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Hugh Douglas


Allegedly Called Co-Host 'Uncle Tom'

8/13/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0813_hugh_douglas_michael_smith_gettyFormer NFL superstar Hugh Douglas has just been FIRED from his gig on an ESPN show in the wake of reports he called his co-host an "Uncle Tom."

Douglas -- a former Philadelphia Eagles defensive stud -- had co-hosted ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie" ... along with Michael Smith.

But according to several reports, Douglas and Smith got into a heated altercation at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Orlando last Tuesday ...with Douglas allegedly hurling the racially charged insult at Smith, who is black.

Douglas never confirmed the incident ... but ESPN had previously told media outlets they were "aware there was a disagreement" between the two men.

Moments ago, ESPN took action -- 86'ing Douglas from the network, effective immediately.

Douglas tweeted about the move -- saying, "I am very disappointed to be leaving ESPN and will have more to say about this situation and my future at the appropriate time."

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HRH Prince Michael    

Date: August 13, 2013
From: His Royal Highness Prince Michael
To: The National Association of Black Journalists
Subject: URGENT article topic

"WE won't let another M****-F***** Elvis happen!"

The Declaration of 2008:
The Final Declaration (2009):
HRH Prince Michael of The House of David:

407 days ago


For those of you who don't know "Uncle Tom"is what Black people call other Black people who suck up to and goes along with ANYTHING White people say/do, against other Blacks. Not because the White people are right, but he's/she's showing them, "I'm Not one Of them i'm one of you.

407 days ago


Good riddance! It's an arm twisting tactic to try to bully one black person into the other's mindset. It's rampant in certain black areas and its absurd. It's slave era logic that somehow gets loose in the black community after you think it's been eradicated. He is NOT an Uncle Tom.

407 days ago


Hugh Douglas, you will have more to say about this and you job in the future? Wrong. It is never okay to say what you said to a black person, so anything you have to say in the future is space junk that nobody is going to hear, and whatever your argument was regarding your job, got lost in the racial abuse. Good luck getting your back, because it's never gonna happen.

407 days ago


I have an Aunt Tommie that kisses black guys asses. is she a racist because she is white?

407 days ago

BB not bb    

Who is the Tom, the hipster guy? Just what would be better, more hipsters. He probably is a Tom. Too bad a black guy is stopped from the use of free speech just for the sake of a black guy. It is about who kisses up is justified. The maverick is kicked out.

Word slavery is just slavery with a face of justice.

407 days ago


Ignorance runs rampant everywhere. This man made an ignorant comment coming from an ignorant mindset. He doesn't represent a sect of black people who do this. He represents a group of ignorant people who do this. Just like a white commentator making an ignorant comment doesn't represent a percent of white people he represents a group of ignorant people who happen to be white. To say a group of people does something because of skin color is pretty much caveman thinkin. History has placed us all where we are at and we are doing the best we can as humans to survive. Do rich black people rob liquor stores? Do poor white people embezzle money?? We need to evolve!

407 days ago

BB not bb    

If a white guy calls a white guy a suck up, it is just a remark. Why is it a tragedy if it is a black vs black debate? All people are capable of fakery. Attacks for speech are just for show. That is shallow.

Tom was a hero from the book about him. People mock him as a fool because they hate whites from the start. If people get called this, they could just ask what the problem is. That would show more.

407 days ago


uncle tom = black person who thinks he's white and hates black people. Little do their ignorant butts know, white people hate him too-you can ride their pee-pee all day, they will still call you a --gger behind your back, with your uncle Tom a-ss.

407 days ago

Fred F    

Hugh was a great commentator. Just found his show 2 weeks ago. Mike Smith is a knucklehead and should be the one gone. Man up Smith.

407 days ago

j dice    

OMG...Everyone step back and take it easy! Every day someone is being fired or ostracized for using slang terms like ******, honkey, cracker. We all say it doesn't mean we are all racist pigs. Lets all lighten up chill out

407 days ago

Wayne P    

Michael Smith is an uncle tom because he back stabbed Hugh Douglas in the name of his white liberal slave master.

407 days ago


If you read or try to accel in education that's being white. If you speak eloquently that's being white. Being a golpher or hockey player is certainly looked at as being white. If blacks do anything that is considered a white way, you're an Uncle Tom/sell out. You must do it the black way, in terms of thinking and behaving. Also, the darker you are is understood that you really struggled harder than a lighter toned black person and thus not given as much respect. A lot of blacks try to control other black's actions by dangling their blackness in front of one's face, threatening to take (their authentic blackness) away if you don't conform to their definition of what a black person should be or does. That dude Hugh Douglas was probably being out debated by Smith badly in front of the black journalists convention. So much so that he (HD) went to the old salve era tactic to try to hurt Mr. smith, who by the way is very intelligent. It's classic black grease ball b.s!

407 days ago


As usual, the "Uncle Tom" get to keep his job.

407 days ago

j dice    

tmz shame on you! You will leave honkey and cracker up but block out n****r. Kinda of hypocritical would you not agree. Can't we all just get along lol

407 days ago
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