Zoey 101' Star Alexa Nikolas I Didn't Feel Safe at Nickelodeon!!! Demanding Change for Today's Kids


Former "Zoey 101" star Alexa Nikolas is deeply concerned about Nickelodeon's child stars because she "didn't feel safe" when she was there -- so she's at the studio's front door trying to change things.

Alexa was taking matters into her own hands Thursday when we caught up with her during a protest outside Nick's Burbank headquarters. The network's been under fire since former "iCarly" star Jennette McCurdy released a memoir about alleged abuse from higher-ups at the company.

She recalled being pressured to drink at 18, getting unwanted massages from an exec and being offered hush money.

Alexa tells us, she didn't feel Nickelodeon had her best interest in mind, and calls her entire experience there "traumatic."

Unfortunately, she says the stories of alleged abuse are all too familiar to many other kid stars.

She says all Nick stars who have ever felt offended deserve an apology.


On top of that, Alexa says time's up for NDAs -- non-disclosure agreements -- which she says silence children and prevent them from getting help when needed.

Going forward, she hopes the company can redeem itself, but she points out Nick has yet to respond to the allegations from Jennette or herself -- nor has it announced any action will be taken.

Alexa is certain of one thing ... there's zero chance she'd ever attempt to patch things up with Nickelodeon or her former co-star Jamie Lynn Spears. Tension between them started years ago when they're were still working together, and apparently it's only worsened with time.

Alexa says it was triggering to even be outside Nickelodeon, but she was there protesting to face her childhood trauma and to help others moving forward.

Sinjin Van Cleef in 'Victorious' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Michael Eric Reid was 17 years old when he was cast as Sinjin Van Cleef -- a stalker-ish Hollywood Arts High School student who had no shame in his game when it came to hitting on the popular girls -- in Nickelodeon's 2010-2013 sitcom "Victorious."

Michael was cast alongside Victoria Justice as the charming and optimistic popular girl, Tori Vega, Elizabeth Gillies as the jealous and mean girl, Jade West, Ariana Grande as one of Tori's best friends, Cat Valentine and Avan Jogia as the laid back and cool guy, Beck Oliver.

Guess what he looks like at 29 years old!

Kenan Thompson Files for Divorce ... Exes Sharing Child Custody

'SNL' star Kenan Thompson is taking the next step in his separation from his wife of 11 years ... filing divorce docs and hammering out custody of their kids.

According to online records, Kenan filed last month in New York to make his announced split from Christina Evangeline all legal. TMZ broke the story back in April that the couple had separated and were successfully co-parenting their daughters Georgia and Gianna. We're told the couple had been secretly separated for a few years.

Sources connected with the former couple tell us Kenan and Christina agreed to share 50/50 custody -- and they are still living close to one another in NYC to make the custody arrangement easier for everyone involved, especially the kids.

Kenan and Christina tied the knot way back in 2011, saying their "I dos" at an aquarium in Atlanta.

As for why they split, our sources have said they simply grew apart as the years progressed.

Professionally, they lead much different lives. While Kenan's always been in the spotlight ... first as a child star on Nickelodeon, and now the longest-running 'SNL' cast member ... Christina works as an interior designer.

We're told the divorce has been amicable, and they're both putting their kids first.

Craig in 'Drake & Josh' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Alec Medlock was just 14 years old when he was cast as Craig -- the geeky high school student who is friends with Josh -- in Nickelodeon's 2004-2007 sitcom series "Drake & Josh."

Alec was cast alongside Drake Bell as the cool, attractive and guitar playin' brother, Drake Parker, Josh Peck as the nerdy brother, Josh Nichols, Miranda Cosgrove as the devious pranking sister, Megan Parker and Yvette Nicole Brown as Josh's boss and obsessed with Drake, Helen.

Before landing his role on "Drake & Josh" Alec had a voice acting role in "Finding Nemo."

Guess what he looks like today at 32 years old!

Ms. Hushbaum In 'All That' Memba Her?!

American actress and comedian Lori Beth Denberg was just 18 years old when she was cast as Ms. Hushbaum -- the loud librarian who demanded silence but would constantly cause a loud, distracting ruckus -- in Nickelodeon's "All That" from 1994 to 1998.

Denberg was part of the iconic "All That" cast, which also included Kel Mitchell as ED in the popular "Good Burger" sketch, Kenan Thompson as Dexter Reed also in the "Good Burger" sketch and Amanda Bynes as Ashley .... "thats me!"

"Quiet! No talking! This is a library!"

Guess what she looks like today at 46 years old!

Guess Who This Little Cutie Turned Into!

Before this adorable kid turned into a global pop star ... singing, dancing and owning any stage he stepped on ... he was just hangin' at the beach in his diaper, growing up in Tampa, Florida.

This blonde baby first stepped into the spotlight when he was just 7 years old, which may come as no surprise considering he toured with his older brother ... who just so happened to be in one of the most famous boy band groups known to date.

During the early 2000s, this youngster had all of his fans wanting candy!

Can you guess who he is?

Drake Bell Ricky Martin's Got Nothing on Me ... Pool Hall Karaoke!!!


Drake Bell is loudly and proudly living la vida karaoke, and while Ricky Martin might not be all that impressed ... the average bar patron drinking and shooting pool seems to love his singing!

The former Nickelodeon actor popped into a watering hole Tuesday night in Temecula, CA called ET's Classy Lounge ... where he was in the mood for some tunes, belting them out at the top of his lungs.

In the video you see Drake cranking out "Livin' La Vida Loca" at full blast -- and while he sounds pretty decent (dude's a professional singer too, BTW) there were a few bumps along the way ... which DB embellished hilariously.

As ya might be able to tell, we're told the guy was also knocking back a few cocktails while hanging with friends and shooting pool ... when he wasn't singing and snapping selfies with fans.


From all evidence here ... Bell's rebounding from last year's child endangerment case ... for which he pled guilty and got 2 years probation.

Looks like karaoke's helping him put that in his rearview.

Guess Who This Sassy Gal Turned Into!

Before this girl decked out in pink and flowers turned into a child actress and singer, she was just a southern gal brightening up the world with her two older siblings.

This little flower girl skyrocketed to fame when she landed a starring role on a Nickelodeon show centered around Pacific Coast Academy. After taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry, she recently jumped back into the swing of things, as she released a book, a country music album and even stepped back into acting.

Still not too sure who this young, blonde lady could be? You can catch her in Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias."

Can you guess who she is?

Amanda Bynes Everyone Wants To Talk To Me ... But I'm Not Ready

Amanda Bynes is a hot commodity on the interview circuit ... CBS' Gayle King and all the major players are reaching out ... but she's just not ready to answer questions.

Amanda was freed from her 9-year conservatorship Tuesday, and everyone is dying to book her first interview since the judge's ruling ... we're told her team heard from Logan Paul's team and a bunch of news outlets from all over the globe.

The former child star's attorney, David A. Esquibias, tells TMZ ... while Amanda's being flooded with offers, most of which came pouring in over the last 5 days, she's not ready to talk and is laying low for a while.

Amanda's interview suitors are a who's who of media. There's big interview names like Gayle and Logan, newspapers like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, magazines like Vanity Fair and Elle, not to mention every entertainment and morning show.

We're told producers from every above outlet are begging to sit down with Amanda in the wake of her conservatorship ending ... heck, even a big Australian news program, The Project, wants a piece of her.

And it's not just on-camera interviews, cover stories and features ... Amanda's attorney says several production companies reached out to her team about filming documentaries or a potential reality show on her life moving forward.

Amanda's not welcoming the media circus just yet ... but we're told she's not completely ruling out any of these opportunities in the future. For now, we're told she's super excited about buying furniture for her new place in L.A., where she will live with her fiancé.

Interviews aren't the only thing Amanda is shying away from ... we're told there are no major celebrations taking place following the end of her conservatorship, and she's just spending time with her man, Paul.

One medium not seeking Amanda's thoughts ... books. We're told there are no offers for Amanda to put pen to paper, at least not yet.

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Will End ... Judge's Tentative Ruling

Amanda Bynes is less than 24 hours from personal freedom -- a judge just set the stage for the end of her conservatorship.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, the judge for the case issued a tentative ruling Monday saying Amanda's conservatorship is "no longer required."

While it's a tentative ruling, there is a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday morning and it's almost a certainty the judge will make it official ... because no one is objecting to Amanda's petition to end her conservatorship.

Remember ... the former child star was placed under a conservatorship back in 2013, following a string of bizarre episodes brought on by what she has said is bipolar disorder. Amanda says she's been sober for several years now, thanks in part to getting support through AA.

She filed the docs last month to end the 9-year conservatorship, a move her father and mother -- who is Amanda's conservator -- fully support.

As we first told you, Amanda is gearing up for some big life changes once her conservatorship ends ... including moving into her own place with her fiancé.

Amanda Bynes 'All That' Costars Have Her Back ... Going Into Conservatorship Hearing

Amanda Bynes' former "All That" castmates, Leon Frierson and Christy Knowings are making sure she knows they still have love for her -- voicing their support -- and Leon will even be in court for her conservatorship hearing.

Leon tells TMZ ... he will be at the L.A. courthouse this Tuesday, March 22 -- and we're told Leon convinced Christy to get involved in showing support for Amanda too.

While Christy can't be there in person -- she has auditions -- she says, "If it were me, I would want people to support me. Amanda's a very different person today from the person she was back then, as we all are."

Christy admits she and Leon haven't spoken to Amanda in years, but also says they've never forgotten her. In fact, you could say Leon and Christy have been inspired by her.

They're both doing a reality show called "Child Star Reboot" ... a sort of "where are they now" look at young actors. Also, Leon hosts the "Prime Nostalgia Podcast" which shines a light on a lot of the issues Amanda has faced.

Christy says they have no ulterior motives in publicly voicing support -- they simply want Amanda to know they genuinely care about her. As she put it, "I know Amanda's a sweet person and loved working with her."

As you know, Amanda was placed under a conservatorship in 2013 after a string of bizarre episodes. She's since gotten support through attending AA, and has been sober for several years.

She filed docs in late February to end her 9-year conservatorship, and the judge is expected to issue a decision during Tuesday's hearing.

Amanda's attorney, David A. Esquibias tells TMZ … "Amanda appreciates the love and support from her fellow cast members."

CeeLo Green To Stephen Glickman Your Viral 'Crazy' Cover Was Amazing ... Come Open For Me!!!

"Big Time Rush" star Stephen Kramer Glickman is going crazy over an offer from CeeLo Green, who wants him to be his opener for an upcoming gig ... and it's all thanks to TikTok.

Stephen tells TMZ ... CeeLo invited him to get the crowd warmed up at a charity event next month in Dallas, with the invitation coming his way after the Gnarls Barkley singer heard Stephen's rendition of the group's famous hit.


As Stephen explains, he went viral back in 2020 when he covered "Crazy" and posted it on TikTok -- singing with a green beard, by the way -- and tons of celebs noticed, like Lizzo and Addison Rae, but the biggest rush came when CeeLo shared the post.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Stephen says a charity based in Dallas, Face Forward, hit his line one day and told him CeeLo personally wanted him to be the opener for their upcoming gala. He says the offer blew his mind, and you better believe he's going!

The best part, Stephen says he's going to sing "Crazy" before passing the mic to CeeLo!!!

You gotta see Stephen's excitement -- he's a huge fan of TikTok, now that it's breathed new life into his career and self-image.

'Salute Your Shorts' Kirk Baily Dead At 59

Kirk Baily -- best known for his role as Kevin "Ug" Lee in the Nickelodeon sitcom "Salute Your Shorts" -- has died.

Kirk's family tells TMZ the actor died over the weekend. We're told he died from lung cancer ... and had only been diagnosed 6 months ago.

Early in his career, Kirk studied comedy at Groundlings and Second City. He got his start as a sound coordinator on the cult classic film "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" before getting acting roles, including "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain" and "The Sixth Man."

He also landed a number of guest roles on shows such as "Felicity," "Sisters," and "NYPD Blue." Recently, Kirk has worked primarily as a voice artist on a number of anime shows and video games, including "Cowboy Bebop," "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" and ".hack//."

Most notably, he played Kevin "Ug' Lee in Nickelodeon's "Salute Your Shorts" in 1991 and 1992.

In 2019, the cast had a reunion in Hollywood at the Good Burger pop-up shop. He remained close friends with most of the cast members and production staff.

He worked up until the last few months of his life, loving his career until the end.

Kirk was 59.


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